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Breakfast Club morning everybody is de j MV Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we oughta breakfast club we got a special guest in the building yes sir we got the baby that's right not just the baby Stella for babies be another baby entertainment baby edit and search throughout the Carolinas in southern man congratulations I appreciate your grits out I'm proud of y'all man appreciate everything you've done over the year how have you adjusted to the celebrity of it all oh man you know I think the easiest thing in the world but I just stay working you know I mean it's the best way to adapt you know I just keep busy you know I mean never come with it you get any Utah yeah you always on the road you're always torn yeah you know I mean sometimes I got to bring my word to me you know I mean I've got a flying with me and you know when they hey we got to go we got to go got to take this picture run around you know be the boss lady why I do what I do they always say it's never you that changes with the people around I swear to god it's true too true you know you got to be you got to be up one day even you know be able to relate for so you got a number one album though that's what this is that is great we going for 200 more than that on oh yes absolutely is sort of a blessing and really like we just heard the intro first what album came out so is that something that she was like okay I don't want to put out it's like kind of a gift so we just put out the intro that's very personal absolutely and then we gotta wait absolutely you know I only made only maybe wait four days for five days I do we drop the intro but it's definitely I wanted to set the tone for the album and just you know get a fans and listen there's a different side of me let him really get me personally giving them send let them know what out and transpired in my personal life during mine you know I mean breakthrough as a major artist you give them saying there's a lot that went down you know even more than what I talked about an S on y'all know more you know I mean but I'm already past that stage it's a whole nother way stuff I've been through you get what I'm saying since last time I came to see y'all so you know to be you know right now is just a major blessing I feel like shit a store explaining a little bit some people don't know that it's my last newark and what it means to you why you called your Albuquerque Oh big way zeros an OB wait no I mean my pops you know my my role model you get what I'm saying my role model you know he told me never settle for less you know the reason why that's why I could the deep voice as well get this gone right now cuz I've been doing shows yeah that too you know I mean so it just you know the morals and everything I was brought up with air trying to make me meet and separate me from the pack I that came from him you get what I'm saying and for him to you know go unexpectedly and then I go number one and I take off like crazy you know me so I felt like it wasn't number him you know God baby how you know I see that stuff I look good on hindsight but I like cuz people you always want to do music me I'm like no I wouldn't when I was like 18 19 20 21 people you they should think I was a rapper the type of car I drove whole bunch go chains where a jury said they rap 9 rapper Jim Tom I don't rap a brother like when I look back on he was behind me like keyboards I had a little customer section on uh DJ turntables I was a little boy I was like six seven years old you know I mean I still got no mama still got you know some when I look back on it was crazy but I ain't never really I ain't never won a DJ I was like what a microphone it did go to this you know I mean like so you know just in the bag on Ohana he definitely was a major musical influence on me for show he's talked about him the magazines that I'm in he used to had him sauce yeah I used to have he was some Scotty we had to subscription it coming to mail you know I mean on a daily basis so when I look back going he definitely played a part in it so you know and I ain't never seen nobody get on and do it I got him you know I mean boys you know it's gonna crazy mess with a nut sort of a blessing to be able to put on it you know make sure that legacy never got to see some of that success Oh for show he did he got to see it right when I broke he got to see the birds Breakfast Club and other interviews he texted me you know he he texted me critiquing you know I mean yeah I see I've seen this question right here where they tried to get nice respond not breakfast clubs y'all hold it down some you know but you know we tripping but yes I can't you know he could she cared a man and he you know he give credit when his do decide what's next you give him continue to push the envelope a little I go back to like our last text me if I go to our text message I can write a book with what he text me you know I mean I could just put every one of these text messages in the book is gonna help somebody he's gonna help somebody be great you giving him sense so just a adult way man I feel like one of the most honorable ways that you know I mean pay respects to him and you really lost him the same day you hit the same time not the thought it was baby on pay being when like number one okay um no one like number one on couple music at schools it was like number seven but something like that and you know I got phone call I got my brother with me I'll be like a car you little brother mother brother my dad call you libretti DM me he woke me up to go to phone at Collin I'm halfway sane Tom Carter he blowing my phone up blowing me up blowing up blowing me up blowing me up while I'm trying I was going on I'm doing he calling deliver the same news I click over what's up bruh we know my daddy died minutes I mean cut out the phone with him flew in the next day you know get flew in it was happening I was going on you know I mean you know I did my little