Dame Dash Speaks On JayZ Betrayal And NFL Partnership


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[Music] good morning everybody is DJ envy Angela Yee Shalom into God We Are The Breakfast Club I just got a fascinating looking book in the mail it's called Diamond Doris the true story of the world's most notorious jewel thief it's a true story about Doris Payne mmm what is she still on from uh read the book yet I love disable story she looks very fabulous of these stories anyway let's get to the woman's let's talk Damon - man well Damon - has weighed in on the controversy of jay-z doing a deal with the NFL and rock nation and he doesn't seem to be happy about it he was on the no jumper podcast and he was asked about what he thought about jay-z inking this deal with the NFL in the backlash he got check it out listen if you ask anyone in the industry it's a common knowledge that Jamie's about the bad you know we all know that it's about he's self-preserving period like you know it's just that the people he does it to don't have like Beyonce next to him they don't have that kind of a power but you know this dude here everyone's looking you know he did it to me with girls like you know he'll be like you know I'll be talking to a chicken I've been like yo you she asked me to do this Denethor maybe like I wouldn't do it I think the next thing he's wife to and I'd be like oh that's so funny my name said that J does that with him with girls like that was yesterday I was like 20 years ago I don't know but then he also goes on to talk about what happened with Jemaine Dupree there were rumors flying around and look into that also that jay-z told you man Dupree not to do a similar deal and here's what he said about that we all know that y'all just man he betrayed him why you're not man he betrayed everybody else how many betrayals we talked about with Jay this ain't the first one but just the first one we talked about cuz only one affected us so for me I'm like big deal if everybody over Jermaine Dupri stupid for listening to him that's that's what I think we all know Jay so once he does what he did how he did Rockefeller why do you think he'd do anything else yeah I played a clip where he called Jay DJ you know what that's the interesting take from damn - wait but just because damn may feel like Jay did him a certain way doesn't mean he does other people like that like everybody got a story about someone right so I mean look at all the people who have been around hole for decades like his real inner circle and he wouldn't say that about him but dams experience was different also don't look I hope doing the deal with the NFL is betrayal to Colin Kaepernick they weren't friends and with that said Colin has friends who work in the league now so I they betraying him I think I think Eric we said that Colin told and that he wanted him to keep his job right I just don't I just think it's also confusing because I don't know whether people are boycotting the NFL and they don't want people to be a part of the NFL organization but then they still want to play and they do play it's just confusing well Dame Dash is failing seem like that's that's how to hurt that's how that's how let's talk about Jemaine Dupree though because Jemaine Dupree actually spoke to big ticker and there were these rumors that he had a conversation with Jay Z where he told him don't do this deal with the NFL and then Jay Z went and did a deal with the NFL here's what he said about those rumors people was dogging me out for throwing concerts in Centennial Park not the Super Bowl right not halftime not anything so he and I had a conversation about that and the conversation we had was just I was like I just want to see where this is going because the reason I came up here today is to just make sure that I let everybody know he never told me don't do what I was doing because I see a lot with a bunch of people on all these things saying JD how could you let that man talk you out of a deal it was never nothing like that all right he's got to be a record for a story know this story been going on like a week and a half and I sort of blown over by now and then he posted a whole post from the Atlanta Super Bowl welcome to the party we are partnering with Atlanta's own Jermaine Dupri to produce all of the musical acts for Super Bowl I presented by Verizon attend a free event hosted in Centennial Park leading up to Atlanta Super Bowl so that was the Super Bowl in Atlanta that organization for that particular event saying what Jermaine Dupri was doing he was producing all the musical acts for Super Bowl live presented by Verizon so it's just interesting to me how confirmation bias works and in this new era of social media when anybody came any story at any given time its confirmation bias that fuels these BS stories like if you got a negative opinion about jay-z you'll run with the he told you me and Dupree not to do it story but if you support home and his partnership with the NFL you might run with the ownership story you know but but the hidden thing you don't have to run with none of these stories little like let them be with their beat it just stories I'm Angela Yee and that is your rumour report people need stuff to talk about though but sha'lame I mean the whole press conference of course people are gonna talk about it and weigh in on it it is what I'm talking about I'm talking about all the stuff that comes out after the fact I'm talking about though he told you me and Dupree this he owns a part of the NFL team like those are just stories like let's let them be what they be their stories if they're true people to find out if they're not people to find that out too I know what makes for good grist for the mill be damn [Music]