Day 1 Linking Consonant to Vowel Understanding Fast Speech in English




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It's day one, and I have a question. Have you ever played with paperclips? Look what I'm doing. I'm connecting one paperclip to another. It's like what we do in English. English speakers connect one sound to another. English with Jennifer I said, "I have a question." have a I connected the V in "have" to the following A sound. have a have a question I have a question. In fast speech we connect the final consonant sound to a following vowel sound. Listen to how I read these phrases. Another way to think about it is moving that final consonant sound over and making it part of the next word. However you'd like to picture it in your mind... remember we're connecting a final consonant sound to a following vowel sound. Listen closely. I'll say a sentence or phrase. You try to understand.