checks and balances and it had to go had to fly right back out the very next day my first show on the tool and then I had a to a day to day after day I'm on the two of us just came on the two it was my first my first headlining tour you're insane just came on the tool but I'm typing obituaries and shit finding pictures for it you know I mean organizing travel Pam for the flights for niggas ain't never talked to in my life you get what I'm saying you know just a whole bunch going on and I'm doing all this while I'm break it through one tool okay when I'm rocking sold-out shows you get what I'm saying like one show I miss I think it was Rochester when the Rochester on yeah I saw Rochester - I think we finally got background to him we don't want so I miss they were mad as hell at me man but I had to fly I had to do this so I did the night before hop on the jet flying go to the funeral room after the funeral I had a flop I got the same night go to show he was down on the private jet hell no you know me but it was all good though it was definitely reputed for me to be able to have you know I mean something to just keep me busy you know I mean in the meantime I really like intro was probably like I didn't do the record for a little minute you know I mean I didn't do no calling for them and I recorded a few songs and you know my DJ here producer - any engineer so we got like DJ kid DJ come on slide over he introduced the intro so he way more than a DJ you understand do see he produced the number one song in the world right now you know I mean on the number one album in the intro you giving him sin so we got like an egg one studio set up area where we go I don't know people follow it on Instagram you'll see that we plug up in the hotel rooms the green room and we got to sit out here for two hours we probably can we plug up you know I mean I in the corner like we plug up with heaven we get it done like that in sure that was recorded on a cruise we was on how to show the way to be recorded in the hotel the callicles yeah yeah that's exactly what it was you know me so he was playing around with some beats and I heard oh I so load that up know that up you know I mean we really it was like seven eight people in the room it was kicking it I had to put we had to put niggas out I gotta get out I started rapping what I was driving to seeing everybody get the looking artists I gotta go man I'm gonna make this hard for me yeah I gotta get up out of here you know I mean but it's just it just dope Hannah to be able to be able to honor my father on the song with somebody else with me a day grinding it out with me and then see the success of it it's just a beautiful thing you get what I'm saying here Carolinas no time there's no time important people come on it's time for that who we're gonna do it yeah I mean it's time for that man so you know it's definitely what we all about you know we just did Jimmy Fallon last night come on bro you know normally I didn't even know what Jimmy Fallon would talk show who's your inspiration coming up like who did you listen to and what did your dad listen to my pops listened to a lot of people man used to be dancing around in the car there's a lot of people plus the rounds a q-tip a lot of people like hip-hop it but you know and me I was born 1991 and then my pops and I got two older brothers I'm the youngest I have three boys and my mama sighs so I'm naturally listening to what they listen to too so early on I was like two three years old listening to us and harmony you know I mean I know in every word and we we project babies anyway so we you know that's how we know his music and and that's like I grew up in the music video era - you gave him Sam when it was big bank so I pulled like musical influences from everywhere if we started bone thugs-n-harmony the to pot I loved them all the way down Owen Natalie had his way Eminem 50 cent when Lord banks and them had to wait like the whole g-unit had a wave like yeah going to do rag trying to go get the exactly you know I mean I pulled musical influences from era when I look back on it man it's too many people to name my own II really like to get a man people because I'm gonna leave somebody up cuz I soca music video so much - yeah absolutely that's where I grew up man yeah we used to tap in and see what the number one video was you know I mean I wish they still had that going on maybe ten at ten a month I'd be ten a month you know good how's your mother because in the intro you speak about her having she had a man she she whooped cancer she still whooping council council King Kai same guy I'm trying to custom with my mom's name no you boo you know I ain't looking well we hear so many stories and brothers not having a relationship with their pops not religion with their parents so now he was done you know Queens stay in the same I was with my mom he was included different stable my pops it was different with him like you know he was in the Army like early on in my life so he's to write me letters you know I mean he were real big on me in the education that's why I talk the way I talk I take it late myself I'm four or five years old about daddy what that is Denny how you say that what is that he write me letters from the Army on when I get to writing I'm like five six seven years old I write him a letter you write me that I write one back this man is sitting back with Ray eight gonna teach I swear to God telling me what to do capitalization punctuation he really grading like English I'm six seven years old or determined to Abby so when I write him back I have had pain you know and it just got I was just so polished like but I don't really I I like to text the way I talk but I do it depends on who I'm talking to now when I you know and I'm business you know and I encourage like people to text right like I a lot of time I hate when people text me like spelling a certain way like that but I don't stop writing like this I ain't trying to read you go to somebody's like you're