Dad Has Priceless Reaction to Meeting Janet Jackson

right at the beginning when she couldn't actually came down in the whatever that was this dad has no idea he's about to meet one of his idols and she walked up behind me and you know in whispers her sweet soft voice you know in my ear and put your hands help my children and my spirit left from me for a minute it hasn't returned yet the one and only Janet Jackson surprised Keith's Trotter after a concert in Las Vegas where she has a residency at the park MGM it's a moment he always hoped for but never really thought would happen he is one of my favorite absolutely we're close to the same age I've been following her since she was pinning on good time come on I didn't tell you we were kids in the 70s so her whole life just watching her our whole life this meeting was made possible because of another video strata sons presented him with tickets to the concert on Father's Day and posted this video of his reaction to social media KB strata says he was stunned when he learned that Janet Jackson herself saw the video Janet Jackson's team saw it got named Joe Harris message he said hey I'm with Jenna's team she saw the video she loved it can't we set up a meet and greet Wow look at that after the show got all the information he said did not tell you that so from Father's Day up until this past weekend we had to keep it a big secret oh it was very hard I want to tell him all the time but their patience paid off when they saw their dad's reaction I was still kind of standing close when Janet was sneaking up behind him and I actually turned around but wild janet was coming down the hallway and she went like this to me and I was like bucks smack this is really about to happen now strata and Janet had a chat about her career and what her success has meant to him all these years he says it's a conversation he will always cherish they absolutely didn't have to do that at our Janet didn't have to agree to do that any of that there was a meet and greet line for people that had bought tickets and all of that but well she did for us was separate from any and all of that and so we're very appreciative but she's just that's just you know indicative of how sweet a person she is the only problem is how are his kids going atop this gift next Father's Day for Inside Edition dot-com I'm Mara montalbano [Music]