Darren Till vs Jorge Masvidal


Chael Sonnen


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Hill versus Moz Vidale strikes me is compelling for a couple of different reasons and you know don't forget guys we have set short-term memories but don't forget you guys are no different than me don't act like you come to the party go I've been calling Darin till from the very beginning no you did it none of us know who Darrin Hill was Darrin till not only goes out and beats cowboy Cerrone but he beats him in a main event of a fight that many people didn't think he should have you guys won't remember Bretton ashabi even coming out before the fight saying why would cowboy even give a fight to this guy Darrin till it's a very fair point by Brendan and a lot of us thought it to dare until puffed up and pushes back because hey by the way Brendan even if you haven't seen me on a television set near you if you go look at my record I am 15 and oh I haven't made very many mistakes in this sport fair point by Darren Till but we still didn't know who he was he burst onto the scene in a couple of minutes against cowboy I would offer to you while I was just impressed as all of you were with Darren till skills they were a little bit unique from his stance to his stand-up to his footwork is a little bit unique where with some time and some video and some footage maybe guys could gameplan a little bit better for him the reason I slipped that in is because when you look at George Maas Vidale this is a stand up fighter so many of you guys have only been exposed to George Mozgov at all in the cage and in MMA Sheree wrestles and grandpa's well sure he does all that but he's a stand-up guy at heart the dere until Puzzle is a very tough one for me to solve I will tell you as a fellow fighter as I break down there and tell I would then need to bring in somebody better than me I'd have to call coach Clayton go okay how are you gonna deal with this guy on his feet I will admit to I would have to do that but I would suspect for you that Maz Vidal won't that is the song that he sings that is the game that he plays and Darin till as good as he is on his feet I think that till has some meaningful advantages in this fight sighs right off the bat sighs being a very obvious one but I think when you look at the matchup I think you're in for a lot more fun more competitive fight then some of the oddsmakers do I also maintain for you that there is no such thing as a home-field advantage in MMA it's true in football it's true in baseball it's the opposite in MMA and I can even tell you why first off the pressures of having to take your shirt off and go fight in front of your classmates and friends and neighbors so you've been telling for as long as they'll listen how tough you are and now you got to go prove it you also that this is gonna sound like a weird right you get hit up for tickets non-stop when you were fighting at home everybody's gonna want to come and everybody thinks that you have tickets and you're the guy that may sound like it's not a pressure or a stress but it is and then you're gonna take it on you're gonna do that one onin oh I'm all out of ticket and then you're gonna say yeah and then you got to try to organize that and get all the logistics and that never stops the people wanting and looking for tickets will go up and tell fight day eventually you will have to turn your phone off you will be headed to the arena to the locker room and you will still be getting text messages from people who are lucky to come down the show I think you've just got these magical tickets you could put it will come he then is also going to have a very real media schedule that is going to greatly surpass that of his opponent hospital so I'm Oz vows to get on an airplane and go out there and deal with the time change which is very real daran till is the one that's gonna have to be burning the candles at both ends getting up and doing the radio interviews it's getting up and doing the appearances he's just the one that's going to be getting requests so the UFC is going to say yes to those requests they're then going to go out and fish for some on their own try to generate and cultivate their own media opportunities to which a lot of people are going to say yes but a lot more people are going to say yes to dare until then they do to George Motz but I'll purely based on the geographical location of the fight I realize it could sound like I'm making more about the location then it's just a fight but I will remind you guys it was two fights ago that til fought at home it was a very very close fight okay with Wonder Boy and not only that but he happened to miss wait he missed weight while fighting at home Wonder Boy flew all the way out there had to deal with not having a car and knowing locations and maps and where am I gonna find a sign how am i and still got it done so it's a very real thing and it's not a knock against Hill it's just there is some truth to the statement that I'm making to you there is no such thing as a home cage advantage it just doesn't carry over like it does other sports I also think when you look for an intangible that Darren till because of all the things going in his favor he's also going to have a certain pressure don't forget he was just the number one contender and he's a bright rising talent who I expect to be a number one contender again fighting at home in the marquee spot trying to defend his ground in his weight class MOSFET on under that so I don't even know if you put Maas Vidale at a welterweight I mean it could be five six weeks from now he'll take a fight pop back down to 155 I just think there's a lot of pressures that aren't on him and a little too much gets made of pressure I don't use that term over here a whole bunch but one thing that pressure will the pressure is a very real thing it just doesn't affect you the way that some people will make you think that it does but one thing that pressure will do is it will create fatigue that's what people don't ever take the time to then explain when they go always dealing with pressure okay who the hell cares diamonds dealt with pressure what's bad what's wrong with that well let me answer it for you in a little bit more colloquial terms it makes you tired faster think about sports that you guys did whatever sport it could be think about PE class whatever you're doing it's it's anaerobic you're getting your heart rate up you go do that 30 40 50 60 minutes no problem no questions asked then on game day maybe you can do it for seven or eight minutes and then the coach pulls you out and lets you get a breather and then send you back and how come you could do it for an hour every day in practice but now on game that you can only do it for a matter of minutes three or four minutes seven or eight minutes how come well I'll answer the question for you stress fatigue pressure they're all the same thing they all work hand-in-hand against you so the reason I bring it up pressure in this contest specifically is because it is a five-round atmosphere a lot of guys will have pressure they will underperform due to the pressure or they will go out there and perform in spite of the pressure some of the elites LeBron James may be a great example it actually elevates him he prefers that he prefers a spotlight great wherever you sit on that great but let me explain to you what we're talking about when you hear somebody tell you about pressure all they're talking about is a stress that creates a fatigue earlier then it would set in if you didn't have that stress creating that fatigue that's all we're talking about so I do find it relevant in a 25-minute fight that some of those pressures could weigh in and I think some of those did weigh in on till in his last outing in England and he looked great and he took on an awesome opponent and he got his hand raised so it's not all a darkness here that I'm speaking about but there does appear to be people that are overlooking Maas Vidale sometimes these things surprise me guys as recently as two weeks ago people were overlooking Robbie Lawler that sounds ridiculous doesn't it some of you people who are telling me yet chill that sounds ridiculous some of you guys did it somebody you guys didn't you overlook Robbie Lawler in a cage fight up all the guys to overlook in a cage fight Robbie Lawler come on but we seem to do that and now I'm seeing that happen to Maz for all I'm kind of looking around going man do we just have short-term memories or we not have been paying attention