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[Music] what's going on she's into panic failure medical history uh Hep C meth addiction and she's been trying to get clean okay what happened we're gonna take room once that easy easy there we go Alice you hear me let's get those fools going [Music] let's get those bullets going their paws [Music] where [Music] [Applause] Oh Alice [Music] [Music] you're gonna be okay [Music] hi hi hey you hi do you mind we're celebrating great what are we celebrating Oh this quick clever hey you know what you should write a copy thank you whiskey top-shelf me dammit you look great smoothie you know like stop it could you maybe for once your life just look like craps I don't always have to look like the before picture sweetie if I had been through what you've been through seriously you look great fine here's to putting everything [Music] hi I'm calling about the room for rent [Music] [Music] hi dr. Thomas and I'm Nicole we spoken I'm sorry excuse me I meant to take that ad down months ago I don't want another roommate I'm sorry I disappointed you just spoke about this I know and you sounded very nice on the phone but I just didn't want to disappoint you if this can wait sister you just let me drive all the way over here I'm very sorry what are you okay I'm fine let me get your water [Music] thank you my doctor said I would still feel a little fatigue radiation yeah well I have to be out of my apartment by the weekend so better keep looking do you still want to see the room sure [Music] you are welcome to change the decor all most of my stuff will be in storage anyway I like it it's homey well I wanted to feel that home oh is that another tenant no it's um just a place that he can use for storage it's just you and I you want a cup of tea sure so funds are a little tight at the moment matt'll could that completely wipe me out but I can give you first and last I'm waiting on a settlement check and it should be here any day now and then money won't be an issue in fact I'll probably get my own place again after that I'm guessing we're both looking at this as a short-term thing settlement my doctor amidst the cancer so what kind of Medicine do you practice I'm retired really yeah you do not look old enough to be retired yeah well there are some other reasons are you working any place right now no I was but I had to take too much time off for the radiation so they let me go I have other references though it's not that what then what is wrong with this world why don't people help one another anymore is that what made you change your mind yes you're going through so much and all you need is someone to give you a break thank you what are you doing in here are you alright I heard you crying what Oh I'm sorry I must have been dreaming today and mitigate something no no I'm okay thank you okay I'm so sorry if I woke you oh no it's no problem remember I'm just right down the hall [Music] Thank You Maria no problem see you next week mrs. Thomason huh well good morning or should I say good afternoon you know what I want to show you something before you go have your coffee yeah I want to show you where the spare key is oh it's right there just in case you get locked out or you lose your kids that's very kind of you dr. Thompson thank you please call me Julie do it I'm lesson that I've had to use that on occasion you okay okay hey Thanks and you've got some other stuff too you could come by you could want I should come by sometime [Music] my ex Kyle it kept some my stuff over at his place it's a bad breakup okay so you can say that did he hit you what no God no no nothing nothing like that okay we leave to hear that it's just men can be so unpredictable have you seen doubt Navi know what I've always wanted to I am on the second season it is divine come on up here and now uh it's y'all think you gonna really like it it's at 12 noon I could have rescheduled the meeting so you can't make it you know I can't maybe I can reschedule the meeting no you know what don't don't worry about it it's my fault I didn't tell you I'll just call you about it later you call I hello dead battery my appointments at noon let me take you no no heed your your busy nonsense I can take you [Music] what is it about one who's gonna come with me [Music] [Music] so how's the redness it's a lot better and the fatigue I'm definitely getting my energy back but I'm still having a little bit of trouble sleeping at night it it looks like I can't refill that prescription for another seven days have you been taking it as directed mm-hmm then you should have plenty to last avoid caffeine late in the day and no sugar at night but the radiation went well right well it's much too soon to be definitive it's a complex process which I don't expect you to understand excuse me dr. pen sir I'm sorry I'm sure Nicole is happy to hear about your expertise mrs. dr. Thomason we as doctors we look at charts and statistics and we forget that there is a person behind all that data and she's sitting right here fighting cancer means victory in every stage she's just finished radiation and already her side-effects are subsided she deserves peace of mind knowing that she's on the right course and so do you you're helping your patient beat cancer two surviving chairs this lasagnas delicious mmm thank you it's my grandmother's recipe delicious oh I forgot to call Lauren phone should be banned at the dinner table oh I'm sorry no it's not just you I see that parks restaurants everybody's just staring at their phones nobody's actually connecting you are a hundred percent right I can't argue with that what attracted you to