Deadly coronavirus spreads beyond China DW News

in a span of just 72 hours more than a hundred and fifty cases of people infected with a newly discovered corona virus have been reported in China that takes the number of cases in the country to more than 200 with three fatalities so far the country's national health commission however says the outbreak is quote preventable and controllable scientists have so far said human to human transmission of the virus does not appear to be easy the outbreak began late in December and was traced to a seafood market in the central city of vu han since then cases have been confirmed in South Korea Japan and Thailand airports in the region and some in the US have already established screening procedures for flights coming from central China measures that look set to be increasingly important as travel picks up ahead of Lunar New Year that falls on the weekend every year around this time hundreds of millions in China will move around cities ahead of the Lunar New Year a heavily packed these Chinese rural workers are ready to return home the current outbreak of the mysterious virus isn't stopping them I haven't seen my son for so long let's stop thinking about the virus the infection is said to be a new type of corona virus which causes respiratory symptoms this fish market in the city of Wuhan might be his origin nearly 200 cases have so far been confirmed in the city alone after cases were also confirmed in Thailand Japan and South Korea authorities around the globe have stepped up screening of travelers from Wuhan Chinese health officials say the virus is not very contagious but have not ruled out limited human to human transmission we have learned that the clinical symptoms of the known patients are generally mild with the effective measures put in place we can prevent and control the disease from spreading despite the attempt to calm people's nerves some are worried that beijing might be downplaying the epidemic the virus is similar to sauce which killed hundreds in 2002 and 2003 and with a lot still unknown about the new virus the New Year's rush is putting many on high alert join me now from Geneva is World Health Organization spokesperson tarik Yasha ravage mister Yashiro which welcomed a hundred and thirty nine new cases in 48 hours is there cause for alarm well we know that the number of confirmed cases is increasing simply because Chinese authorities reinforcing surveillance and are testing more people it is likely that we will see further increase in cases inside China and we can also see more cases among travelers so this is something in line of what we were asking countries to get ready for this new coronavirus to be aware of it and to increase really surveillance as well as being able to treat those who need medical care what is really important to say is that we still don't know much about this virus so we don't have enough of information to determine what is the source of the virus we know that there is a limited human to human transmission but we don't know how easily is being a transmitted this new corona virus we also don't know much about severity of it so this is something that is being looked at right now and I think it's a positive thing that China were able to quickly identify this virus that country was sharing genetic sequence of this virus that helped other countries develop diagnostics and and and and but again this is something very new and we need to understand better and you talked about people traveling in millions will be traveling in this week ahead of Lunar New Year should there because of concern amongst them well every new virus is obviously a legitimate concern for for-4 population as well as for the health community at this point in time WTO is not advising for any travel restriction I think Chinese authorities are gearing up the surveillance we also provided to all countries including China a set of guidance on how to monitor for new cases how to treat sick people how to develop Diagnostics how to inform the population and obviously for the population it is important to follow general rules of precaution when it comes to respiratory diseases hand-washing avoiding contact with visibly sick people covering mouth when sneezing avoiding contact with live animals at markets and these sort of things tarakeshwar evich spokesperson for the World Health Organization thank you so much for your time thank you