Day 3 Linking Vowel Sounds Understanding Fast Speech in English




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Welcome to Day 3. How and when do we link vowel sounds with a /w/? That's what you'll learn in this video. English with Jennifer I asked how and when we link with a /w/. And there's your first clue. "How" is spelled with a final W. And it ends with an "ow" diphthong. So allow your lips to form the /w/ and release it into the following vowel sound. "owand" "how and" "how and when" There are three vowel sounds that link with the help of a /w/. The first you already know. The diphthong "ow." As in "how and when." Second, the long U..."blue"..."blue and"..."blue and white." And the long O..."no"..."no one." Listen closely. I'll say a sentence or phrase. You try to understand. Note that some might also say: She's nice t' others. And it sounds like they drop the vowel sound in "to" altogether. We'll talk more about this word in a later lesson. Let's go on. That's all for now. Thanks for watching and happy studies!