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[Music] [Applause] [Music] using people the way that you do wasn't trying to use you please please what you might get away with this with other women but not with me I'm gonna make your life a living hell you've no idea he's threatening me it's not a threat [Music] so what's good here I just get tea but ginger pairs my favorite then another stance large ginger pair tea please any what make that two yeah thanks no wait did you just done more have a nice day oh it's really nice I don't know if you do yoga but this is good for free class the website has the schedule and everything that you need thank you miss you Jessa yeah my friends call me Jess well I've never done yoga but hey I'll give it a shot Thank You spirit hey have a nice day [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] hey did you make it home okay yes how about you take back to Seattle okay see the sound was nice seeing you you too [Music] your son looks so much like you by the way [Music] - a meeting chat later Hey heard you were back yeah I got delayed had to get some work done well I've got some for you Milton's on the line Shipman was a day late threatening to pull the account I'll take it he's lying - hey yelled at me [Music] Belton hey Gary here [Music] [Laughter] not only sir mr. garrison Emerson mmm how many drinks did it take for what to get up the nerve to come over here and talk to me but avoiding me like basically all night no I just didn't wanna be slapped I guess come on [Music] have you been past 20 years of treated you well you know I can't complain well good tell me work kids love life all three right here what you mean you you made these yeah purses tablet cases cosmetic bags we launched the company about eight years ago across the country and three pretty high-end retail chains so it's been good Wow Wow congratulations I'm impressed I shouldn't be though I always knew you'd be successful when you want something nothing stops you from going after [Music] don't always get everything I want though [Music] what about you did you become a big-time prosecutor no after two years of law school I realized that I hated the idea of practicing law so long story boring I started a transportation company with a friend six trucks 300 runs a year it sounds interesting what else haha wife kids how's your mom Oh mom passed away in 2011 Lou Gehrig's disease I'm so sorry thanks but I did get married 19 years now we have two kids boy he was 16 and a girl going on 18 Wow a family man huh I never would have guessed that I want to off what happened back then which part exactly [Music] yeah okay I've deserved that no seriously I I wasn't mature enough to handle a long-distance relationship to mine you don't have to justify anything with me I do I mean I want to I thought about you a lot over the last 20 years and always felt bad about how we ended how we ended or that we ended at all [Music] give me some sleeping pills to take um okay why madam so I can sleep in till my Antony returns was that right yes and then he says you think about him too much and then you say that's treason yes you've got it honey yeah okay it's just tougher on the day uh let's uh let's keep going I miss you house reunion good better tourney he's studying it bends which means they're probably just playing video games but you know it's true I know a real quick Cleopatra from the top give me some sleeping tough to take [Music] [Laughter] [Music] why are you showing me this again because it's due on the 15th that's three weeks if we don't make this payment then she loses her spot and it's too late for her to get in anywhere else we've had this conversation I told you I'm working on it you said that four months ago I was working on it then too we can't wait to the last minute to come up with a plan B I had to pull money from savings again just to cover for sex follow up tomorrow with the orthodontist I said I would take care of it Karissa won't lose her spot at D you I promise [Music] [Music] I haven't thought about that in forever that's because you're trying to forget oh my goodness I remember I took about three hours until I figured out you'd actually never been camping before tried to fool me and then that park ranger came out and told us it was a restricted area oh who could forget that 280 square miles of available campground and you picked the site of not three not four but five bear attacks no you must have thought I was a complete idiot oh never I was so blinded by love I thought everything that you did was perfect far from obviously your wife Jennifer's gentleman up yes yes she is a lucky girl I don't know how she managed to snag or [Music] let's say when I get home thinks she's gonna be asking for a divorce really yeah it's been rough for a while now why it's a complicated hmm what isn't yeah I just I mean I don't know if I've been able to give her the life she wanted you know why doesn't she work [Music] well she was young when we had Karissa [Music] couldn't afford a babysitter so she stayed home you know Zack came along yeah I mean she's smart she's got a she's got a degree