David Beckham on Retirement


Jimmy Kimmel Live


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Oh I must get so long well I think the reason the audience is reacting like this is you've got so fat you look terribly so apparently fireman is ruined be actually funny you say that my little girl turn around to me the other day and I just laughed her and I was in the bath as well so I got her out and you know telling her down and she said daddy I love you so much but I don't like you you're so chubby I mean I didn't think I was but as long as she loves you it doesn't matter as you like it he just said you're chubby you know that's a weird maybe she doesn't know what the word chubby means tell her my choppa you know perfect over in England is that I would think so Oh fixa have you been keeping busy after playing soccer your whole life I mean what do you what do you day like I mean to be honest I've become a taxi driver overnight with the kids I'm literally an uber driver now you take them literally I take him from 7:00 in the morning to the scores I have for drop-offs at four different schools no um so I get that done in an hour and 15 minutes oh my and then I pick my little girl up at 12 and then the boys at 4 and then the boys train in a Soccer Academy every single night of the week so I'm busy every night until 9:30 and then and then I'm at home oh my god what sounds like a nightmare to be honest it's great I you guys I've been playing football for last 22 years not always with the family of course I travel a lot and it's nice to actually be at home and spending time with them and be a taxi driver yeah I see you deciding to coach in like eight months yeah you know what yeah time for me to get out of the house yeah are your kids like are they proud that their dad is David Beckham do they care I would I always thought they were until I take my eldest you know the younger one obviously loves me taking her to school the two smaller boys they love it apart from my middle son Romeo who's 12 he's just started soon as I take him in to score I'll go to kiss him and he'll turn his cheek so I'll then pick him up and give him a bear hug and kiss him in front of his friends right so that happens with him and then and then my oldest Brooklyn who's 16 in March I take him to school and he says to me daddy Park around the corner I'm like sorry dad park around the corner no yeah right he's past that but he tells me to park him around the corner and then he gets out and he walks around to his school so he did it to me the other day after doing it about five times on the trot so I'm driving around and he's just walking in this school and I opened the window I said Brooklyn I love you you know obviously did go down very well no no no but why even have kids if you can't embarrass them every day and I think Victoria did have to remind them the other day that actually you've got quite a cool dad but didn't seem to make any yeah no coming from mom it really has no impact whatsoever