Day Trading Bot Doubled My Money

in last week's video we set up a day trading robot that bought and sold currency pairs to hopefully have them make money automatically trading the forex markets if you haven't watched that video it'd be a lot cooler if you did but the outcome was that the first ball we set up took our $1000 account and turned it into $600 overnight so we lost 40% on that however the second bot we set up and gave the remaining $600 we had on the account and we let it run and a day later our count was hovering around $1,100 meaning that the bot essentially doubled the money in like 24 hours so that was absolutely insane but we only got to test the bots for like two or three days so in this video I want to follow up explain what happened after I uploaded the video since I had a lot of people contact me afterwards and explain how the bout works I was also met with a little controversy after the upload so let's dive right into all of this where do we even begin here I think with a nice cup of joe and a Costco Danish seriously though I want to address a couple of things about that last video a few questions that sprung up with you all so let's start with the mild one I had a lot of people say I should have used the program called boot camp that allows you to run Windows on your Mac rather than just going out and buying a Windows laptop specifically for running the robot in the video FairPoint I probably could have done that but from what I've heard that's not gonna be a very you know frictionless experience as it can somewhat lag and keeping my main workstation laptop plugged in and running for over a week straight just does not seem like a good idea in terms of battery health I was also using a lot of sketchy websites and downloading files for them so I definitely didn't want to do that on my main computer in case of viruses or whatnot which actually perfectly segues us into the much bigger question of why did I not link the second a profitable bot in the description of the last video turns out there was a lot of people who wanted the name of the bot which I mean is fair it doubled the money in the video but not only did I get bombarded with emails themes and comments about the bot name there was also a lot of people claiming that the video was rigged that I was trying to keep it to myself way out of pocket all kinds of wacky theories because I did not disclose the bot named so let's get into that one of the reasons was similar to why I didn't want to install anything on my main computer I was using some weird websites I don't want to put a link in the description that I don't know exactly what it's for and then be the reason that you guys get hacked or have some virus on your computers but the other thing was really testing the bots for two or three days and in that time we almost doubled the money to me that felt a little too good to be true I mean here was building drop shipping websites practicing marketing not sleeping for last two or three years hustling in e-commerce to make that coin when really I should have just been doubling my money every day in my sleep I wasn't buying you I figured there's no way this can be true but I'm gonna continue testing it and if it's true then I gotta make a follow-up video and show the whole process but until then I didn't want to drop the link I guess someone could watch my video see that I doubled my money in like two days go all in with their savings and use the same bar but what happens if they lose that money I kind of put them on to that box although legally speaking I'm not responsible entertainment purposes only oh it still feel kind of bad so that's why I held off on revealing the bar name and the other massive important question was how I got this clean fade while everything is locked down right now my buddy don't worry about it sweetheart no but ever exists - what happened with the bots the following days after the video and live so on Friday it continued fluctuating around 1,100 in total equity but at this point all the open trades combined equal to around negative $1,000 but that was being bounced knocked by the positive trades - bought closed so I decided to close all the open trades in the account which would leave our total at 1,100 and we start the bot the following week since leaving the trades open over the weekend when the forex market is closed is pretty sketchy as it can open at a crazy price and wipe out the account so I ran a script that was able to automatically close all them before the market closed now come Sunday afternoon the market opens things are moving nicely the bot is executing trades and I go to sleep tonight wake up the next morning check my magical money doubly day trading robot setup only to find out that we lost around 90 percent of the account overnight like an eight or nine hundred dollar laws you naughty naughty you teasing me so this boy doubled our money in one night then lost it all on a different one if you're into those kinds of odds a boy don't have a game for you given that this bot played out this way I'm glad I didn't link in the description of that last video because people could have saw the hundred percent gains but some money into it I mean why would you not but they would end up blowing that sorry portfolio the way I did and they might not have a youtube channel that funds their gambling training anyways that Monday I put out an update on my Instagram to explain the situation and now that I was able to show both sides of the story I also revealed the bots name because at that point you saw me lose 90 percent of the portfolio because of the bots so if you want to use it that's on you but then I also posted a poll asking if anyone knows of any other bots that have worked for them in the past because here's the thing there was people in the comment section of that video and even members of the day trading community who reached out to me after I uploaded and basically told me that hey the type of block you're using risky business it can work for a couple days even maybe a couple of weeks but then blow your whole account in a single line which hey what do you know they weren't long and a lot of the same people also said that there are BOTS that can work but not of this 100% returns in the day talk so they called me blowing my account then maybe they're right about there being profitable BOTS out there