talking to you based on you know baby you get with it you know I mean I wouldn't be I wanted to do that I swear to God I honor when we when we first switched it I said man dub a B series on my baby come on I'm glad we did the baby because I like this I like the texture I talk to you know I mean so you can feel me you know me so it go either way but when it come to like Grandma like write papers and like everybody working on that little paper for like two three weeks I'd be somewhere chilling outside doing whatever I was doing I own name dinos doing whatever I was doing it'll be like the night before the paper was due I write the whole thing and there's still you know you like my daughter so smart it's crazy you know I mean she's so smart and I wish I could be around a more like I have it even crazier you know I mean but she she's so smart and beautiful like she you know she just plain image of me the show how much she changed home a tremendous something you know I mean I can't give it down you know I think she gave me something really live phone I thought I you know I mean really uh she gave me just something to look forward to at the end your relationship with your own dad just listening to the baby talk about his dad and having a whole album named after his dad look at you yo check out to his mom said on her mom I'll do is show she bumps no we talked about it I know you love your fans mm-hmm but do you ever say you know what I got to stop jumping and walking through these crowds man I said it for a while and as soon as I go back in they won fans want to punch me in the back of the head go home bro like they were mad at to security if you really liked that was a woman and Solomon but it was that was the influence till he was so crazy when he popped out we wasn't asking to go crazy but but it was like Waka Flocka in there crowd I used to dress it goes on from down south going crazy losing it reared up buddy hey buddy punch me buddy points like three people before I even pause me buddy which is odd and Buddy happened to be oh girl you get what I'm saying but at the end of the day you know what he's supposed to do letter knock me up you know I mean in in like you know what crash that's that's how much love I got for my friends you giving him saying I know what can come of it you know what I'm saying I know I know how easy it is to get a knife in somewhere that could have been a night that could poke me real quick yeah I'll be gone you know I mean people acting like you know it's okay like because you I'm glad you asked me that people out like because you're successful because you were celebrity that people could do you any kind of hate without no type of consequences and allow really let these people sue you and everything like they really let people and they let them win - when they meet if their media get involved the wrong way you get with them sound like TMZ punk ass and if they really let that you know get in the way of what's right and what's wrong at the end of the day you know I mean and I feel like it's real important you know yeah with the internet that we start pushing the envelope just simply it ain't even no big deal I ain't trying to no you know no no major I ain't trying to talk people here I'll get people no speeches but just treat people the way you want to be treated that's I am just spent nobody coming here who I treat here everybody good you know I mean I'm gonna go hug you know the girl ain't nobody ever talked to in school and I'm gonna go hug you know I'm holding tight to know that you get what I'm saying I'm gonna go do that you know and that's probably what I was doing with out there that's exactly what I was doing out there in the crowd as part of why they were so eager to I don't know what really set it off it was just out there swinging you know me and got to swinging on us and really when we got hit you watch the video and we got the HD video so you know y'all want to take it whether we got new we got sixteen thousand dollar cameras - three of them our times so you know we're under surveillance baby when you know if it gets the brunt of what we got to just share it but we weren't walking off got followed got hit boom they tried to neutralize the situation this was somebody else got hit we continue to walk off trying to get back to the front of the stage got hit again that's my boy and neutralize the situation you give him second then we walked off trying to continue to show when did y'all realize it was a woman who in the Internet total I have to find out did you feel bad I know you because y'all women I feel bad what'd you hit me for me Bo you get what I'm saying I feel bad about the fact that it had to be a woman that it happened to but at the end of the day light security right you get what I'm saying and it wasn't no I told you Flaco I can see the mistake I've actually heard bang again when I turned around to see who hit me and caught me on the chin one of them solid blonde some catfish show catfish oh really watch that yeah the catfish did happen to him out of college no he was in college and he got into a fight with a woman in a party but he didn't know it was a woman it was a dinner today the baby security Kenny they can't come to the mic man I promise I won't and your big motherfucking lord have mercy talk into the mic when I found out it was a girl I felt badly yeah yeah they chopped me up though for that what was it what was your mindset when it happened what did you see in that moment all right so Anna mom I still do Wilin out right then the do hits the baby in the back of the head I'm not gonna wait for another punch to hit in the back of the head yeah so I go to stop it and then you know I did what I did fast for the next day is like that was a dude I'm like a girl as a girl yeah I don't want no girls a dude I said that's a girl but I'm like shit I was like hot damn so you feel bad about I feel bad for hitting the girl by end of the day it's like she's in the hit hell no I'm saying