and all but she's been out of work first for so long that even if she went back she'd be making entry level wages it's not worth it really I mean she teaches yoga and that pays a little but I mean that's nice little time you know I think sometimes people just grow apart there's not really one thing or persons and to blame [Music] you I have met a lot of guys since you but none like you even though I screwed you over oh please forgave that a long time ago besides you knew your loss [Music] should we take this conversation back to my room [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] it's great for corners thanks for coming hi say you just have to check it out yeah reschedule sets beginners and I'm not no I'm a little bit nervous but please don't even worry everybody goes at their own pace and I'll just be right here if you need any help okay great just set up here anyway yeah you can set up here grab a couple blocks and maybe a strap okay great keep the back foot grounded warrior one is about steadiness [Music] and breathe reach through the fingers exhale push off your back foot come to the top of your bat to Tadasana close your eyes hands at your sides take a cleansing breath [Music] [Music] what do you got for me hope you've had your morning coffee bad news gas prices are going up again thanks sunshine anytime [Music] [Music] sure so tell me more about your kids well um [Music] Zack he he's a dynamite athlete he first loved his soccer swimming charissa she's really into acting right now she's playing Cleopatra tomorrow night in her school play that's fantastic I always wanted kids this wasn't in the cards for me well thirty eight isn't too late to start it's one of Jesse's friends just had our first child at the age of 40 well but you've got to find someone that you'd want to be the father first [Music] excuse me [Music] thank you so much for lunch it was he's really was great catching up with you again yeah well can I walk you to your car no no really glad you did this [Music] well have a safe trip back to Seattle thank you yes and you enjoy your daughter's play [Music] there you go yeah I thought that was a nice for a long lunch what you mean well just left lipstick on your collar that was Jess are you holding out on me buddy who is she she's no one just a friend from high school she gave me a hug not funny walls just gonna go ballistic [Music] good work awesome okay I need you to package up an overnight one of these shale chic bags so potential new client [Music] five I've addressed to Carissa Emerson and include a card that says Gary for Karissa I hope she likes it congratulations on being in Cleopatra Congrats on being Cleopatra got it sign-off big hugs Valerie unless that make sure it gets there tomorrow okay okay well do Zack you better turn that time it's gonna burn yeah sorry why don't you call Ben back later [Music] hey guys there's something wrong I just got something stuck in mine I gotta get it out it's a different thing it's too [Music] [Music] [Music] hey guys thank water that running behind yeah I am I also have a late meeting so I'll just meet you at school enjoy you did school guys thanks but okay I'm running to the dry cleaners today do you got anything for me what you don't think I know I'm aware of our financial situation we have to generate more income we will give you the money if I had it right my ex he squeezes me out of every dime I understand I just got to find a way I'm not going to let her down we'll figure it out we always do we've got that meeting next week with Hayden maybe he's our golden ticket Oh Oh God I'm gonna be late for a play all right I'll close up shop [Music] ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for being here tonight [Music] and enjoy Anthony and Cleopatra [Music] hey sorry might want to pick up some flowers for a croissant doesn't read remember hear them Anthony folio perchance is angry or who knows the scarce if this if this scares bearded Caesar have not sent his careful mandate a Caesar have not sent his is powerful mandate do this or this take that Kingdom and enfranchise it perform it or we will damn thee it wasn't that bad sweetie and you were covered well I doubt anyone even noticed it was the opening line of the play mom know everybody who's up for my role there you're gonna think that they should have gotten and that they were right no it was just the first night in tomorrow will go more smoothly even actors on Broadway have trouble with this [Music] [Music] what is it is this one for me [Music] who's that from I don't know Valery designs and Seattle gallery designs see how to Washington Gary Gary for Karissa she hopes she likes it tell her congrats on being Cleopatra oh my gosh this is gonna be like like $500 so I gotta go tell Sarah great this from your ex Valerie I hardly call her next you said you guys dated for a year and a half in high school she had the reunion yeah she designs purses now we talked briefly she offered to send a gift for Chris I completely forgot about it and tell no thanks that's just how she talks she important to mention to me that you saw your ex when we talked about