Day 2 Linking Vowel Sounds Understanding Fast Speech in English




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Welcome to Day 2. Does anyone listen to the radio anymore? When I'm in the car, I sometimes do. I listen to satellite radio stations. English with Jennifer The word "radio" has two vowel sounds together. A long E and a long O. We connect those two sounds with the help of a Y sound. Not "ra dee o" but "ra dee yo." In fast smooth, connected speech we often need the help of a /y/ to connect one vowel to another either within a word or between two words. This connection happens after a long E. As in "see into your heart" "tea and cookies" After a long A: "all day and all night" After a long I sound. As in "say hi and bye" "the sky and clouds" And it happens after the diphthong "oy" As in "joy and peace." So remember this linking with a Y sound can happen word to word, as in "in the evening." Or within a word, as in "medium" "video" Listen closely. I'll say a sentence or phrase. You try to understand. That's all for now. Thanks for watching and happy studies.