it happen at the end of the day man it's like you can't win for losing when you in a position that we am and we just so blessed in favor right not it you know it and that's what it be you know on the way up everybody for even when you when you got when you got the blessings in front of you the way we got them and they just keep coming everybody's waiting on you to lose they want you to do something wrong and we know you to fly and I get it I understand that that's why I don't let that stuff deter me from nothing like you know would ever come with it like let's do it you get what I'm saying yeah it's a tough situation to being you know you even think about I don't know that's the same security guard or they say be somebody put him in a coma and that was capped to okay anyway no coma but it was but he was on Instagram posting rap videos but he was trying to blow you get what I'm saying but he was trying to blow that's why he was out that it's that same dude it's the Duke the promoter from the show befo to see the we was in before I was on to it he was in a city light not too far maybe like our way the night before he was following us he was following this the promoters saying the promoter like right go ahead hombre do this every artist bro watch out he following us from the UH from the car all the way to the little backstage to look great from the meet-and-greet area to the green room area the promoter centers footage of it once buddy put out the team's a buddy following this violin is you see us walking home security silt follows you see the promoter go ahead go ahead and it's the same dude posted outside the next Club and everybody always talking about they even reported did the girl buzzer in the back of the head want a picture did it look like somebody out of owning an for a picture do you take pictures in a crowd at a show you talking about you don't take pictures but I like even him buddy I had been walked over to the G Twila sitting outside the club trying to aber you can't artists like that you can't walk over to the Jeep you know I mean it's all good there behind the minute you got to meet him inside so when we come out to come inside now and another thing that club honor that bullshit promoter his security was on strike that night cuz you weren't paying them boys you get what I need to come over here yeah we didn't get paid you get what I'm saying he becomes big not a baby lieutenant get pay they wasn't paying them so ii did we come walking in you see autumn black shirts in their video that's day staff the second we come this is your door this man is outside the door y'all club y'all him Syria second we come walking in and going to the door y'all let this man walk right past and you know he hey what's up back up rush Dylan Breton even swing on him at first he's grabbing him I'm not get him I'm not get shy boys been going through so I had to make my day like this whole time I'm like and that's the only reason why I didn't go in after the situation cuz I still go Rakesh I don't you know I don't care if it's a shootout outside you have the crash still in there then you're sitting on the bill I'm going in and rocket I didn't did that before like a situation to happen outside of a venue before where I should have just got in the car and pull it off I went in right the show anyway I came I got police came and put me in handcuffs with somebody else going it was out there you giving him somebody that got beat they try to play me you're gonna say but I'm all about like the fans and making the people happy so any story to ever come out about me doing anybody wrong got a show anything like that and that's cap it's just hard to say security goes too far because it might be that time security don't go far nothing like matter you gone yeah come on now you know especially with with the current events that took place you know especially when people want to you know want to see what's up with you like they want to see what's up with me yeah well thanks don't you turn that into a nice little what was that when you got into the fight in the well that louis-auguste oh oh yeah I made I made out of and I have figures of t-shirts no I told you you and Charlotte you know and I don't see these videos and they're like imma be the one that's just our life go period you know you see the person who just feel like and I ain't even somebody feel I can't be touched I know I could be touched that's why I'm you know aware what's going on is why I'm moving right wait that's the difference you get what I'm saying like so you know I don't know because I'm in lighting the wedding but you know they wanna you know people just gonna be people man you trippin on none of it that trickle over that's done it to I see people be trying to act like they know we just got stunner can't maybe we get we get a stunner they try no never happened right you acted out a scene with him and push them all hard paranoid less paranoid about retaliation from your past and more famous you get I don't ripple none of that you know I'm out you know chabot know that because i already i buy had someone's going on before i even wrap if you get him sent why I'm still so easily accessible in like you know which I'm far more accessible now but I'm very says but now I gotta tell you I met you know I mean they know I'm here now when I come outside a baby baby baby you giving him stance though it's too easy to be touched at the end of the day like I walk with God you understand I've seen you walk with no security bro yeah I seen people a whole lot of people follow him like he's wallet and I seen you in Atlantic City with no security walking around I'm like macho man like shit when I do that like I'll be chilling you know I still are going oh going Walmart I still going to guys to change you got all the chains about these you know in the day note is marketed to you know this must stop walking around by himself Walmart's can we talk about the album for a sec let's talk about it iPhone when Nicki