the reunion it wasn't a big deal we talked for five minutes too fat is this why you didn't want me to go to the reunion of course not you didn't come because it costs 500 bucks for a plane ticket besides I didn't even know she was gonna be there [Music] I'd like to see what she looks like [Music] what's your passcode again what is your deal you can't possibly be jealous of somebody I dated 20 years ago are you trying to stop me from seeing what she looks like they're heavy [Music] Gary I've met her I doubt it she's been in Seattle for the last ten years no this was recently it's pretty unlikely no Gary I've seen her I don't see how [Music] what are you doing what don't you want me to see I'm not hiding anything Jess if you can't trust me well can I trust you I love you and I'm gonna do whatever it takes to work through this I mean financially things are tough right now but you and I have been through tough and we stayed strong where do we start I don't know [Laughter] it's counseling yes yes find the therapist make an appointment and I'll go it's expensive I don't care will manage and I want you to take the credit card and go get your hair done tomorrow at the salon because I want to take you up to dinner just just you and me right I'll make the reservation be ready to go at 7:00 are you sure yeah you're the most important thing to me and I want to make sure that you know that let me start by taking you out on a date [Music] now on everything changes I'm gonna be the husband that you need me to be I can't promise that some nights I might have to work late and stuff but [Laughter] we try to do things different [Music] okay [Music] [Music] I've extended my trip I'm so bored in my hotel room why'd you come over I could use some company oh you're stunning [Music] I want to but I can't [Laughter] which I understand maybe next time a motel [Music] [Music] should we take those conversations my room I can't you just said that she wanted to divorce yeah and tell them I'm not married [Music] look I'm not here to ruin anyone's relationship but I'm also not gonna say that I don't think we'd make an amazing couple we did back then like I do without anyway if you if you ever want to talk no from here [Music] I'm here for you too [Music] I should go back inside [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] Valarie hold on I don't think you're understanding me tell me what I'm not understanding Gary doing what what the photos yes why you didn't like them [Music] I told you I'm married fine got it no look a christen love the purse but I'm it's just not appropriate for you to be sending things to my family without my permission I don't need your permission for anything I'm just asking you as a friend please stop sending things how many times a day have you looked at those photos 10 times if you imagine what it'd be like lying next to me I just don't think it's fair that you're insinuating that you're some sort of amazing husband and I'm some seductress trying to wreck your happy home we both know you were having problems in your marriage before the reunion and you kissed me remember you're right I'm sorry that night in Kansas City I I was in a really bad place I was drunk and I made a mistake I never should have told you all that personal stuff about Jeff and I and I never should have kissed you it was selfish and the truth is that I really want to make my marriage work and I just don't think it's a good idea that you and I communicate okay let me get this straight you approached me at the bar you bought me a drink you went on and on about how crappy your marriage is and how you've thought about me all these years then you kissed me you brought me to lunch I guarantee you didn't delete suddenly I'm not good enough to be friends with anymore hang on a second morning Gary I get why you're angry and I don't blame you hey I led you on it was wrong one of the many things I've screwed up in my life it's all me there's nothing to do with you and I can't say I'm sorry enough just don't blame me for something that isn't my fault I know it feels that way but I just have to focus on my marriage right now and it's harder to do that with you in the picture Gary there's no reason that two adults can't be friends look I promise I'm not gonna send you any more pictures okay just you cut me out of your life once before don't do it again I'm at work My partner needs to talk to me so I've got to go Gary yeah [Music] hi this is Jess Emerson did my husband Gary bring in a shirt yesterday or today for cleaning yes Gary Emerson oh and also can you let me know if there was anything wrong with it when he brought him hi okay yes I'd like to see what your name Valerie's Tinnell it's regarding opening a new account [Laughter] [Music] so he did bringing it okay no no that's fine if it's not ready to get picked up yet what sir the lipstick stain shouldn't be a problem you know [Music] [Laughter] hey honey took on your shirt [Music] what do you mean you know what I mean I just got off the phone with it's not what you think please don't be upset jump to conclusions well I think this is gonna be a bright future for