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[Applause] hi guys I'm Adam will born from what culture and I'm Andy Murray from what culture and man Avengers end whoa whoa whoa whoa this is a spoiler free zone fair enough well wrestling spoilers of course also fair enough coming up news on WWE attempting to sign a controversial indie star another WWE name change the latest on Luke Harper's release and another WWE wrestler moving brands Macy's the news so we're gonna leave things off with a potentially big update on one of your favorite wrestlers the comment section I am of course talking about Daniel Bryan who hasn't been seen since WrestleMania 35 when you wrestled Kofi Kingston in that instant classic now we've already spoken about this injury or whatever the heck's going on several times over the past few weeks but there is a new update so it's a two pronged one the first one comes from PW insider who note that Brian wasn't backstage of this week's SmackDown tapings and it isn't currently clear whether or not he's going to participate in the upcoming European tour which I believe takes place in May even though he is advertised he will be a TV next week either now the other update comes from Brad Sheppard he's a former WWE writer he hosts the oh you didn't know wrestling show which is by a nice little and the bad stuff he has an update on the injury quite specifically and I've got a direct quote here from mr. Sheppard so you may have heard the report that Daniel Bryan has an injury he hasn't been on TV this situation is being intentionally kept quiet at a specifics I test pits part of me that's a specific persons request and unfortunately I can't go into any further detail other than to say he's injured it's not his head good news it's not overly serious also good news was bad enough for him to take some time off now pinch of salt here it is only one source and shiggity shower Dave has come out in the wrestling observer newsletter this week and said that there's no news on Daniel Bryan was kind of contracts this plot if this is true it's somewhat encouraging isn't it yeah I think the silence around Daniel Bryan's injury was deafening everyone was really concerned that old God you know we watched Kofi Kingston having been stomped on himself stomped Daniel helps them yep and you know there's no no file convict okay Kingston's here but you obviously get concerned when you then don't see him in the following weeks on TV or hear anything about him having said all that if this is the case and he's a little bit injured but not seriously I say this all the time I feel terrible about saying it that might be good in storyline because he didn't go away be injured but doesn't have to tweet don't worry guys it's not my head I'm not Indy no it's not you know career threatening for example and then could come back in a couple of months and be like oh don't even worried about me when I got injured again and comes back and you know you don't want it Co for you to immediately face Daniel Bryan again because there's money in that feud if they can hold up on that for a rematch it's a SummerSlam I'd watch it yeah hundred percent you know there's still plenty of mileage in that story I think even before we had that big cathartic WrestleMania moment ideally you want this injury to be something like I don't know a sprained ankle ingrown toenail something like that because obviously Daniel Bryan's concussion history it made this whole thing very very troubling several members of the world culture office are just kind of sitting there twitching every time the guys name comes up in news expecting it to be something horrific but glad he's seemingly in a better state than was initially reported so let's hope that mr. Sheppard is accurate regardless whatever happens always here a what culture was Daniel Bryan a full recovery very soon the ambassador planet needs him right let's move on to this controversial Indy star the wer apparently meant to sign and yes it is the guy you're thinking of Joey Ryan friend of the channel and my best friend the penis guy could be getting signed by WWE according to Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer this is Matt this is something else isn't it buildings enjoy Ryan I mean our that we love him I adore Joey Ryan I think like he deserves all the credit in the world for creating what he has for building his brand for carving his own niche in the wrestling industry as penis base as it is it's just what the hell are a PG family based kids first entertainment company gonna do with Joey Ryan like he can break this down for me brother because I'm a big I have an idea and if you'd let me just have the floor for a second of course we've all been looking for the guy to retire the Undertaker and I'm suggesting a man who had penis druids so you could have the druids versus the penis druids at Survivor Series or something and then at WrestleMania 36 the dead man gets penis flipped by Joey Ryan one two three Joey Ryan absorbs all of the Undertaker's power into his groin long as your story line for years to come finally we have the perfect answer got a question we get asked every single week oh man this is this is really is something else there's there's some extrapolation in Dave's right upper 80s about how like you know joy ryan's for nine years old and all this other stuff they've often in a deal haven't think that what the rumour is that they've offered him a deal where he would spend a few years wrestle for WWE and then go into sort of a trainer yeah some kind of coach I think one of very well not very few people but he's one of those people who is making so much money on the Indies as you mentioned with that real niche that he's carved out themselves and just being a generally lovely bloke if he went to WWE it arguably sort of be sort of a demotion because he'd make less money yeah almost certainly it's it's kind of nuts like the