Minaj so I'm just a about yeah like my voice my I'm trying to stay above my iPhone I'm just gonna get hurt when Nicki Minaj was talking about it we call guys she snapped - I feel like you bring out I said that this morning I feel like you bring out the best in Nicki Minaj man she went I don't know what it is did the baby ugh remix yeah this is just something about that energy you bringing that brings out the best in Nicky show manners Delta's dope to this on it's a pleasure to be able to do that to be able to you know go to alley-oop watch a finish watch you know somebody this this a legend you know in the game finish because all the time so it's good it was good to hear - exactly you know I mean and really she thought about changing that part of the song and I'm like nah I'm just saying no of course not but I'm saying it's good to hear usually as guys talking about it for sure and a lot of times women have to deal with that but have you ever had an experience but a girl had a sidepiece or were you the side piece you see my side piece material yeah I'm Chris our piece material man but not it's definitely dope to the hit a female perspective on the song I feel like and I don't mean to give up game but I feel like that's why I'm making the stallion gosh you know like the way you guys like a sheep she you know everybody don't you know yup females better quit acting like y'all always be sad y'all cut though right is heard a female Finland voiceover great even before you put this album out some great apparent guest appearances the show to the teen week that's the way we put that together we always stated they're not all strategic yeah for sure it's that you know stay stay and they face without dropping new music and let the hit still we put out you know blossom into what they were supposed to become you know I mean we I shall go number one on rhythmic and urban radio double platinum is probably triple now they like to keep surprises and just pop over Plex we got a babysitter top five right now I didn't even know I thought we was moving on said I my boy I've said we got a babysitter type of getting ready to uh you know they probably tell you I went pop to the nigger play with me and he gave you pop at the general Kevin gates yes I'm gonna front row a BT without my glove you it makes him to have a real good bomb ready to beat a nigga up like I'm gonna rock yeah she gonna aim a got a good bar no it seem like y'all coming up the same time your Haley came the same time the way we do the song it was it was given to me and I mean from the label when they let us up on that but since then man she dope mean I mean she doped she a great performer and with her being on fire the same time I'm on fire like that's probably the artist I run into more than anybody like we in the same cities on the same shows more than anybody you get what I'm saying and it took so long before we even before I'm so far away from you know my dog let me drive a little silver car and everything you get what I'm saying man you smoke weed at her house now you know I mean but uh but yet I was doped oh man that's funny I like seeing stuff like that cuz I don't got like I don't got a lot of old pictures to light always like switch phones got a lot of old pigeons toasted over no a dope to see that was cute it was cutest it's cute yeah besides I'm putting my family witness shit like that like cut this shit up don't share don't play with my family don't play you know cuz I because you know I don't play with my people that's not what's going on but yeah you know I don't really I never really play like that you're giving like skin nah it's all very small now yeah yeah to get away to wear too much be down on the block no Instagram now it was a point you said you wouldn't follow on your girls on IG baby now you follow me follow a few lines oh yeah man why did exception to the rule you know at the end of the day like I'm I'm working with him and I'm seeing him so much and I like what they do I like following people this move and not to say to anybody that I ain't following it's not moving it's just you know a nice average relationships you know I like to build on especially when I feel like you know they can go somewhere and it was established you know genuinely even say like the one nigga not genuinely you know no matter what people say buddy like gonna come to me like I don't got nothing bad about it you know the way she coordinated with me once we did the song the way she reached out what she did the sugar the sugar free style you know I mean the way she reached out afterwards and my legs work I said she sent the right back she coordinated with what you think hit me back a week later I'm talking with my husband I'm thinking about changing this part he say don't change this shit what you think you get what I'm saying is Nicki Minaj knows me what I think about verse I'll change shit like you know let's go you get what I'm saying bitches don't man just genuine relationships even when making a style you know genuine relationships man establish Liz oh our fault with listen you jumped right on listen when I saw excellent performing you know I had to show her what the foot were going on you giving him Sam I had turned up to but not it was your him being on the same stage as and made in America that was wrong you know that was wrong man you know they put away what they repay you know they live in good what you won't you get what I'm saying the media family at least you understand how many new family members you got I'm that type person you know and I get that from my daddy to like you know know you I know you like I don't fake no connection you get what I'm saying I don't do that you know I don't do that you know I've been here all these years and I'm just now meeting you see I'm you probably just yet oh yeah what is I'm rich and where dick was what rich and where dick nigga dick what I mean yeah tell me Kissimmee amis lazy god damn there's a lot of rich niggas in it come with it come