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due to I'm recording another one of these intros uh this is a sea of thieves video completely different from fort life but I'm telling you right now you are going to love it myself Marcelle spoonerism all hopped into our first see if these experience together i was literally crying of laughter I think you will love the video here's what I would appreciate share it if you enjoy it drop a like if you could drop a comment down below if you want more of it and again 65% of people who watch youtube videos in the channel in the last 30 days we're not even subscribed so sub of the channel one will set 1.2 million subscribers love you guys enjoy the video [Music] [Laughter] wait I'm afraid of the open ocean for you oh can we swim up look here take my wood tip hold my hold my nice thick wood alright hey my balls my balls take your ball so let me take your balls - you want my banana oh thanks to the balls dude everybody get a baller jacket a ball out and then we'll put them all next to the banana well on either side let's do it hold on sale way over here over here over here oh sorry by the way I got it this is so sick Oh boys I found the cat and cold there's a pirate woman for me over there Jack put yourself at the cannon in arm go to the tip go the tip and then hit are just left-click you're gonna shoot yourself out Oh God I'll ring the bell read the bell ring the bell rest escaped ok put my crew yeah pin the tapman yeah vote to lock in the brick press yes haha poor we've capture ourselves a fatty we've captured a fatty no damn you we said stop eating all our banana supply oh that is a tough tough flight drawing a dick on the mat jack boys I've set course I'm getting hammered oh wait you use alcohol what Jack yeah give me more drinks [Laughter] hey wonderful a lady I can find them look at the course I said you tryin to say you're looking for something else to plunder other than Tim I drew a penis on the back but where we going right now you're going east captain the sails are set thank you first mate dilly dilly drinking for wait can I climb this yeah oh dear God oh dear God oh dear God Oh God therapeutic it is actually really just you know it's nice you know one thing I've known Jack look up yeah and then looking like around yeah no planes and no zombies no fog no fog hey listen all I know is look at us Tim we look like two warriors well actually I need wood what do i press I think that's the Big Island straight ahead of us Tim great just go straight don't touch the wheel high Sealand darling where we're headed I'll leave the black where TB what what sale do i race nothing don't do anything jack Oh relax Cletus shaking this one doesn't have smoke coming in the water because the water burns it was a geyser Oh [Music] a boat sinking wait where's my wood where's my job I got the poor hurt me like that yeah Jesus dude we get it ad revenues down bro come on do your worst of all que no to the volcano this is easy a volcano you're a little gonna smack us you're a baby back bitch volcano buckets out buckets out buckets out what do you think I'm doing you fatty I'm pouring the water back into the ship I missed oh my god you think we're scared I got you Tim here we go I got the bucket I got the bucket Oh God he was a big sheep he was a brave pirate Tim I I never could've met him but I always had a crush on him go get more wood why is the badass god damn were the worst pirates ever you can't call yourself captains that's battle talk no house oh my god the volcano's done we can go to the island let's go oh my god wait the waters still hot the water still hot don't wonder water yeah in our moment where we needed you most your fat ass tried to eat a banana which is a map show her the bonus part it was a skeleton with a exploding cast and your first instinct was to shoot it thanks for saving me wait what is this pick up gunpowder barrel no no no just leave it there quick guys this volcano might erupt again oh no don't even say that dude we've got to be really close close to this way oh you son of a-- I hate this I hate this I hate this Tim it's got to be here how do you know it's right there I think I got it but he eat eat eat eat - banana oh my god no I'm trying I'm trying I'm trying oh no we're actually gonna die we're gonna die - these guys are sued no way alright the guys are stopped I'm here I'm here thinking I'm thinking it's working it's working it's working go take it that's yours ok I gotta protect you I'm protecting Tim we're out of wood planks what does that mean wait that's moving a source of volcano Marcel buddy beam more letters where's the volcano so what do i do do you want a heart left right here no there's no way do not harm legs dear God I got this guy's trust me I Drive a Jeep Wrangler Wow wait this is good Marcel I know I know oh my god oh my god oh no we got nails we're getting nails we're getting nailed we're getting nailed we're getting nailed my god we're going to - hot we're sinking we're going into hives Oh God raise the sails quick there's so much water there's so much water Tim keep down low get down low wait I got rid of the water what do you mean there's so much one water I'll Park it I'll part guys I'll Park it a perfect first conquest our first mission all right yes Tim decent amount of gold Tim you know what to do [Laughter] well like you were walking away from a buffet right now oh my god you wanna fix all the holes every time she comes at you when she charges you want to hit her with every cannon you can we need cannon balls ball she's out Far East was a sniper at her we have no bananas we have no bananas I've already one shot why are we doing this shark fin soup nature hire he's gonna charge she's charging she's charging she's charging they weren't loaded up dead I played I was trying to help him shut up three dead one makhmud on the volcano what the hell away now Hank we're sinking guys Tim Tim I'm getting water out I'm getting water out man the cannons we got a volcano hit us wait there's what about the smack the boat it's coming it's coming it's coming it's coming Yoho oh my god [Music] oh my god I was here mo the tenants will mechanics for the cannons [Music] repair repair repairman Tim just cause a tsunami oh dear God Rainey I yes yes you know what to do wait I see there's five pieces plus of loot for sharks it's a whole gang it's the magma dogs hose Oh God the side chicks the side [Music]