Kyle oh um he was cute sweet exciting where was it during your cancer treatment you get sick and TVs it's complicated mmm first sign of trouble they're always gone you know Kyle's really trying to work things out sure when the worst is behind you when Emily got sick do you think my ex-husband was there just here Emily yeah I doubt her my ex has a shiny new family now I'm really sorry is Emily okay now man is so despicable I think you can do better than God what some tea turn [Music] [Music] [Music] yes take a long bath and I need you to rest [Music] hey hey I'm sorry if I woke you up last night oh no not at all it's my friend Patricia I had to talk her off the ledge she's a bit dramatic she's this great little antique shop assistant just quit unexpectedly so she's been scrambling around trying to do everything herself oh well that's too bad yeah I mean if you asked Patricia it's the end of the world well I mean I guess you can feel that way in the moment anyway first of all problems did you need a part-time job uh just until your settlement comes in yeah sure what did you have in mind oh you mean Patricia two birds one stone yeah yeah that would be great thank you [Music] you ready to go yeah um there was a guy he ran outside have you noticed my nose little stain sign no it worked I I wanted to tell you something okay my daughter Emily died oh my god Julie I'm sorry yeah it was three years ago and she was only 22 I'm so sorry are you asked yesterday and I should have told you no I understand come on let's go get you a picture hello oh hi you must be Nicole just so nice to meet you thank you so much for doing this girl thank you you're getting me out of a tight spot I just love it when things come together mm-hmm lovely place such great pieces don't yeah I mean Patricia has excellent taste especially in France glad I could make this happen don't screw it up huh uh-huh she loves her little joke how long have you two been friends mine forever it seems like yeah I had one of those too you know where all the bodies are buried so put me to work [Music] you know I've always been curious about well since Julie retired and please don't tell her I asked this what does she do all day [Music] [Music] huh finally yes I know right Oh Oh Kyle asked me to bring this for you well he said you won't go so long oh uh this is Julie hi Oh Lauren may not meet you my hands are full I'm glad you could finally make it I was beginning to think her loose I'm gonna let you two catch up Oh would you need help with that no I got it you know I can see why Nicole has been raving about your house it is absolutely gorgeous do you want to see the house yes this is it cute I like it a teddy bear it was already there mmm Trey adorab jealous I mean she is a little icy no Julie she's great if she's a doctor they all have that air about them ah that's what it is I have a place to live in a job you're terrible maybe used to connect geez you know what she put a hide-a-key there for it okay so to get locked out oh how sweet honestly I think she just likes looking after people she lost her daughter four years ago oh really all right I'll shut up now so Saturday yes dinner done okay [Music] don't well I think that's it cool if I left anything just climb up to your second-story with it Romeo stop you should have moved in oh he's deputies right yeah are they yours always Kyle I'm sorry [Music] [Music] do you really want me to stop me [Music] please have to go I love you [Music] [Music] oh no sorry I just spilled it a little bit oh I'm sorry they make it too darn hot don't they hey Nicole left this at work I thought you might need it oh I'll give it to her okay just gonna say hi guys about to have a glass of wine join me wow it's a little early I'm driving good point I've never known you to hold your liquor I will have a glass or two good for you fatty I trust nicole is working out well oh she's a gem I can't thank you enough you know she's a lot younger than Alice I can't imagine Nicole staying for long what did you tell Nicole about Alice nothing I miss anything I swear [Music] [Music] thank you oh sorry oops sorry poor Henry can't afford or doctor's appointment ends is pain medication it all adds up so quickly yeah if you ever need anything you just let me know you are a born caregiver you like them beautiful oh I have something for you hmm the first round afforded male oh great no settlement check it maybe next round oh my friend Anastasia had her baby a little girl uh-huh oh this is always fun what is that my coworker for my old job shall we so this huge party every fall damn it was last week whoo that's too bad I really could use it a night out you know me too I don't wait okay let's do it [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh thank you so much for coming out with me tonight I haven't done this in months never get lonely I did I did but not anymore God my apartment ramp I hated my neighbors they were so locked up I hated everything about it your home [Music] you guys need to catch up three right now oh oh darn I forgot my ID worry about it there's no here's your martinis hot sure I'm in a great mood so happy for you oh come on fun all right [Music] [Music] I can't wait to see your shop uh Nicole Tommy is so lovely oh please come I'll give you the friends and family just happen good [Music] so do they like I want you to take a look at all these beautiful women but no one quite like you very serious remember thank you that's why it's just um a little strange the lorry thinks she's too good for you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] this myth has changed you sorry hi I really shouldn't