Dad Grills Daughters Date Through Doorbell Camera

a dad can't be home to vet his daughter's first date with this dude so he's doing the next best thing hello Jared this is Pedro this is um Grace's dad Oh talk to you Pedro Lugo was at work but that didn't stop him from giving daughter Grayson to take the third degree via the doorbell ring cam hello hello my young daughter just hold on one minute we're moving you guys gonna go see a toy story toy story pretty sweet right but dad wasn't finished really what time you guys you're gonna be coming home probably before 11:00 oh I heard 10:30 okay that's good without one final warning and remember I know people everywhere so they're looking they're looking at what you're doing and go take a picture of his license plate were you intimidated were you scared anybody would be nervous meaning anyone's passed for the first time but having to do it like that I was nervous I don't think he's gonna do it the way he did interrogate him at least for now Grace's father is very impressed Pedro has Jarrod earned your approval at this point yes he has he brought him home at 10:18 that day he brought her home early [Music] you [Music]