Dad Battling Cancer Surprises Son on Walk to School

a Missouri boy thought he might have to start school without his dad by his side then he got a big surprise five-year-old carmine Madeline has autism and kindergarten is a big milestone for him what's a sleepless nights wondering if that was actually ever gonna happen mean it's happening today but while he was getting ready for the school year ahead his dad was in the hospital police Sergeant Andy Madeline underwent surgery after being diagnosed with cancer and had been recovering at a st. Louis area hospital for a couple weeks I've seen my son once she's been in and I haven't seen my daughter yet he also thought he would miss Carmine's big day he was prepared to watch a live stream of his son's walk to school but his doctors were working on a surprise for this dad would you prefer to watch it in person would you prefer to get out of the hospital and watch it in person because we can do that for you the hospital arranged for Andy to go home for a few hours to see his family and help carmine start school on the right foot and they didn't walk alone dozens of police officers from their town of Chesterfield were prepared to step in to walk carmine to school for Andy even though Andy was able to make it the officer still took the walk with them we decided we needed to pay it back to him and be here for him and his family and he still has some healing to do but carmine can go to school knowing that people aren't looking out for him while daddy's away this is for Inside Edition dot-com I'm Mara Montalbano