Death Note E20

[Music] [Laughter] well then let's begin tonight's meeting there's supposed to be eight of them but only seven repress and that must mean that they probably killed one of their members in order to further the growth of the oats of a group and best serve its financial interests who should we kill next you see it's just like I told you last week this is not good this race but before we get to that there are several topics that we need to discuss first there was the issue of uh Therese death that was unavoidable to be honest in a certain sense and relieved the battery's dead kita has demonstrated that he must be committed to these meetings we now know what will happen if we try to leave I think we all understand what huh Therese - - for the rest of us let's not take it lightly now moving on our next topic is Serrano coils reporter one of their members just died and that's all they're going to say so did we really pay five million dollars for this report I mean come on look at this he hasn't found out anything important about Elle like his name or spaces is this coil guy seriously going to be of any use to us hold on a second there is something very interesting in the last part of this report coils warning us that we can't afford to take our existence too lightly in particular it says the concentration of killings that are beneficial field Sybil will likely be noticed by Al if they continue on Fridays and Saturday [Music] sounds like this Laurel though coil has figured out what we've been up to I admit it's quite impressive at any rate I personally think we should stop killing every weekend it's like they're trying to confess everything hmm as long as we have this video as evidence we could probably arrest all seven of them this is not good Kira hasn't been flexible up till now has he it would be nice if he could spread out his killings over the whole week the fact that Coyle noticed what we've been up to makes it too dangerous to continue killing at our usual pace from now on we have to be even more careful and to make sure that nobody else happens to notice a trend in these deaths now on to the main topic who should we kill I think we should focus on e.l.f insurance if they expand into the Japanese market yotsuba and many other companies will lose valuable clients to them agreed all right any objections to killing these people from e.l.f with accidental deaths no how can they do this so easily another potential candidate is Santoro zenzai a member of the kooky sawa group he's been protesting yields abuzz resort development plans Sims is known to have high blood pressure so we can designate a time for him to suffer a stroke resulting in natural death any objections no deaths by accident by disease designated times of death it's all just as we suspected we were right no unfortunately we can only be completely sure after those people they've named are dead we will continue to monitor these meetings and take note of what they say how they act and most importantly whether the people they choose actually die if we can confirm the connection between their plans of the deaths then we'll definitely be able to catch Kira I can't carry on knowing these people will die that's just a moral right they're cousins I know you're planning to catch Kira by letting these guys actually carry out these murders but we can't let that happen in it that's right it's obvious that these seven men are behind the killings with Matsuda's testimony and this footage we've recorded we have all the evidence you're making this difficult if we were to take action now everything we've done will go to waste so what do you say we take care of the e.l.f in three weeks then as words ends I will ask Kira to kill him this weekend if that's what they're going to do then there's not much time left but we already know the phone numbers of these board members don't wait yeah I don't care who we call I need to reach one of these men and have them stop these murders please hold on that will cause suspicion it would mean the investigation caught up to them three days after they were contacted by ivor and also it would make it far more unlikely that we would be able to discover the reality of my people we can't afford such a huge setback seen how far we've come in order to catch Kira we are going to need some solid proof ryuzaki if one of these seven men is in fact Kira would it be safe to say that if I try calling one of them the odds of that person actually being Kira is going to be one in seven I'm thinking there could be more than one Keita among them a probability of two and seven it knows we're prepared to let them know that the investigation is catching up to them let's place our bets on these odds ryuzaki I'm going to pose as Elle judging from their conversations so far the one least likely to be Kira about what the most influence is if you're going to make a call please use this phone it's set up so it can't be traced or tapped you know this would all go a lot faster if we kill off the execs of our rival companies and be done with it that would be going a little too far why we can kill them and split their holdings yes and who is this wiretaps around time Nederland recording to get your entire meeting the first thing you discussed was Hafiz death now you're debating he killed next he's been watching everything if you are not Kira or if you are not someone who can contact you directly you complete your end of the deal and cooperate with our requests from now on then your crimes not just yours but everyone's know I'll be dead if kita manages to find out what should I do if you tell the others about this call they will panic it would be of no advantage to you everyone would be arrested immediately but that's not my intention I'm planning to go one-on-one against Kira just play along with both parties staying on the sidelines you know in that position to lose anything regardless of who wins in the end damn it he already knew what else I would have given right I'll see you Monday then what's going on nat mccullough who was that and one of my men screwed up again i'll have to fix it on Monday anyway sorry for the interruption let's get back on topic we were discussing when we should kill sensei and the men from ILM here's what I'm thinking we'll give Coyle one month to reveal Elle's identity if he still hasn't uncovered the information we need then we can go ahead and kill the targets randomly then we'll give him another month to investigate and repeat the process once we get rid of L permanently we can go back to killing two or three people a week in other words our top priorities should be the elimination of L I see once we kill L there won't be anything standing in our way but until then we need to be careful right sounds like a reasonable plan to me we need to be extremely careful if we don't want to get caught then we're in agreement will give Coyle one month agreed l this should satisfy you for now we will still be meeting on a weekly basis that is all well yeah you really are quite amazing light not only did you manage to delay the killings but you also set up a numbing car as a potential mole for us some did exactly like the sort of thing I would do and you've thought of it quicker than I did it that's this rate if I end up dying somehow it's quite possible that you would be capable of succeeding me what why are you being so morbid there isn't time for that we only have a month to figure out Kira's identity and gather evidence against him to prove this is only the beginning yes we were the one who first noticed the connection between yotsuba and Kira you actually might be more capable than I am I honestly believe you could take this on if I should die would you take over from ESL if I should die would you take over from me as L if he is cuter than just playing innocent he should save us what are you talking about as long as we're joined by these we would