Day 10 Reducing OR FOR THEIR THEYRE Understanding Fast Speech in English




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It's Day 10, and I've got a tip for you. Let's look at three or four small words with an R and talk about how they sound in fast speech. English with Jennifer Sometimes a vowel plus an R can end up sounding like a weak 'er' sound. /ɚ/ For example, "for" can change to /fɚ/. "I have a tip for you." "Or" can be reduced to /ɚ/. I said, "Let's look at three or four small words." three or four small words /ðɛr/, which could be written two different ways, can sound like /ðɚ/ in fast speech. Let's talk about how they're reduced. How /ðɚ/ reduced. Look at these examples. Pay attention to how I say the vowel plus R sounds. Listen closely. I'll say a sentence or phrase. You try to understand. That's all for now. Thanks for watching and happy studies!