the guy success is absolutely phenomenal and I absolutely love his mind for the business knowing it's absolutely tremendous stuff but you've got to wonder if WWE contacting Joey Ryan is maybe a way of fighting someone like I don't know aw who you've got to imagine are very very much interested in this guy now that he's free of his lucha underground contract he's always on being the elite exactly he's he's a friend of the boys he is he gets all the hype in the world whether you like his what he does or not and a lot of people don't um he is a big name he generates buzz he's good at what he does and WWE are in the market for anyone who's in that bracket I don't think he's gonna happen but we'd love to see him in WV but if not we've always always got ravishing Robert Roode absolutely we only need one moustache twirler on this roster so you know the Viking raiders is that what I called this week yeah remember when they were the Viking experience yeah I remember when they were war machines remember when they were warriors well guess what my friends don't say it they might be set for another name change their bird in ten days Jesus Vera is absolutely ridiculous so the new name that they could potentially Eric and Ivar could potentially be switching to is it Rowan Hanson Justin only it is the young box no it's the Viking warriors so this came out as part of a survey issued by the WWE fan council who attempt to gauge like fan opinion by shorts you use a question years every now and then they ask the question which of the following WWE Superstar shake-up branch changes are you most excited about seeing and just looking at the list of their question here they've got heavy machinery to smite Daniel okay the sing brothers on Smackdown weird Roman reigns on smart I'm Cedric Alexander and rawr Sullivan on Smackdown and the Viking warriors on Raw what will willboard what the hell is going on so just to clarify a takeover they had one name yelled out another name the roar after that they had a different name and now online they put four names in two weeks know this survey they're doing yeah maybe they should have done that with the bloody team name decided on what they like which one it is to like we've said many times they are fantastic and I know I didn't mind whatever they just got names here I'm so confused now I didn't mind that and I quite like the fact that they've now got the name of their finisher the Viking experience over because of all the pure all around the silly volley yeah but you can't change you again we should say that there's every chance this is our mistake you know the these survey people are WWE guys they're not just some goobers on the internet like us and they are top-level goobers obviously they their company affiliated they may just have know how double slip the old typo in there warrior instead of Raider I know it's kind of weird it's some kind of making excuses for them here but these guys come out on Raw as the Viking warriors and they're just gonna change the name every week go back to the wall just the whole reason why we had to change first place what about joining the rage they said that about a million times on Monday night rule Fanny's right let's move on it to the latest on Luke Harper's release from WWE which well is it happening according to W e'en especially according to Dave Meltzer in this week's Wrestling Observer of course we reported recently they did the big social media post akin to ty Dillinger and presumably he thought well but I did that and then immediately got released this ain't gonna happen to me nope WWE have told him basically they will all be releasing him from his contract and furthermore in a great weird flex but okay from WWE the tiny had off for the wrist injury I think it was yes yes I'm auntie had off for that he's being added on to his contract so in the rules Luke Harper will not be released until just before next WrestleMania Wow so yeah they might the funds for him or they could just be being like you ain't going nowhere it might just be being bastard a so breaking this time his contract expired November was it add six months just before WrestleMania gets released add three months for the non-compete the earliest time this guy could feasibly be wrestling elsewhere is next summer July when he'll be what 40 or 41 seeming like that that is this is really harsh like I mean WWE are it's you know it's part of them the independent contractors contract it's something that they have seemingly have the power to do with their bulletproof legal team and stuff pop man this just seems really mean like Luke Harper is yc2 WWE he's just kind of a guy like he's really good don't get me wrong like I love him yeah yeah he could be something more than years but today I mean he's kind of just a piece on this massive roster and while you know it's not all about being nice to your mates and all this stuff and about being good stuff and he could potentially be an asset elsewhere so it's understandable that they haven't just cut him loose straight away and we talked last week about how they definitely weren't just gonna let him go like that yeah they were probably gonna hold them on 2 November having six months for the injury it just comes off kind of spiteful and yeah but it's WWE what do you expect I hope this is because they thought was try and convince him to stay and then they are working on maybe get some storylines worked ideal him next July does everyone was booking that right great way to get to see Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose effectively on the Indies and now we might never see Luke Harper on the Indies again it's a real shame and I hope it works out well for big Luke best luck nice place to work something out a quick one to wrap things up and we have another a couple of wrestlers moving brands remember when the super star shake-up lasted for two days yeah and now last for two weeks so and