Daniel Libeskind Ground Zero Master Plan

with last year's opening of a 9/11 memorial at Ground Zero and the near completion of the World Trade Center 1 Daniel lives khun's vision for the World Trade Center site is close to presenting the future of New York City's downtown financial center 11 years after the attacks studio Daniel Libeskind was selected to develop the master plan for the site in 2003 and since has been coordinating with New York City's numerous agencies and individual architects to rebuild the site the project in lime skins words is a healing of New York a site of memory into space to witness the resilience of America the master plan supplies the framework for the massing and location of the program elements of the site building Heights and size and relationship to one another it includes guidelines for infrastructure transportation sustainability standards and security strategies the 16 acre site includes four towers a transportation hub visitors pavilion memorial museum and memorial each with its own architect providing a collaborative agenda for the master plan the voice on the other side said well if you're not on the jury maybe you can participate in the competition and that's when I first got the idea oh my god the competition I'll participate the competition and then I had a call you know very early in the morning because it can you come down too low I'm gonna have to because the governor and the mayor want to see the couple of things they want to see your project anyone's timeline was irate they want so I said what the hell am I going down to you know so we go it was too early to call anybody from the team and rolled a few drawings put them on the wall the second team was going by and they went like this how does it feel to be a loser and I said nothing and 20 minutes later the governor made her team and run roll the drawings they said what's the project Bart I said five minutes thanks went back to our hotel because we had a living in Berlin at that time packing going back to Berlin you know we've obviously lost the competition has been announced and sold the press and about you know 5:30 in the evening a call comes my wife picks up it's it's it's for you Lauren my head development corporation I said what for Seletar skins you won the competition [Music] so that's that's that crazy adventure and and it's an adventure because it's a highly political highly emotional highly complicated process to get something built on the site which is about the master which is about memory which is about the things I believe are the key to developing this site that difference was very simple I didn't exploit all the real estate I said you know build nothing in the center make this part of memory of New York and I constituted our public space you know of course their gleaming buildings and fantastic buildings and all that but I said this is really not about the buildings it's about the place it's about New York it's about the world it's a day to change the world and we can respond politically and militarily and we saw those responses but architectural response the response in constructing something that it has sense for people that is a spirit and so my idea was to use that first of all not to build mega towers to try to make as many smaller buildings as possible so I distributed ten million square feet of density into four buildings not into one or two most of them were mega structures my great architects beautiful but I did I thought make the buildings lower so that the streets have a better sense of New York buildings are safer and then create public network connected back to Tribeca to Chinatown Battery Park Wall Street move the whole site make a neighborhood that has a symbolic character with the buildings on the periphery so they throw the least shadows onto the memory site 1876 it sounds like a just a number but I wanted that the freedom of the tower number one which was built the apex of it they say it's the tallest building the United States I don't care because it's not gonna be tallest very soon or whatever but I wanted that 1776 to echo a meaningful number not just the tallest tower for five minutes in North America or in the world but the date in the sky you see a date of the Declaration of Independence some kids are going to learn how a how tall is this building it's not by floors it served seventy-six [Music]