both do I think it's gonna be there's something I gotta take care of so I'll call you back in a little bit and I'll explain everything okay I love you love you too this is gonna be great I look forward to working with you I will get you the shipping contracts by the end of the day okay wonderful thank you bye [Music] hey I told you not to communicate with me and you show up my office I'm just your honest I don't want your business I really don't think you're in a position to determine again [Music] we can't turn down this account what are you thinking she never should have contacted you trust me we don't want her as a client why not she's my ex Walt ever since I saw her at the Reunion she's been trying to break up my marriage sending me nude photos and gifts to my daughter I want her out of my life don't you realize it if we don't get this account I'm gonna have to let drivers go and me I'll run interference she calls him Vivian will give me the call you don't even have to talk to her but we're not turning down this account we have to have it if we don't have what we're gonna go under [Music] so whose lipstick was it who's Valerie's what it was no big deal we had lunch I gave her a hug at the end of it wait you had lunch with her here I didn't want to tell you because I knew you'd be upset so seeing her at the Reunion wasn't enough no no she wanted us to do all their shipping so she's your client now no I told her today I don't want her account why because I can already tell that she's gonna be a nightmare high-maintenance demanding I mean it's not worth it so you turned down a new account because I we need money for Chris's tuition okay please two minutes ago you were upset when you thought she was my client and now you're upset because she's not okay I'm just trying to understand what's going on because first you lie about seeing her at the Reunion right a high the lipstick that she got on your shirt and now after you've been dying for new accounts she's too high-maintenance something is not adding up I don't know what what to say because that's the truth [Music] come on Jess come on you don't want to bail on our date do you good [Music] we should get going [Laughter] thank you thank you very much this menu was amazing I'm gonna have a hard time deciding [Music] I'm glad we did this me too you look of really really great tonight [Music] I'll take a Cosmo please chef it's part of the thing I'm busy Zack come on I don't know what's going on but somebody changed my password and I didn't do it what's your password here let me just put it in I don't I don't want you to have my password forget it it's Cleopatra really I'll say I knew you're gonna be a jerk hold up let me sign out dad [Music] it's gonna be really up to me actually I can choose the front room or I can choose the back room okay and then they're even gonna consider letting me put in a window if I think the light will be better I'm petting him the time of day of most of your classes yes fantastic yeah no we're calls might be one the kids [Music] it's Walter I'll call him back later [Music] but remain you know I found a therapist and they can get us in next week of course yeah [Music] is that just one of the drivers I told him to text being winning picked up a load so tell me again about Stewie [Music] why are you sending new photos to my father who is this sack Emerson Gary son how do you know my father more ex-lovers and we sort of rekindled things of the reunion [Music] [Music] it's bad and then there's the one I don't even want to tell you but you know that was good I like that it's late okay you talk easy mom please working and then somebody tried to cheat my password and I I don't really know what's going on good night everything go okay fine something wrong nope all right well then good night hey Dad can I talk to you for a sec yeah sure honey it's up [Music] seriously something wrong kiddo he's screwing around a mom what why would you ask that because I saw the pictures Valerie sent you and the messages how could you her mom like that I never intended to hurt anyone I haven't cheated on your mother it's for those pictures Valerie is she's an ex who wants to be with me but I don't want to be with her no she said you do what I messaged her she said you two hooked up in Kansas City eat your little reunion thing no no that's not true she's lying does mom know about the pictures No look [Music] I should have told her and I'm not gonna ask you to keep it a secret your mother deserves to know what I'm gonna tell her right now [Music] her son saw these it all makes perfect sense now is sure to lunch no this is exactly why I didn't want her resume my truth Gary did you sleep with her no I swear on my life all I did was my kisser oh no not at all no please this is how you want to fix the problems in our marriage by screwing around with your ex no wonder you were so adamant about going to the reunion I told you I didn't even know she was gonna be there when I left for Kansas City I didn't even know you were gonna be here when I got back you're blaming me no of course not but I just wanted you to know where my mind was we