with a lot it come with benefits quit acting like it don't write no she really she talked about somebody else more money a guy has you see the worst using day we beat I get in there but she would be time gives you some sea moss it was a freak play combination I take them instead of vitamins now that's gonna get you right now have you fucking like a broken egg so do you guys we work outside of work that's why I thought my I had to find my fun and work my nose along the way she was gonna work out and you know other than that like I just like spending time with my daughter standing at a kissing they're talking to and like took a car won yet I ain't taking I can't go to Kerala man you shut it down what will my baby to play like that when I'm with her like yeah I don't even play like that I only like people approaching me when I'm with her so I don't I wouldn't go to column back in the man air tank you know all my song go tell the story of when you recorded the shit I heard the story the other day no story man is on birds been 2 to 3 weeks with a check it you know check from the lake I want to know is there I want to know I'm really living like that you give I want to put no album out with a check it I only want to record no more I'm tired of this I'm broke as hell yeah spending all my money on that damn flights that bag he said should be in there you all got it all right you tell me I should be enough he's able check put a bit 18 we had just left Chris nations and oh you've been a crustacean my spot right player and let me come take my shoes I'll put my feet on the table crustaceans dope and I totally dried on my station real quick yeah stop by the ATM and I got a grab a little something up you know I'm downplaying it just in case it ain't Doug oh hey I got your check and I got to come back and I'm looking all sad in the face yours ever be embarrassed and this home I stopped eating real quick hm I go to this nighttime to LA is nights huh I'm going down my machine right there you put mine on Cody and what nobody even not say a bag in there no I mean I got that fire never mind it but he said still I'm like he may have 2/3 of I may still get beat you get a sense i put it in i mean i said i said print balance i nee want to see it on the screen and maybe i will see it printed out on paper so i come everybody I said I had this where is it so I printed out pool money look at it up fold it up like I what we go on oh you bet as your whole own and I thought let's go but yeah so we went straight to the studio I just made that's not what you remember just made he stopped playing the melody dun dun dun dun I like to record outside the booth when I'm in the studio why you're playing a beat I'm sitting right here with you it before even added the bass did everybody say you know I mean your song I'm um I'm beside he hear me doing it you know I mean then I went from that and I just start doing whatever you know yes yup no you obviously add the bass line so we loaded it up it's met in host only 10-15 minutes I'll just had a deal among you know I admit that you know I think it was right yeah I heard who told me that Nick can they can they say yeah up they say I just say sugar and they was talking about song so this is a no it's an honor to be able to put on but no but my boy she look horrid term yeah you know and the day he go record you say there's a white man in the meeting kissing yeah shit I'm someone in the meat and get my ass kissed by a white man because his daughter fuck my lives oh I didn't drop a friend oh man when you in those meetings I'm sure he really I'll make it help and I know how to talk to you get what I'm saying like I know you know I got plenty sense I got plenty sense regardless or whatever and I think that's what keeps me you know that's what would keep the other negative stuff from affecting my career in a negative way I just got plenty sense and I know how to navigate new stuff I know where to get my attention to you want to get my energy to or not to give it to you know I mean if I do get my energy I'm giving it away who has gonna benefit me you get what I'm saying and just move it relatively quick right grind to get to this point they're like oh wow hey Dean you know it was a lot it was a lot of building up to that point but you know we that time you know we got the killer instinct once we get in the dough you know we you know as we smell blood we trying to eat but a baby gotta go yeah mm-hmm I'm sorry okay South Coast Music Group Interscope okay South Coast music that's on a tailored label I'm signing up joint ventures me that's I'm signing Interscope it's done in sign of being a little bit of entertainment and okay no like that is that is CMG okay it has made it to don't no no we got we got rich dumped in 704 chop-chop I don't from showing a my combining professionalism like everybody that works with you Yoshi you guys are really good at like getting back to people being that's very important in this business people just be blowing stuff off and they'll reach out and be like Oh black Zac's in town or a Center for Vegas I know you try to get you when you were here I think you were doing a double XL show or something like that or you were in town went out my last time I was there he was yeah you guys always do like your team always does retail you probably know about it he's like I'm here what's your favorite record I won't know got some joints but what's yours I want to play introduced by my little brother DJ key okay oh shit listen Carolina she is gonna catch him it's gonna catch him when I do the video with this kid I do probably her I don't want to probably hurt intro I already know more song in the world key we already your platinum plaque on the way to be Jake Louie came with the beet sugars cool we'll play my if you watch the Bob's the Bob's official video is out now is to be uploading to my YouTube as we speak gr that one real quick and we gonna follow it with other ones a lot of real goats congratulations [Music]