be in here I was she coulda known my Emily did she came back home and she got sick her boyfriend dumped her she had Fairweather friends I think she finally realized that her mother's the only person she could count on finally we bond is I took care of her and then when my Emily died something inside you just broke and I quit medicine how could I save lives when I couldn't save my own daughters I'm sorry nobody else oh I have this for you [Music] I should probably go get ready Kyle's picking me up soon boy is Nicole here I'm expecting there any minute mind if I stick around what it matter if I did Oh beautiful day did I see you throw a drink in a man's face I don't know what you're talking about you saying my eyes are playing tricks on me well that can happen when you've had a dozen whiskey's you're very protective of Nicole aren't you a little too protective when you say I'd kill anyone who hurt Nicole [Music] hi hey expect to see you here yeah I just thought I would stop on in and see what you're doing tonight maybe we can head up the tavern later I think we were actually just planning on saying tonight oh we work huh don't be weird yeah it's me that's the weird one how you'd a really nice day dinner this week for sure okay did you have a good day I did I'm glad that we got to spend some time together I think they're screwing what I mean just the vibe I get I may be wrong no no no they're they're just friends maybe that's one I know that you don't like Kyle or Lauren for that matter but there's something you need to know when I heard the word cancer it was like the Florida she dropped from under me Kyle couldn't handle it scared the hell out of him and I don't I don't really know that it's fair to blame him for that we hadn't been together for very long and here I was suddenly throwing life or death at him he completely shut down and when that happened I stopped talking to Lauren that's just I'm so scared to just count on anyone again that I shut her out I figured it would be safer to just face it all on my own you need to stop that talk right now I feel like you think the words of her and the truth is I'm actually the one who hasn't been a very good person no I always thought my husband was the strongest kindest man in the world and then when I daughter got sick he showed his true colors yeah but Lauren wanted to be there for me yeah but she would have let you down when the hard part started they always do they leave you're gonna catch up another episode of Downton Abbey I don't feel you I'm gonna get you something I just want to be alone okay [Music] obviously we can play this one or we can just flip it on and full 180 so on Thursday you have to bring us we'll print it out and we'll do a total oh absolutely some people have all the fun hey hi well believe it or not this is a job interview yes very formal well the other day I told Kyle about an opening in my department it's entry-level but yeah but it would be nice for me to get my foot in the door next level great I thought we were having lunch today what makes you think we're not please crowd I'll see you later I'll have HR reach out to you see it so what was so funny Oh Kyle did a mock-up as a tryout which is great and then he did a parody of that which was hilarious well you know Kyle mm-hmm by the way hmm I googled Julie what why you didn't know there was something very off about that woman okay so you guys don't like each other I asked her something and I think she lied right to my face you think well I'm not 100% sure what I saw but it sounds like a smoking gun to me fine did you find so divorced from James Thomason contractor who lives in Anaheim graduated Harvard Medical School was the prime suspect in a string of grisly murders what yeah Lauren that's what it says right there no stop it okay fine everything but the last part obviously but the truth is I couldn't find anything bad about her of course not she's great maybe she's just really discrete she don't have a face mine does she you know what I can't with you no but I'm serious I think that woman has a screw loose and she's got a major girl crush on you okay enough I'm just saying be careful okay that's all hungry please don't ever go into my room when I'm not home what are you talking about I would never violate your space like that well somebody did it wasn't me I promise you know what Maria was cleaning today I will tell her to be more careful put things back where they belong but I have to say and I'll tell you this in the strictest confidence I think she's stealing from me what yeah I found a page missing from my prescription pad I don't know I mean maybe I counted wrong forget I said anything that's Kyle I like the room what's that nothing come here [Music] I remember [Music] Mack I what are we even doing here Kyle you really hurt me I screwed up I should have been there I know it sucks the whole thing freaked me out so you shut down on me I was a coward I swear listen to me Nicole I don't spend the rest of my life making it up to you I'm tired Kyle physically mentally you don't know what it's like to lose everything to wonder whether you're gonna live or die to have the person in your life let you down when you need him the most [Music] in here you're gonna have to learn to forgive me if you want to move forward I [Music] just I think I need more time what I'm joining out [Music] welcome to TAS time how can I please what do you want did you talk get out I'm not here to hurt you my name is Benjamin Keane get out I need to talk to you about my sister Alice whoo it's about how she died what are you talking about you're not safe in that house I call honey