MODOK budak solar Daleks think they wrestled a dark match before this week's might I'm losing to heavy machinery they've now been drafted to SmackDown outright this is per shagger Dave in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter on top of this according to PwC the WWE have just registered a trademark for b-team University that could be a new name for the B team or maybe like segment series I like the fashion file someone like clap well that might be good I was gonna say yeah our reaction to this was going to be yeah yeah a little silly SEC yeah I mean they're fun Jabra characters that the smart though tag division is in a pretty crappy place at the moment I think like the Usos are gone the bar are split up Biggie's injured so severe woods and him can't really do anything Jeff Hardy has an injury which boosts him and maths tag title reign in jeopardy yes like I mean we can say here and talk about if you don't worry no guys the B team a that's Weiss yes that's it like we can see you and talk about how good they are as jabbers in the arm right they might have to play a role so cool yeah let's move on yeah let me go to your Twitter questions you get navigate between ours at what coach at WWE we start with a question from mal one day I don't know your name right there who says I think the laws might just be the latest version of vladimir kozlov and I have a bad feeling they'll end up the same just a few high-profile losses what do you think I think that is quite harsh on Mars I think that Lars is better everything the Vladimir Kosovo eloquent he is he speaks really well he didn't look like that because he's shouting and spitting in the moment but yeah yeah no it doesn't he cuts a good promos anyone who's seen him in NXT knows he is a good - very good wrestler I think he has an incredible week for a monster he's just a big ugly granite caste brute and that's what monster should really look like and but the thing for me is that he plays his character with such intensity in these segments even if he's just like slamming our troupe or whatever he looks really good doing and really convincing I think that his ceiling is a lot higher than vladimir kozlov who was just kind of this big orc yeah I'm really excited to see what they do him in the coming weeks and months next question comes from call McConville who says do you think Becky will defend both tiles have money in the bank but lose sir but lose one after a cash-in because it would be a great opportunity - because you wrestled two times before on the show yeah really good chair I do think she'll lose one of the belts built at their money in a bank I think that the weird fantasy booking scenario I didn't cogged is in my head was that she'd overcome Charlotte in a really hard fought smart down match maybe 20 minutes really good stuff and then because she's kind of exhausted or injured or whatever lacy Evans would just be a gate kind of like ding match immediately after or something like that yeah someone late asked about but how she makes just as much sense I kind of hope they don't do a cashier because we've had like we obviously had the one at money in the bank last year and then what was Carmela's was relatively soon at she yeah wasn't massively long and Dean Ambrose a couple of years ago I want I want I think the men's is prey and hold on to it for and I especially want whoever wins the women's money of mine because just it cuz it really adds that to a character so yeah like yes you can immediately hot show them and become make them champion but it sort of puts your night you almost it's almost like a mid card title sort of thing in terms of but you can walk around and it would defend it even could challenge you for it I know we had brawn and Kevin but that doesn't really captain yeah yeah I hope I hope they don't do an immediate a sheen but I'm kind of inclined to believe that they will try and take it one of the belts off back yeah one in the back inaudible Andrea asks our final question of today which which is what do you think of having Randy Orton be Kofi Kingston's next opponent after Kevin Owens gave hash hash up the whole stupid stupid stupid thing get in my vignette and yep I love Randy I love his new well I'm not nagging you anymore but just get ear fingering my cool man yeah be really great stuff and coffees the perfect guy to do it against because he's such a likable affable like just a great guy against this absolute colossal bastard and around the organs I am all in on that right let's move on to today's and finally you might have seen this doing around just a little comparison between how Vince treats some of his wrestlers and his blood here is what Vince McMahon said to John Cena on his birthday on Twitter happy birthday to WWE's Babe Ruth John Cena expiration I really can't describe in words how much John Cena tagged for a second time for some reason means to me and the WWE Universe hashtag hustle loyalty respect love to pictures of John Cena one-on-one with his shirt off let's compare that to when Shane McMahon Vince's son in real life had a birthday it's a picture of Shane stood on a ramp wearing a shirt just looking a little bit glum to be very honest happy birthday Shane McMahon Wow yeah gee thanks dad do you think a George Mizanin Oh George George showers made with potato emoji is a potato emoji answers on a postcard let us know your thoughts on that and all of today's news Joy's in the comment section below don't forget to Like share and subscribe and you can tweet us your Twitter questions at what culture WWE wash you there you can follow both of those you can follow here mats and EH Murray the H stands for a holy hell and 41 years old nice deed up for a midnight screening of The Avengers on a school night idiot you can follow me at that and will want as said follow us all at what caught you WWE all right thanks Andy Maury thank you for watching we will see you soon