Daniel Cormier wants to fight Jon Jones at 205poundsWHY


Chael Sonnen


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let's go back to Daniel Cormier because he said something very interesting two days ago he came out and said I'm going to fight steep a Miocic I'm gonna honor that deal steep and I need to run this one back and do it over again but when I'm done I'm gonna go back to 205 pounds and I'm gonna take on John Jones and that will be a sense if I interpret it right that will also be the retirement fight now I love that for a couple of reasons I found that very refreshing for a couple of reasons but I do have one push back let's start at the beginning when John Jones was on suspension and really needed a friend and really needed a life raft and really need somebody to attach to he was more than happy to call out Daniel Cormier and do it over and over again this was a guy that was drowning and was looking for an opportunity that was also refreshing because John Jones is often so difficult to work with so in this case at that point and that chapter in his career all of a sudden he's mr. come to the table great we got we got the hard part done then daniel was kind of go away and I got into things that I want to do and I've been promised this Brock lesner fighting I'm gonna see that thing through oh and by the way I'm going to retire in March okay March 6th came and went Daniel did not retire great news the other side of the coin is now all of a sudden Daniel is saying I'm going to come down to John I lost to him twice at 205 pounds I need to do it a third time at 200 5,000 that's where I want to hit the brakes and go says who where do we possibly get that idea now I can answer the question I know exactly where we got the idea we got the idea from the night that Conor McGregor lost to Nate Diaz Conor demanded a rematch but he wanted it everything the same same opponent same venue same placement on the cart meaning it's a five-round atmosphere same weight class even though Carter was the 145 pound champion he should have been fighting at 55 pounds late that way you know you had a little bit of a size issue let's fix that give you Nate see how that one goes in Conor goes no thank you but no I don't want any favors I want everything the exact same there was a major macho Ness there was a major bravado and there was a major courage done there by Conor McGregor but now other guys are wanting to follow that same suit and there always seems to be some traps in MMA where somebody comes out and does something it gets perceived as a cool thing by the industry and then other guys want to do it I can remember the night that Matt Hughes came out and coined to the phrase you're never really a champion until you defend it all of a sudden that caught on it went through the industry first off there was absolutely no truth to it so it never should have caught on if you leave there one moment one time with 12 pounds of gold around your waist and they raise your hand and call you a world champion you are the world champion and secondly Matt himself never even came out and made the claim until he had successfully defended the championship and in his case it was true because the night they crowned a champion they had to wake him up and inform him that he had just become champion so in his case it was very true but it was one of those very odd things that trickled and went to the industry and stuck around to this day Dillashaw when he lost to Sahu toe wanted a rematch but he wanted it back at 125 pounds for these exact same reasons guys it doesn't need to be that way as a matter of fact as the viewer and the paying customer the more variables that you can offer me the more I'm going to want to see it I by into any of the same same scenario as a matter of fact I'm well aware that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result in this case we've done it twice why would we believe unless we were insane than to do it over a third time we're gonna get a different result if you want to work the storyline in there because it had to do with the peds and now if Daniels finally fighting a clean John Jones okay I'm on board and I get it I just don't think that's something that you can take to ESPN and Jim Rome and Dan Levitan every other partner that you're going to need and get a ton of steam behind it seems like a little bit of a sticky subject it seems like a little bit of a black eye and I don't know that the promotion is going to want to get behind that story however changing weight classes is very very relevant Daniel Cormier is a heavyweight Daniel Cormier never would have done 205 pounds if he wasn't a loyal member of the aka in if he had a teammate name came Velasquez who was fighting at heavyweight at the time so when Daniel came in second he goes look okay I'm not going to steal your thunder I'm going to sacrifice I walk around at eight pounds bigger than you walk around but you were here first and I'm a good dude and I'm a better teammate I will sacrifice I will go and take myself out of the premier perennial weight class of heavy weight I will go down to 205 I will make less money but you were here first I was here second and we're friends and I'm a loyal guy cool move but that is why that happened Daniel Cormier is a natural heavyweight that is the correct weight class form even in his wrestling days he never lost one single match ever add heavy weight and he had some damn tough matches he went head to head with Steve macho and he beat him one to nothing point is that's the story when you have that in conjunction with the fact that John Jones naturally walks around about 225 now you don't only have the story of the heavyweight class you now have Daniel that will have 25 pounds on Jones so now you start to have the dialogue about well how much better is Daniels wrestling gonna be and how much more power are those punches going to pack now all of a sudden I don't have to be insane as a person who is going to watch the same thing over and over again doing the exact same thing and somehow think there's going to be a different result I would just argue for you that the story is that and it's better for John to I mean not for not it's better for John Jones for John Jones to be able to go up and become a double champion possibly he stays in that weight class and possibly he walks away and never returns as I said he only walks it 2:25 that's out of shape that's being lazy that's not in the John's not as big as you guys think he's just very tall he looks massive on TV he's appropriately a 205 pounder so we keep his options open because don't forget if we are to accept that this is Daniels retirement fight and I think for very good reason it would be I really think for very good reason it would be win or lose that means you just left the heavyweight division without a champion so when do we strip him lately we have been stripping guys put in that same situation at and I quote when the first punch is thrown I like that except there's going to be a four-month build-up for the fight let's not hold the division up so let's strip him the second he signs the bout agreement but now we left the heavyweight class with no champion I just think the story is better I think it is a better set look this sells either way this works either way I sit down I push that button no way around it what I do push it with a little bit more excitement if there's something new if there's a new variable and I think that variable is real salt easily we just do it at heavyweight