Dayton Shooters Obit Calls Him Kind and Funny

he's the 24 year old who opened fire at a bar in Dayton Ohio killing nine people before being shot dead by police now his family is remembering him in an online obituary but what is raising eyebrows is the fact that there is no mention of the massacre the Dayton mass killer funny articulate intelligent a kind smile who would describe him that way Connor Betts parents dead in a glowing obituary just published on the funeral homes website there's also a gallery of family photos showing Betts as a baby no mention is made of Betts role in the slaughter of nine people last week it only says that he passed away on Sunday August 4th the obituary boasts that he was an avid reader who read Harry Potter before entering first grade there are some people who were concerned it was almost like glorifying the shooter today the best family made the decision to take down Connors obituary [Music] you [Music]