what are we doing with his offices was that all about so any malice Alice you know her hello Benjamin you won't get away with it I know what you did you are a broken record aren't you you killed her we both know the truth Alice died of an overdose liar I couldn't stop her destructive choices Benjamin you made her sick addiction is there and you know this for personal experience they're called bitch I warned your new roommate hmm grief is tricky lash out blame the wrong people I'm getting Alice's body exhumed do we need to do to cope with the loss you're wastin your time addiction kilter but it could kill you [Music] he blames me for Alice's death and he's the one who got her hooked on drugs mean her own brother he would show up here from time to time probably to score some meth and I kept her far far away from him I was the only person she could count on when she moved in last year we just bonded so quickly she has this beautiful spirit she's my roommate my best friend I thought Patricia was your best friend mmm please Trisha smelled friend there's a difference I knew that Alice was struggling with meth addiction when she moved in so I thought I could I could help her be a good influence on her and I was and one day she just slipped back into it she's been to rehab so many times it's just never been a success at this time she ducked again she begged me not to send her back begged me to help her detox I made that room into a clinic so that I could monitor her vitals and hold her hand and it worked for a while I came home and she she was unconscious and I rushed her to the hospital but it was too late yeah cops found nothing amiss and that is exactly what I told Benjamin so that's her room that I'm living in you know I had to find out from Patricia about Alice why didn't you tell me any of this when I moved in what was I supposed to say that guy was following me he scared me I didn't know that I am so sorry you really should have told me about her right best friends tell each other everything that's sort of Liz for Alice I need a minute with this I'm heading to the grocery store do you need anything no thank you hell are you trying to do to meet you are you trying to turn Nicole against me my place visually the burn so jealous of her ever since she moved in don't be ridiculous you promised you promised you would never say anything about Alice I had to that man scared that he'll had a four don't have to say anything better watch your step or you'll be very sorry [Music] Hey hi I really need to talk to you it's kind of crazy right now Nick fine whatever listen to yourself it's not like a petulant teenager are you serious right now all I needed was some advice from my best friend yeah I can it wait till after work sorry to interfere with your busy day no damn it you don't get to do that you get sick and you push me away when I want to be there for you the other day you blew me off for Julie and now you show up at my job and you expect me to be available to you when you suddenly decide that you need a friend whatever I probably shouldn't have just shown up like that people make time for what's important to them no no that wasn't fair putting her on the spot like that if you need an ear for your problems I'm here Kyle asked me to move in with him - sure [Music] and what did you tell him that I don't know oh that's no answer I really don't know sure you do see when we say I don't know we're saying I don't want to take responsibility and that is no way to live so I want you to picture a life with God and now I want you to picture a life without him which is life do you want this is new it's good isn't it it's from the gardening steps [Music] what the hell was this doing your desk what is still played um it's my settlement check I found it in your desk underneath your mail I don't know what postmarked three weeks ago clearly I put it in my mail by mistake not so clear to me so what are you saying I did this on purpose just like the party inviting get in time all right don't she has been vomiting and she's nausea shit she's in some chemo radiation family I'm with my family okay family only Hey thought that was you what are you doing here I work here are you alright dalinar paging dr. Berger hey you were looking so much better thank God blood work and x-rays came back completely normal it's rare for nausea to be a side effect of radiation but doctor said it could happen yeah cancer and cancer treatment too malevolent bitches that need to be kicked to the curb thank you for bringing me in of course listen you don't need to say anything no I do though mhm it was wrong of me to accuse you of hiding my Jackson I felt terrible that I got lost in the shuffle I kept an eye on it every day I just got thoughtless absent-minded and you didn't even ask why I was looking in your desk in the first know what and I don't want to even know I'm the one who stole the prescription it's alright no it's not I'm really really sorry well we both have been bad pros Kyle Kyle what's wrong [Music] there is a crowd Nick you know I was actually coming here to break up with you dang is that's besides the point this never happened before this shit it's the truth you made me sick both of you he's tried so hard to make it up to you and you just keep pushing him a one there you were just waiting to grab him we have a lot in common you don't need either one of us I'm sorry you screwed my boyfriend because I wouldn't share my cancer with you we've changed so much gone in totally different directions but I am still here in a coma julia was right oh my god we've changed so much is code for I've outgrown your sorry ass just admit