die together anyway ryuzaki aunt I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to tell everyone what you're really thinking right now oh he thinks that if I am kid then there are two possibilities either I'm just pretending I'm not him and putting on impact or Kira's power has passed on from me to someone else and I have no memory that I was ever kid in the first place he's trying to determine which either is the truth the first theory if I am putting on an act he will never remove these handcuffs no even if I wasn't pretending to be innocent I'm sure he still wouldn't take them off the izaki still believes that I'm Kira even if that power had been passed to someone else he thinks that I would have planned to have a return to me once I'm safe from suspicion in other words I wasn't being controlled at all he thinks it was a plan to pass on the power and arrange for it to come back to me once I've been cleared impressive he figured out exactly what I had been thinking honest honest Miyazaki's theory is that once I steal else title I will become Kira again correct taking on the identity of L having the power to control the police in every country while being Kira in secret it's ideal and you're thinking I could do it No then I would do it that's what you're saying isn't it yes but what about now I told you I don't want your title that should prove even to you that I'm not putting on an act shouldn't it if this is all an act and you are trying to steal my identity there's no chance you would be foolish enough to reveal your plan in front of everyone wouldn't you agree do you think that I'm actually capable of becoming a murderer Kira even after I helped you catch him do I seem like that kind of person to you yes you do I've always thought so okay yeah you're right anyway let's focus on catching the killer that's in front of us right now as long as I have two handcuffs on you shouldn't have any complaints I suppose so we only have a month so there's no time to get distracted ryuzaki yes we have plenty of footage from this meeting can't we use that as evidence against those seven men and prevent the murders of other criminals here we go again unfortunately no bond wire at the moment we're not certain if Kira is among those seven men if all they have is a tenuous connection with him and then Kira will kill them as soon as they're arrested we have to be absolutely sure that Kira is among them so there's no point in detaining them now and even if it does turn out to be one of them it will still be quite difficult to determine who the culprit is and I believe it's still far too early for us to make our move hold on at the same time we can't say that he's definitely not among the seven that means there's a chance the killings will stop if we take this opportunity to arrest them I think dad's right there is a chance we have to act on it excuse me but I think from now on I should go after Kira by myself you can use these headquarters as you wish all else will be here but we will be working independently you can conduct your investigation under your own direction feel free to arrest those men if you like I will be carrying on my own investigation we'll only get into arguments we don't split up an axe this is service are you saying you're going to figure out who Kira is like any means necessary yes this case will never be solved unless we capture Kira himself don't get me wrong I wouldn't say that preventing more deaths is pointless but if we don't uncover the entire truth once and for all Kira will reappear again and the number of victims will continue to increase that's why I believe it's more important to find out who Kira really is as I've been saying I'm opposed to arresting those seven man if you want to do so then you will have to take responsibility for you I will pursue Kira on my own we only have one month very gluing it to a mommy's room sorry I know you're on your father's side I know this but I can't move these handcuffs I'm afraid you're gonna have to come with me [Music] you know we're supposed to have a date oh right I should have known you said Oh mommy tell me do you love like from the bottom of your heart huh yeah of course I do but you also worship cuter don't you oh yeah so you know you have to choose between like Nikita with your pink what really grateful to hear that I want to meet him someday in person but that's not your love definitely choose but your precious light is plenty to catch Gator is melon well yes of course I am he says he wants to catch you but I'm gonna support him no matter what the scene so if you were given the opportunity to work LED light on this investigation would you take the offer what of course I would I'd do anything I could to help like wait hold on a second where are you going with this I'm planning to have other poses or a little coil again he'll tell the Josefa members and while he was investigating them he discovered at least aam aadmi like Noel bloggers in proportional and suspicions that she was the second Kira that part is true if co2 the group believes that Misa identifying and they'll say that they wanted money here to discuss their advertising campaign they'll use that opportunity to quash time thanks to my little screw-up they may already be canceling visa is that you soak distance with this guy yeah we can't do that this plan is too risky who knows look at happy for you like this Ibiza if they suspect that you might know who L really is we don't know how far they'll be willing to go to get that information no I can't attest to that but Hina can control his victims actions before their death there's a good chance he might try to manipulate her and revealing what she knows and then kill her also if he does manage to kill L he won't have any use for Misa he'd kill her to keep her silent I don't like the sound of that light hmm you forget that if we went against Kira Misa I won't die besides as long as we're handcuffed together you and I share the same fate hmm if I die so will you if that happens Misa is the one who would grieve most of all either we lose and both died together or we successfully catch kita would you I would never dream about living in a world without light yes that would be dark cut it out this is just crazy we're running out of time and I'm starting to get desperate as for me so money I turned to her because I know her bravery and love for you is boundless do you really need it oh no I think I've totally misunderstood you all this time I even called you harbour but you actually do understand how I feel don't you yes Misa is indisputably the most perfect and worthy woman for life you're such a sweetie Thank You Ria's Aki in you let's not go that far but you could need to be a friend of mine would that be okay can't get another friend yeah of course any friend of lights is a friend of mine as well and of course I would never think of betraying any of my friends without powers combined will arrest Jana unfortunately lights taking a different investigative approach from us and will be working with his father and the others I'm afraid it will just be you now come on now now you're just playing dirty you're leaving me with no other choice but to join your mom it's quite all right what are you talking about of course you'll be joining us that's not it either I've been opposed to this investigation since the beginning it's too dangerous for her polite you're so sweet thank you for worrying about me but please let me do this I want to be useful to you somehow if I can be useful then maybe you love me even more and besides have a gladly die of it what for you like figure out the logistics of arresting seven people is going to be challenging I don't suppose you two have any ideas moegi [Music] well I am an actress director Nisha Naga light and the others that now even Shinigami they're all asking me to act this is a lot of work I planned a commercial game too so popular