were talking old times and drinking I don't want to hear any more oh you don't mean that yes I do you know tonight for the first time in years I remembered why I fell in love with you you were the Giri that I remember in college the one that made me laugh and I could talk to you for hours mmm push it or not you were a liar and a cheater and our son saw these before I did and you sit there tonight and look me in the eye when you told another woman all about our problems you okay for sympathy you understand this I understand that a marriage is between two people I would never wind to an ex about all the ways that you disappoint me [Music] I'm sorry for all of it [Music] I meant it when I said I wanted to work on us [Music] just get out [Music] calm down please give death another chance is only temporary you can reach me anytime you want myself dad cheated on mom I didn't cheat Gary I think it's better if you just go for now Kirsten this is not what you think it is don't yell at him you don't know everything did you do more than you okay please please stop this is not helping anyone [Music] let him leave your mom's right this is best for now [Music] I'm sorry look what's happening to our family I didn't mean for any of this but here we are my kids are devastated okay I will [Music] I think you should just go [Music] I love you [Music] [Music] [Music] winner takes all [Music] while you might be hungry Valerie what are you doing here just trying to help you through a rough night yes that's what I'm trying to do father do you know what would be here did you follow me maybe we should be having this conversation out here in the hallway [Music] assuming you still like orange chicken used to be your favorite why on earth would you lie to my son and tell him we're having an affair aren't we No now even if we were what kind of a person brings kids into it like that your son messaged me about photos that he found that obviously you hadn't deleted I I didn't reach out to him you can't blame me for that cut the crap Valerie first the pictures and then sending my daughter a gift without my permission now communicating with my son what what's the ending what is this supposed to make me leave Jess and run to you turf options with Jess tormented Emily just thank you maybe you should consider alternatives there's something wrong with you I told you to leave me and my family alone but you said that when you were in denial when you thought that jess was still wanting to be with you I mean I could see this coming a mile away even if you couldn't just has nothing to do with this regardless of what happens between her and I I don't want to be with you I want you out of my life I don't believe that that's true I think that you were just you could just stress about everything that happened tonight that's all the only carry huh the one from the reunion I was so open and vulnerable and honest where is he can we find him again let's talk about all the ways that your wife hurt you only she didn't respect you the way that you deserve Valerie stop I just want you to think about yourself for once think about what you want tomorrow you can go back to living for everybody else but Gary tonight you deserve to be happy too no no I just I can't how did I get here with you with I want you to leave now I meant what I said leave me and my family alone why are you doing this to me doing this to you let me be very clear you're gonna walk out that door and you and I are never going to see each other again we're never gonna talk texts are communicating anyway you're gonna go on with your life and I'm gonna go on with mine do you understand [Music] calm down people like that what's trying to use Valerie please please what please crazy don't get emotional don't tell your wife about this how do you think she feel on you they should be all calm and cool you think she did really your pathetic ass not gonna hurt bet again we could find out I understand you're hurt and I don't blame you but there's no need to bring her into this and hurt her as well I'm the one you're mad at damn right you are you might get away with this with other women but not with me I'm gonna make your life a living hell you have no idea he's writing me it's not a threat get out get out [Music] [Music] [Music] house so just a wallet keys and cellphone yeah anything else missing no the only thing I had was my clothes and they're still here miss Carson here yeah it's in the lot we'll be in touch thank you [Music] he couldn't find that spare anywhere damn it this is all the cash and I have figure out the rest I gotta go please wait you need to know what happened last night [Music] so then I woke up in the morning my wallet and keys were missing so you let her into your hotel room yeah I just thought if I could talk to Rick and convince her to stop interfering in our lives do you know how ridiculous that sounds I didn't invite her in to sleep with her and what if you believe me or not point is is that she has a key to her house I was able to cancel the credit cards but we gotta get the locks changed okay today [Laughter] [Music] [Music] okay fine I'll meet