Dean Ambrose To QUIT WWE After WrestleMania 35

[Applause] hello there you absolute fish under here for what culture wrestling fully recharged after a hectic Royal Rumble weekend and looking forward to a nice easygoing week except isn't going to be a nice easygoing week because bloody hell Dean Ambrose is leaving WWE now I know I know there have been all kinds of different stories surrounding a number of different superstars like this since all elite wrestling became a thing but this one really does sound like the real deal pro wrestling torch broke the news just one hour ago claiming that three individual sources in the company of till then the Dean Ambrose has given his notice of a walk away from WWE when his contract expires not long after WrestleMania 35 Ambrose spoke to WWE management about the situation over the weekend and this was after a direct meeting with Vince McMahon in which it is fought that he was not only offered a new contract extension but a significant raise as well I'm guessing that didn't exactly go all too well then and while Ambrose's contract does expire in late April it's entirely possible that WWE may choose to write him out of storylines before that this may go some way to explaining why Ambrose had a wet fart of a showing in the Royal Rumble why Seth Rollins beat him clean on Raw and oh yeah why Naiya Jax just kind of punched him in the face as well the PW torch report goes even further claiming the Ambrose has become deeply frustrated with his character direction over the past few years and that he has now reached breaking point and that he is not interested in any more negotiations with WWE and going one step further P W torch have at the read quote from one of Ambrose's roster mates here and it says that while Dean is pretty much impossible to read he hates hokey crap so yeah given everything that's happened to him over the past few years I can understand why he'd be pretty upset now the obvious conclusion that a lot of people will jump to here is the Ambrose has his eye on a E W and surely a E W will have their eyes on Ambrose as well but there's no indication that that's actually the case that would all be speculation at the moment but you know Ambrose hasn't really been used to his full potential in WWE over the past few years we've got to imagine that he thinks he can probably be more creatively fulfilled if he goes elsewhere either way guys this is quite a massive shock really and a very very big story to start the week so let us know what you guys think do you think this is the right move for Dean in this career do you think he's doing okay in WWE and should stick around let us know down in the comment section below don't forget to Like share and subscribe as always and once you've done that head on over to walk culture comm forward slash WWE and check out all manner of great articles for now I've been Andy and I'll see you later