Dave Chappelle Takes Direct Aim At Our Society In Netflix Special


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this is the rumor report with Angela Yee on The Breakfast Club well there were reports that Bobby Brown was hit by a car over the weekend and entered both of his legs there was one report according to assist came from a good source right know his own sister know anyway didn't sound right now first of all we came in here y'all was a you know Bobby Brown got hit by a car we say what we actually said was true well according to Bobby Brown's attorney that never happened he said there are reports circulating that Bobby Brown was hit by a car over the weekend and substantially injured both his legs the reports are false and Bobby Brown was in LA enjoying time with his family this weekend and the oligo need to come in the front I need to see Bobby Brown right now and see what his legs look like to make sure this you will see that the hospital reports Bobby Brown Bobby Brown is a whole legend in these streets ain't no hole we haven't seen him you better stop this is a form of social media all these illusion loosen ations and delusion that people be having on social media this is crazy all right now Harvey Weinstein actually crashed his car into a tree according to reports he said he was allegedly he said he was trying to avoid a deer so he swerved so he did have to kick his way out of the car and he is okay do you see the difference in sauces though police said okay the difference actually seen the car pay attention when you see these stories all I pay attention to the sauce is alright now let's give a congratulations to young Doug he is his album so much fun is number one is his first number congratulations to dog of his career dog yeah so congratulations to him for that that's a big deal all right now Diddy is defending jay-z over this whole NFL situation people still talking about this yes they are people are still writing articles about it and doing posts about it posted it the first time did he has spoken on it he said hope is one of the greatest to ever do it he has been there he has been there more than anybody from the hip-hop culture including me and he said he's always been so selfish and fights for other people we as a people can not be divided and conquered at this time but he goes on to say that he's proud of Colin Kaepernick and said I'll continue to support him in every way possible and he said it's time to play chess not checkers there's a man in order to change things you need more control more power more influence I don't know what else to tell you sometimes you got to change things from the inside out and the issue is no longer the way you sit on the bus of whether you can drive it is whether you can develop the capital to own the bus company alright that's the type of flames I see being made on handy streets all right now Dave Chappelle has a new Netflix special out call sticks and stones and he's going hard on everybody now he does some impressions I see if you guys can guess who this is oh hey there if you do anything wrong your life dull and I find out about it I'm gonna try and take everything away from me and I don't care what I find out could be today tomorrow 15-20 years from now if I find out you're finished who's that that's you it sounds like to me that is definitely the era we in that is exactly how you all sound I tell you I'm telling you I started Dave Chappelle set on Broadway and I told y'all this is his best set by far all right now Dave Chappelle also goes on to tell this joke now keep in mind if you go and try to watch this Netflix special there's gonna tell you that it's politically incorrect you click on my face celebrity hunting season doesn't matter what I say they're gonna get everybody eventually like I don't think I did anything wrong but but we'll see it's just that simple I don't understand why people act like they don't have choices if you don't like something just turn the television turn the radio you don't have to click on Dave Chappelle's face okay everything got different audiences let's let those of us who enjoy that type of material enjoy it you go find something else to listen to please and as you guys know Dave Chappelle did host a benefit concert for a date in Ohio after the mass shooting I'm offended [Music]