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[Music] why play fortnight when you can play pub G oh my god I'm crying Oh crying oh my god Oh crying why play fortnight when you could play pup yeah I I need to change my skin because last time my head was too big how does it feel I have a million subscribers on YouTube did I feel like you know I'd feel like a better person everyone just feels lesser around me you know because now I just have an ego it's like yeah hundred percent like twitch chat you could no longer at me you must act one of my mods to speak in my chat because they will relay the important messages to me okay good Jack welcome to scissors death run alright one you leave you lead you see you've done this whole thing before Tim just run the level one go easy start yet you box what did you make it to level one we'll get Jack back their struggle chat dab of course I can't even make it to level one this is not good start not good oh no every time you'd beat of course [Music] oh it's me nice yeah we went again Gary group although a Carrie group Jesus you they make you pay gold for those runs and they still came into it tough tough Oh put it couldn't be me I'm gonna 1-shot level 3 - I did it all right here we go you made it through yep level three here we go one shot nerd chat you're ready yeah that's me hitting my space my space bar but apparently register on that jump I just ran off the wrong side ah I ran back into - that's like impossible I'm going the wrong way Tim Tim progress progress progress he said the jumps I'm talking about those that are like you have to be perfect on the 100% makes me physically angry like maybe I see sisters at Landman I don't know what happens you know whoa Tim threatened scissors Wow now that clickbait rope you ever eaten so much food that your ribs hurt of course dude Oh ribs anymore storage are the only been out of like ten minutes all right yeah try and think positively good call yep I own this just one shot of it I almost just one shot it over for it sounds like things are going well over there Tim [Laughter] about to make my own death run and it's just all gonna be fall damage base I'm beating them before let's try if I don't then you'll Robert does it tell or you give me 20 subs what no why next one if I don't beat it I'll give you 20 subs fine [Music] thank you that trap activates too fast why did the bottom one activates that's not too far that's the st. Vincent's only out art next one if I don't beat it I'll get too [Music] I'm insane I'm actually insane bro you can't teach the students that stop squeaking a fat duck this is stupid regain ugh full speed land on the first half of the first one thank you let me just let me just adjust my trajectory here like I'm some sort of heavy pilot I remember Timmy in this bad since overwatch hey Tim what house level 3 buddy dumbest thing ever you cheated Jack what's up what would you skip I didn't skip anything sort of God I swore my life I swore my whole life I swear to god bro I have 40,000 people in my chat you think you're just gonna get by Tim I'm actually I'm not even kidding I died I did not cheat I swear to God what can I swear on that you know I'm telling the truth I swear on chicken parmesan the head and cheat it's pretty serious yeah I can't beat this really I can't do it I just can't I'm too bad I'm not as agile as I used to be I am old Tim make you feel better yeah I'm on level six you cheated I did not cheat gave me the lead guy look daddy wait what is it are you lying to me I swear my whole entire life I'm chicken parm why would my chat lie because your chat are all ten-year-olds I wish we could have done this together you know you just you've done this before you just go right ahead oh no these are respawning chat well great Tim do you want to skip level three past level three I'm on four oh you beat three bug well I broke someone tell me for real Tim cheated I didn't she all right Howard you back here because fuck I have confirmation you did not cheat I'm sorry to Melissa my fate you're over my chest glory is impossible what did you say worry the quarry 60 minutes wait why so wait why did you do that I have no idea I mean whatever I'm gonna take it as a sign from the Lord above so I'm pretty sure you were supposed to die right there did you get through it again mm-hmm you think you're so cool dude you think you're so cool jack beating a death run that you've already done let's do it it's it's actually really easy when you think as you go okay yeah stop okay I'm getting like rug burn from my my mouse pad cuz I'm whipping my arm so don't ever start again candide idiot there you go there you go a little too deep we'll put through deep on that one thanks jack I figured that out cuz the trap killed me so when you when you when you're going through that one you want to make sure you dodge the trap I was literally one trap away that was one trap away where yeah yes I do know what I'm getting too good at this now you have to throw it further than you'd like to think like then what live what you think would be meaning I did it on your call wait I got you big baby so we're as good as Jack Fong so we can either reset the course you can go through 45 again or we can you can come skip to level eight attempt this or we can just end there all right we'll try and reset it then let's try that stop stop Jack wait you really hate that Oh hang out wait for waiting stop all right wait for me hey I got I gotta run to the restroom okay look good luck jack what go go go yes there you go perfect well I made it good that's fine all right I'm gonna keep I'm gonna keep trying to go here yeah dude your BOTS back Timbo Oh Smith got it alright so that'll be good because now it'll be fast yep you did it let's go Tim that looks so good for my perspective all right here we go I made it I'm innocent let's go baby forget this forget this I'm a marine I've just up drop down the same glitch again Tim what I may or may not have just done the same you're your life oh stop you did you actually though mm-hmm I might have I can't tell you sick yep they're not spawning again this this this is so annoying let's just skip to eight then I want to go through all that good luck with this though you're gonna you're gonna do this I think three times and quit wait what I'm the chosen one Tim stop oh come near me we're be repeating scissors to thread level eight is no scissors death rod yeah idiot top yeah it was so hard stop nothing the eight months I've only got like half with your eight because you're a ba okay we're being the spice felt that I felt in my bones [Music]