which is why I put up that poll my Instagram because I want to continue the search for a profitable bot but it's currently Tuesday you guys did not disappoint as expected most of replies were in fact trolling someone suggested I use the gara soul BOTS which is the one that lost 90% on Monday but the two most popular suggestions were first of all r2d2 which is a fictional robot from Star Wars and the second one was an actual day turning bought by blue edge financial called Titan g7 so I'm here on their website and they have an affiliate program which is maybe why you suggested so many times not sure but in order to get access to this Titan g7 bot yak chef to buy blue edge financials full Forex course they don't just sell the bots separately but Eady's what a tease I'm gonna have to go ahead and cop the $300 course to get access to the bots and they this website says that the bar trades upon an indicator called the bank's secret indicator which banks secret indicator sot sounds a little fishy the course also includes some sort of tax fraud section so that's pretty neat but i'm gonna go ahead and purchase this thing it's apparently supposed to be a long term bot so it's not going to open up like a thousand trades in one day like the previous spot we used it and with that i transferred another thousand dollars worth of Bitcoin into the brokerage from there into the mt4 account and at that point I went ahead and went through with a purchasing process of this bot it turns out it wasn't $300 but in fact 147 per month I paid for the first month which gave me access to the client area he they had instructions on how to install the bot using a virtual private server I just wanted to use it on my laptop so they actually had an option for that where I download the bot onto my computer I installed it into the data folder of my mc4 program there's seven total bots and they are each currency pair specific so I set them up according to the parameters on their website and I chose the most aggressive option which I believe means that every trade is going to be executed using one point five percent of your total account and with that I let it run now there were actually a few other bot suggestions from the Instagram poll so I'll go ahead and put some of them up in case you guys want to do your own research on some of them I'm not associated with the one I installed or any of these on the screen please exercise caution and use them at your own risk the results are in and before we get into these results a couple of things here I actually had someone messaged me and explained how the bot that blew the account on Monday works and apparently it's just based on the RSI indicator which from what I've heard is not really the move also there was people who brought up the point of why would anyone sell a bot if it works with other online businesses you have to put in a lot of work to make them successful so a course type of thing does make sense but if you have a bot that is actually profitable can't you just keep on compounding your money and growing it exponentially without much effort once it's set up so that's an interesting point I'm curious to see what you guys think about that but my main purpose with this video was almost like a cautionary type of thing I feel like I had to follow up and show the other side of bar trading since I only got to show the positive side in the last video which isn't really fair but it's the way the video played out and as we saw earlier this week it's not a secret way to get rich overnight and after two days of using this new bot I can tell this one is a lot more tame which is nice but we didn't make money we have a six dollar loss straight closed and the open trades are currently hovering around negative twenty dollars but I do like how with this bot is slower not as risky so I'm probably gonna put some more money into it because I feel like this one will not as likely blow into our account in a day and I'm paying like 140 a month for it so I kind of need to have more money on the line so I can make more than what I pay for the bot monthly if I continue doing so but it's not very action-packed I don't know I'm gonna try to test it for a while before I make any kind of update on it since so many people requested it I feel like there's some hype around the spot I might continue updating guys on all this on my Instagram so I don't have to dedicate a whole nother youtube video to it although maybe I will look one way down the line when I have a lot more data gathered from the spot so this last like one minute of video is just a quick channel update I had a lot of questions come up on that Instagram poll I put up asking Throwbot names that weren't robot names but actually questions regarding the channels so but now a quick channel update there's been some people asking about me not making as many drop shipping videos and the reason why I've been making videos exploring other topics isn't because I don't believe or do drop shipping anymore I have running stores as of right now I just don't want to repeat the same thing over and over again I have a full on course and a bunch of videos on drop shipping on the channel so at this point I would just be saying the same thing over and over again I'll still probably make some drop shipping videos if I have a new discovery or something interesting but if I just only snuck to drop shipping content I feel like things would get stale pretty quickly but on the flip side I know I've been making a lot of forex videos I'm not like a forex guru channel now I just thought this was an interesting concept to explore and you guys seem to vibe with it but thank you so much for all the support on this channel lately we've been growing pretty rapidly so I figured I should give this little update to all the new subscribers welcome to the family on YouTube right and to the og day one subscribers appreciation but yeah we're gonna continue diving into money making business related schemes and more the rental property fixer-upper final reveal is coming pretty soon here I'm so happy to show you guys that update I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I feel like trying some new video ideas and concepts would be pretty nice in the future so if you guys want me to test something out drop it in the comments please and also please have a great rest of your day peace [Music]