it why are you doing this I think you're better than me you are as messed up as Julie's a smug bitch okay I am better than you okay I'm successful and ambitious and the only thing you've done right is get a settlement check from the medical malpractice happy I think you should go you didn't know that I was coming here to break up with Kyle for all you knew I was coming to tell him I was ready to move it can't believe you Benton hey Julie I was thinking that maybe I could pick up some groceries and we could whip up a nice lunch okay I know I could do that all day [Music] hi what do you want you come here yes Nicole doesn't need people like you in her life just tell her somebody please they are such a slut and a liar tell her we need to talk if you ever come here again [Music] come on kiss stay mad at me you never could you're in a good mood I am how about that I'm happy wasn't it you who said I deserve to be let me make it up to you no dinner at the palm threatened me Oh for heaven's sakes so touchy did you ever really like me but of course I did really not just some old habit that's too hard to break Oh patty-cakes I adored you my beautiful brilliant friend I was always so proud of you miss those times we had early on sure there's a part of me that will even miss what we have now come on be traumatic you threatened me you saved my store from bankruptcy and I'll never forget that so what that's it just giving up on us you always did like to win I think deep down you were trying to push me away so consider it a victory besides who needs me with the goal around oh my god you're being so junior high school right now she's Alice 2.0 where did you just say you get to relive your time with Alice you take that back now who's in junior high you know what go ahead pull the plug revoke my lease closed my store I don't care anymore I am tired of being under your thumb go and play doctor with Nicole maybe I'm wrong maybe it's your time with Emily you're trying to be xuxa [Music] [Music] you're not gonna run this room morning Patricia I got us some coffee [Music] [Music] my 400 and take her away yeah I'm so sorry had to deal with all this what the hell was she doing up on that ladder god only knows I mean that was the first thing she told me which don't ever get up on that ladder when you're alone in the store that's terrible I'm so sorry Julie you know she was her friend so tragic I'm gonna gonna go upstairs and clean up okay hey Nicole yeah maybe later we could make some dinner and catch up on a episode of Downton Abbey right Risha just died what the hell is wrong with you [Music] go into the grocery store do you need anything nope I'm good really sorry to hear about Patricia she was a good lady yeah Julie seen him it's so cold about it no Julie she bonds with people pretty intensely she feels like that bond has been broken she attaches just as intensely so I killed our marriage you left Julie yes I did and you abandoned Emily I never abandoned my daughter Julie turned Emily against me all divorced dad's say that as they're off with their new wives and shiny new families wow you sound just like Julie look I'm just I'm trying to understand her you know we've become so close enough suddenly I feel like I don't even know her you don't she kept me from seeing my own daughter when she got sick to be honest with you even sure what happened family [Music] I'm sorry [Music] you know what hey it's me I'm sorry too sorry about Julia I'm sorry about everything I wish I could change it all call me I miss you Nicole at all it's Lauren a call [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you sneaky bitch you're late I was just running some errands [Music] it's actually really good that you're here I've been wanting to talk to you about I think maybe it would be best if I moved out my checks come in neither one of us wanted this to be a long-term situation anyway I'm happy to give you a few months extra red what happens when you cancer comes back [Music] I was gonna take care of you [Applause] is this Nicole Turner yes it is this is dr. Fredericks I was there the day you came into the ER yes I'm feeling much better now I wanted to talk to you this really isn't the best time I I think you need to hear this tox screen that night it came up positive for what what's that that was my oncologist he needs me to come in right now why for a cat-scan you're a lousy liar [Music] yes you're poisoning me [Music] [Music] how are you feeling you need your rest it's a little high but don't worry my dear you are right I am a born caregiver Emily Alice you it's what I was born to be you know when Emily got better all she wanted to do was leave and I couldn't let her destroy what we had build as a mother and daughter that relationship we created the bond that we shared no one was gonna love it the way I did and you just [Music] I just needed her sick enough to make me do not fight this we are gonna have a wonderful life together here I'm gonna take really good care of you and I'm gonna keep you safe from all the lorentz in the kyles of the world and all the people who are gonna break your heart I am gonna protect you like I tried to with Emily in ours I'm gonna protect you I promise I'm not a caregiver your monster preys on the sick don't worry about anything just just a little horsey [Music] Oh [Music] you can't see for me [Music] [Music] [Music] okay hey hey everything's fine [Music] Conte [Music] do you remember being on the phone with an ER doctor something about your conversation concerning right [Music] come here [Music] we're gonna be alright in that [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]