them at the house as soon as I'm done with class you have class today yeah I'm subbing for another teacher [Music] you created this mess Gary you figure it out yeah just just drop me off a home I'll take care of it [Music] [Music] how quickly can I get a locksmith to the house great thanks [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] Miriam indeed [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] yeah yes thank you for getting here so quickly mana yeah boss he's almost done just telling my be 15 minutes late [Music] you needed five right yes exactly thank you take care all right [Music] hi mrs. Jetson so sorry to have missed you please leave a message another beautiful day hey hon I am throwing the old spare key away putting the new keys on the counter I also keep one for you out by the orange planner by the front door I hope you're funny [Music] [Laughter] [Music] and you know turkey no can I help you yeah I need to order a taxi please no where are you calling from 1821 Darcy light Los Angeles nine zero zero four five yeah I'm headed in my office downtown [Music] [Music] [Music] they're almost done [Laughter] [Music] [Music] well I appreciate you coming down and touring the facility we love the opportunity to show you everything and we just want to earn your business they respect it looks good thanks Don appreciate it appreciate your time have a safe trip Oh Carrie there pretty lady family with that box on the counter there for you [Music] [Laughter] [Music] sorry for everything I she realized she was acting like a psycho and had a change of heart somehow I don't think so it was probably more nude photos on my phone god knows what [Music] big ball [Music] [Music] I don't want to talk to him I know that you're mad but he loves you well I don't love him not after what he did to you honey I'm upset too what he did hurt me but you can do it to you and you can't let your relationship with him be affected by Mari yes I can please you should call him fine fine [Music] [Laughter] [Music] voicemail yeah P I know he always answers the phone from you what's your passcode Zack Zack oh yeah it's a little longer oh hey can you keep that open please it's really hot in here okay but just don't forget to close it and lock it before you bit of it what's wrong still upset about your dad no such as that is everything I feel like everything is falling apart you're just going through a tough time right now but we'll get through it I suppose I'll be super back before all this before what a stupid reunion [Music] me too [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] long [Music] sorry to sleep [Music] I just want to know if you're gonna let him come back I mean he made a mistake he feels bad I know honey I just need some time everything is gonna be alright just get some sleep okay [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh [Music] sorry it's on my desk but I think is dead we go to Chris's room [Music] please [Music] please don't hurt amita Gary should have thought of that before he used me okay [Music] you take him for all of this why [Music] [Music] but I'm sorry that he hurt you what I met you that day happy I thought you're really something special that I was gonna be jealous [Music] on answer come on [Music] there's an intruder in our house and my sisters been stabbed okay I need you to call 9-1-1 and into the cops and ma ma it's my house right now please just listen to me call 9-1-1 right now flick I'll tell you what to say this is not a joke yeah yeah my name is Ben but I'm calling from our presence at Emerson he says he needs the police name this into his house right away yeah yeah no he needs it right away please last chance to open the door [Music] come on [Music] 18:21 Darcy Blaine tell them to hurry please [Music] she's hurt pretty bad police and ambulance are on their way though okay you just see there we'll take care of this [Music] you know look at you good you stay away from my family [Music] [Music] you okay cheeky okay but Cruces are pretty bad you stay with your husband [Music] okay I'm gonna go coffee no is that good you did that they're on their way [Music] it's gone pressure on it state your okay I love you okay yeah stay here with the girls okay [Music] [Laughter] [Music] puppet what have you done Valerie this is about what you've done [Music] give me the knife [Music] so you feel about what you've done to your family huh you ruin your marriage like that's impressive no I don't think I was [Music] now can we escape this [Music] no plans to scheme [Music] she's in there [Music] I need you to come out of there right now I'm a DJ the better the rest down now [Music] yeah well the new place is a pontoon so yeah we're gonna have a pool party and a barbecue to be really fun yeah okay well I gotta go I should probably go okay yeah just set those down right there I've you to cleaned out your bathroom you are helping me right now let's gotta we're at that load what do you think I hope we love the new house as much as we like this one it's hard to say by rinaldin birthday parties and holidays it's time for a new beginning [Music] you're right it is