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[Applause] hi guys I'm Adam will Warner from what culture and I'm gonna make this from what culture and this is the news [Music] keypoint want me to start yeah our police start we've got some very interesting news to begin with about Finn Balor who said that he will not be appearing at this year's Royal Rumble against Brock Lesnar as the demon mr. came an interview with ESPN and Tim's for Vandy and basically Barr says I feel like maybe I leaned on the demon too much there in the past as a crutch and I can assure you that the man who faces Brock Lesnar at the Rumble will be Finn Balor the man now that's very interesting wording indeed because while he says he might not be the demon against Brock Lesnar yeah what's to stop him from coming out and being a demon in the Royal Rumble yeah I think it's generally accepted that Finn Bell is probably going to leave to get spotlight thing better than man in batter the man and people speculate Willie you know they gonna marry Matt is the demon who seems to have put that to bed but like you say if they do that match relatively early on in the night I think everyone kind of knows the way it's gonna go as I said and then later on as you get towards obviously not number 13 asking me all truth but leggett number 29 to give him ponies up to put that paint on the demon I know we've had issues let's just say in the past with people having a championship match and then you're coming out in the rumble later on but this drives me is something different and something that's still get the fans excited I think they'll be very exciting I mean imagine that you're in the middle of the Royal Rumble and all the late to go off and the demon film bar comes out and then has the mumble that'll be great but I think more important here is that I think ballet himself might may be one of those kind on this angle where they're trying to prove that he can do it as a man not as a demon and him like I think it's only lost once as the demon he lost against Mordor tick Oliver the end shit but doesn't that hasn't lost on the main roster as the demon so maybe having them against Brock this early as the demon might not be the show maybe they want to see a bit for Wrestlemania say it - that's to build I'd take actually could win the role and then go on to do something I like does look like he's gonna be Seth Rollins but who knows that's an interesting alternative moving on speaking of WrestleMania in fact it's now rumored according to Joe Pesci of barb earnest fired up podcast to use the Dean Ambrose is set face a star of NXT at this year's WrestleMania who could it be it's ec3 ah no ec3 yes is rumored by my passengers to be Jo petty human of facing Dean Ambrose at WrestleMania it's intriguing that in terms of the fact that we see Dean Ambrose just lost the Intercontinental Championship he said he's gonna go in and win the rumble but after that he doesn't do that he doesn't really have an opponent the show shows and trusting ec3 so early on into his main roster debut to face someone like Dean Ambrose shows a lot of confidence that we have in him hmm well when you get a man out of it when spell his own name with his hands how does he do it against a ec3 I mean how can he not be ready to face day now boys at the Royal at their Bressler means they're very high hon um I think he's perfect for Vince's knees like the big guy he's got a look he could potentially have the charisma I just feel like in a Norman he's perhaps a bit he hasn't said anything he hasn't done anything he can talk on the main floor so why have there not given him now but you didn't all speak yet there's a lot of vanity stuff going on which will only get him so far really and and he has to actually deliver their goods in matches on NXT you have to see it I haven't been incredibly interesting but you doesn't necessarily need to have all the moves if he's gonna play some cocky heel on yeah and I saw Mick Foley Tuesday tweeting their use he's expecting big things from so they obviously have a big plan firmament and facing some of our Ambrose at WrestleMania both guys shouldn't strike you as having something specific to do as of yet WrestleMania so that can work and more news on ec3 for and finally peace a little bit later on that's all I'll say oh wait so you just keep keep that card in your back pocket yeah tell me what that is okay well speaking of surprises that might take place and this one did take place yesterday even English has joined the 205 live commentary team not sure he's not there as a wrestler and I don't think it means it's the end of his Smackdown wrestling career high that but he has joined a victor SIF and Nigel McGuinness on comically where he would be the third man in a three-man comment team so interesting more useful yeah I'm glad they're doing something I'm a huge huge fan of Aidan's and it was such a waste when they blew up reserved a and just didn't even have a match on paper you did that no I think the feud with rusev kind of ended very abruptly they had like a couple of matches on Smackdown we found out what the the tip was all about that one night night is some minutes finish or tie one date like something it out and then I haven't really seen him since what is nice to see though is that the obviously value of his talent like the Aussie yeah like when he spurned from Sam and grim in the the vaudevillians he kind of thought maybe there's nothing for him yeah that's quite worrying the obviously like the fact that he's talented he can sing that he can talk yeah obviously putting him in a corner was maybe the best place fun do you think I don't know what he's what his weight is but do you think there's a way that they could eventually shoehorn him in ala sort of you know CM Punk going on commentary and then coming out fit well yeah no he's perfect example maybe they think that he could be down there and beyond comically but also eventually working in maybe towards WrestleMania has a fresh face to go on challenge I love watching ending let's have a gear thing he's people obviously talk buddies is on the mic skills and his singing sumo see I think in the ring though he sees people very very underrated and as a tag team in NXT I mean him and as of all villains there was a little Graham and they were so good at a kind of working a good match together they knew what they were doing in ring they obviously had the quality the one biggest thing I'm clearly pleased about though very pleased that he's gone back to the shaved head - aw he's got rid of the hair again heshes got the beard and he I don't know I hope it got really hot myself wrong because it's a guy who has a lot of times I'd like to see a girl's best look to hit him on that as well let's move on to our final piece of the news today and it doesn't center around wrestling we're not gonna talk about a do we or do either me for once we're gonna talk about the XF now it is fast approaching I think they're gonna launch early 2020s the day and they've been looking into getting their own TV deals ok the likes of ESPN and Fox according to this is John Orr and of Sports Business Journal Apollo in discussing that with ABC obviously with ESPN and Fox they're not gonna be on ESPN Plus as it looks right now but they are slowly getting the ball rolling with that sort of thing they are apparently looking to have all their head coaches in place very soon as well as eight star quarterbacks anymore in my self-report the other day they weren't in repair their quarterbacks anywhere near as much as the NFL but let's not forget the previous incarnation of the XFL come to Benjamin Richardson reporting this what Coach accom lost 35 million dollars so yeah maybe they just sort of pace it's just the 35 was it just that they like in a year I really don't know what to expect from this like when Vince me at that announcement for the XFL to come back in 2020 he seemed I mean that is a big he obviously got a big feeling that this could do well yeah I'm assuming it's gonna be no hernia it was when I first up in host my god that would be a disaster but I think like much as they changed to be degree 2 PG or like family friendly kind of content if they can do that with XFL and morph are a different alternative to the NFL maybe there's a chance it's Vince McMahon of course as a Chung exact there's always a chance with I'm a very casual American football fan a very exciting yet super ball in a few weeks time and I certainly knew combine American football with the madness of Vince McMahon I will definitely be watching those first few matches so I'm intrigued it's like the perfect amount of masculinity that isn't wrestling yet isn't it it's a must be right up his teeth I cannot wait for that well let's move on now to your Twitter questions let me get a human treatment we time as every single day at what culture WWE just do it at him Allen wheel born just Clooney's flooding or here stirs no I don't do this out of next lesson but let's start with our first one it's a video question send to us by top rope Davie let's see what top rope Davey has to say hey guys Davey here just wondering if thin Bala beats brock lesnar and becomes the universal title holder who don't have to face at wrestlemania want him to face well wrestlemania now clobber adobe said Shinsegae nakamura that's not always gonna be coming filter yeah before we get into that I'm very sorry for it's gonna or a relegate it to the pre-show yeah yeah yeah after winning the rumble I know it's such a contrast isn't it such a vast contrast and you can imagine that probably going to be hear me not in the room to be as well if not all if it used to be like oh well you're in a match and you can't be involved I don't know but it's he's falling along with but that technically wasn't the question yes so let's say a long shot let's say Finn Balor deviates Brock Lesnar the alternative who does he face at WrestleMania who does he fear who would alight soon would you like a little late to see him Pierce oh that's a good question I don't know why I said that cuz I don't know the answer but I think potentially if he did then I could see I could see probably a rematch between him and Seth being on the card because that would be what the logical thing I think because it has to be like well we had the match the first day and you wondered so much like I want a chance in you're the champion again and never got a rematch kind of thing well I'm not have you lost the tail you know yeah yeah yeah and so that would be I'd imagine that's where doobie doobie with go with it me personally oh I don't know I'd really quite like to see Bala and OH just have to top my head so my draw again okay yeah say I was going to say look the neuron ball bollocks it all goes out a window sumo Joe wins the rumble he looked donut on somebody and last night and man doesn't have to challenge yes said this on Smackdown imagine I put it's it's it's the maddest thing it definitely isn't going to happen no battle is the universal challenge it and Joe comes over to raw and says I want to face you and I was also also because George you only mana beat the demon what if I just did that the problem would be great it's all you know the docks gonna win anyway it's gonna win the rock wins long moving on Viktor Marshall is the next question saying what's a stable is each each of you would bring back with a dated member sir today's wrestling see the brood we can't leave room I always look the brood although I love that incarnation of the bruiser I'm not sure who I would have basically got to pick some weird gothic II looking kind of guys and gals me and Nicky cost obviously comes to mind but she she feels too crazy fought for the brood thought if there's that would that be fair though we are good were weird but they weren't really crazy although so who would you um you got any by just stuff yeah if you're gonna have the brood just have the entirety of sanity just in big kids yeah it's just basically wandering around with flames and blah yeah and further but for my stable bring back with update members a no feel changes didn't love this well and I basically use these news videos to push the fact that we need to see to cool back and obviously the old incarnation wouldn't be coming back because of you know say that maybe might be difficult to that yes that one but updated members off the top of my head you've got our truth and Carmela you could have them in there and so dick my guide no way Jose really bring them back of care cool a dance off at the Royal Rumble so no I Jose is your Rikishi I don't yeah whose Rikishi Mitsunari oh no come on let's really push it oh no the whole point of Rikishi is he was a he was a beast and we saw that in their walk to 2001 Rumble where he was coming in destroying people they put the sunglasses on when all of a sudden hey hello time so you need it's dancing time you need hey hey it's dancing dancing time and braun strowman is the repeat loop look if they're gonna make him this comedy figure and not given the bloody universal championship less up down right we wanted today's final question it comes from mark gallagher he sends his loads of brilliant videos performing with as you can i check him out mark gallagher music calm there's links there - he's spotify to his youtube make sure you go and check that out let's see what question he sent us into danger jericho year before then one 2004 the Iron Man Rumble sparks is famous and revered who do you think will take it this year good one who is gonna be the Iron Man collapse even iron woman let's do both yeah yes I am an ia woman Iron Man and feel like that's an obvious one isn't there does a guy who's been the Iron Man for W belief on several occasions the gauntlet matches through yeah well I know about that yeah like - I really got less less I'm fairly confident that Rollins make me the winner um and Iron Man would be great you gotta think who's gonna be grateful I mean who's it gonna help you know who else it would be a good pick my stuff Arlene oh yeah it's an Iron Man just get him in there the underdog getting beat down all for some reason if he's in there just bring Johnny gaga nor for the knife to chuck him in there Oh having be the but that's a pump I think we got American champ attention I'm gonna go ways Kofi Kingston I know because I know he's there usually in the Rumble you've got a funny little spots drop your little Hugh yeah point lady yeah I read this listen I read this is the other day but I thought was fantastic it's not gonna happen Kofi Kingston wins the Royal Rumble and challengers Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship a the a in man obviously by being the Iron Man as well Kofi Kingston and the new day overall of being this consumerist Night Man according to Daniel Bryan and it would give Kofi Kingston that chance to break out and have another stingless which which I think he definitely deserves and the new day needs something new upon the pond anyway but if that doesn't happen just having Kofi be the Iron Man you can have a couple of fun spots where he almost gets eliminated that's fine but I think if you have him do that that could be the stepping stone regardless of whether or not he goes for the ee w championship or just goes for another singles run that could be the catalyst for him stepping away from the new day I'm not saying you break them up not all but I think that could be really useful for him in terms of the women's it depends who needs it I tell you what I mean what a return it aviv could have Alexa bliss be the I'm yeah like I said this could be a great one barely lately comes the mainsheet course I don't know where she's gonna be where she's gonna land for the rumble but barely would be the one that would come to mind I think that I always find that the Iron Man spot and actually gonna give it to the person who wins the rumble which could obviously be certainly it's a great position to rehabilitate some helps to build somebody back up someone who's maybe lost a bit of the drive and I'm Bailey could use that because know he was a prime candidate for I think at the minute Sasha Sasha has got the passion Ronda and they're all busy in effing and jeffing all over social media Charlotte Flint well they give it to her she's gonna win it anyway I don't know yeah do you think she's gonna win it like maybe if she did the iron was spot-on and Becky came but yeah gives on wins it yeah that's nesting done right let's move on to today's and finally and I mentioned ec3 earlier on this is possibly the most WWE booking I have heard this is according to Bryan Alvarez on one of the latest additions of Wrestling Observer radio commentators suggested we mentioned earlier the ec3 my face Ambrose yes mania in the meantime a temporary food for ec3 that has been suggested and I could completely see this is AC 3 versus Bobby Lashley because in the woods of Bryan Alvarez and this is so much so much more true after raw this week they both like posing the entire breakfast food right there good it's or it's not wrong he's not I mean what was what no the whole match is just gonna be there I'm gonna play I don't was imposed off with against Apollo Cruz this week on Raw I don't know ec3 interrupts you know wait so well for that Triple Eight Scott Steiner few deal those years ago didn't it oh it get an arm wrestle again I'll be cool and you know it is funny enough as much I like to give them a whole load of rubbish for their rubbish ideas why not yeah just do something Duff he doesn't know what have to be grid those guys aren't doing I'm not sure we can create wait in introduce III personally I feel like the whole thing where I mirror in the spring announced or just doing the hope ha in the mirror after really we own at all yeah just let me speak I'll just do something but damn you maybe not and while you're at it bobby lashley should wear the belt on his ass because of his posting right everybody's gone do it do it the can be done right this has been today's news are so gonna start talking there's no question there's no your thoughts on that at all of today's news stories in the comment section below and of course don't forget to Like share and subscribe thanks for all of our Twitter questions so much thanks to Adam Nicklaus thank you for watching the bees keep on buzzing the bees will keep on buzzing and we will see you soon see you soon