Debate Corruption is the only cause of a countrys failure

[Music] [Music] namaste welcome to Nepal stop seven debaters 2013 produced by to desert Asia this is the final round of the English category of grade 7 8 & 9 the topic for today's debate is corruption is the only cause of a country's failure let me now introduce our panel of judges for today's final round our first judges mr. Santosh raha he is the president of today's youth Asia a second judges mr. Stefan freiheit is a photographer director of documentaries and has collaborated with today's adacia on various occasions but the time being he's producing a documentary on widows and single women that will be broadcast on NTV plus in November this year our third judges mr. bragin course he is the executive director of accountability lab an organization that works to make power holders more responsible he has been working in the past for six years a finalist in the grade 7 8 & 9 English category our SaLuSa Civic OT of grades 9 from st. Mary's High secondary school and Alize RSI of grade 9 from sky rider school congratulations to both the debaters for making it to the final round in this national debate competition may I call up our first debater ELISA preside to speak for the motion Corruption to a country system is similar to a virus to a computer system a virus damages the working mechanism of a computer system and corruption also damages the whole countries working mechanism well corruption is like a communicable disease whose symptoms can be seen throughout the world all the corruption is a worldwide evil phenomenon it's particularly damaging to developing countries with fragile economies and nobody present here can obviously deny the fact that corruption is the while he calls for a country's failure economic social and political aspects corruption is the misuse of public goods by public officials for private purposes corruption adversely affects not valid economic officiants inequality but also the Democratic exercise in the sense of public morale and morality that may ultimately decide whether a country can succeed in the struggle for development and nation-building corruption adversely affects each and every sectors of the country well my fellow up on it here you may argue by saying that corruption is one of the thousand causes of a country's failure but I say that corruption is the root cause of country's failure and when the root cause is maintained then the other causes are automatically maintained because of corruption civil service has become demoralized politicized and to some extent criminalized this ability to perform functions it is expected to corruption threatens our country's economic and social development and limits its ability to achieve Millennium Development Goals as proposed by the UN Oh taking an example my fellow opponent you may say that the other causes like malnutrition poverty unemployment illiteracy and even brain drain are causes of the country's failure but what if the country is ever to utilize its corrupted money in these sectors for the improvement of the sectors why would we have to face the problems of poverty unemployment and brain-dead if the country's able to utilize is curved corrupted budget in these sectors again you may say that population growth is the cause of country's failure if population growth is the cause of country's failure then why is our country still lagging behind in development although the population growth rate of our country is reduced to one point seven percent from two point to four percent and if population growth will be a cause of country's failure why would the developed countries like United States of America take the people of Nepal to their countries in the name of DV lotteries and so on the countries of Switzerland France in Norway have a greater population than Nepal but there are still more developed in Nepal why it is because in those countries there is much more lesser corruption than in Nepal even the countries of Africa like Somalia and Uganda have failed to introduce good governance due to corruption Nepal is not an exception in this regard in the power corruption ranges from giving and taking price a legal loss in construction sectors damaging the government documents preparation of all government documents altering the results of public examination public vehicle registration crime grabby newly kissed and power cut and so on and this all has the various forms of corruption and they are corruption and the wildly cause of country's failure the CPI score of Nepal according to the transparency international in 2012 was twenty seven out of hundred and that of New Zealand was ninety out of hundred New Zealand is not as supported is Nepal in terms of natural resources though New Zealand is much more developed in Nepal well it's because in New Zealand there is much national corruption time there than in Nepal corruption has adversely affected each and every sectors of the country and each in every level of the society let that mean local level or even the second even the central level in our country too we have not been able to form new constitution because the legislature were also badly affected by corruption according to CIA the anti-corruption agency of Nepal the total number of anti-corruption cases filed against the government officials in a path during the time period of 2009 to 2010 was 2009 to 2010 was 4925 now tell me my fellow opponent when the people who are responsible to handle the administration and the country themselves our product how can we imagine the sound development and prosperity of the nation when corruption is institutionalized as in the case of Nepal there is a gender breakdown of all regulatory and supervisory mechanism corruption erodes the institutional capacity of government siphons the researchers disregards the procedures and buys themselves the public offices it is responsible to Emer self-other she just for the dam is the monetary system of the country and tan is all the infrastructure of development of the country making it the ultimate cause of countries failure thank you I'd like to call on stage Fallujah Civic ot to speak against the motion according to some people corruption is the only reason for a country's failure the only hinder hindrance towards the country's development but what about those countries where people are dying day by day due to explosion of war and violence what about those countries with the status of women and children is deplorable due to malnutrition hiv/aids and lack of human rights what about those countries where education is not enlightened the minds of the people do we blame it all in corruption of course not corruption prevails in each and every country B in the developed countries like us UK Germany and France are the least developed countries like Nepal and Bangladesh so why do we meet on corruption when some of these countries have achieved highest level of development according to my opinion two countries a country's corruption high a country is regarded as a failed state if it has less GDP per capita income Human Development Index agree but seeing that it is only affected by corruption that makes no sense at all according to the according to the Corruption Perceptions Index 2012 Nepal holds a rank of 146 with a per capita income of six hundred and three dollars whereas in Russia more corrupt than Nepal holding a rank of one hundred and fifty fourth country corrupt has a per capita income of fourteen thousand two hundred and seventy two dollars why isn't Russia less developed than Nepal if it has more corruption on the other hand a country like Malawi which is in the eightieth position in the same same chart is much less developed considers much less developed country why due to several other reasons it cannot just be corruption can it apart from that corruption is inevitable it is present in every country like a sea it can develop into a plant when it is given favorable environment corruption can also breed and thrive in an environment that allows it to even in the history of the world there have been so many wars so many conflicts a Japanese was walking on the way he didn't expect that a bomb would fall from the sky and destroy the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the second world war did he was that because of corruption did Japan completely devastate into such a situation during the second world war because of corruption of course not it was due to the people due to the people and their misunderstanding that caused Japan in such a state there are so many countries give me an example of Somalia the least developed country with the highest corruption we'd agreed but at the same time she's failing to understand that look at the people in Somalia to people who are beaten up in Somalia from watching World Cup such is the mentality of the people in a country where people's mentality is caught in a country where people are dying due to hunger and starvation do you expect corruption to be the only reason for its failure of course not and even in the context of Nepal we as Nepalese citizens we have to blame ourselves and not corruption for instance if you need to apply for any sort of job any sort of financial sector what do we do the first thing we do make a phone call to a private official so that he or she can give us of any easy access to any sort of job we corrupt the person directly are we not to blame we are pointing a finger to the government of fishers we're pointing a finger to the people who are corrupt but are we not to blame we are getting educated here in flying abroad renting the country in braintree are we not to blame we as individuals are being so much corrupt these days we nobody is nation centered instead of idolizing ourselves if you could mobilize ourselves together in the fight of corruption that would be the route of development saying that corruption is the only reason for a country's failure I mean it's almost like one of the leaders saying that he would turn nepali into Switzerland I mean that is like a dogmatic approach therefore I strongly believe that corruption can never be the only reason because it arises with so many problems together thank you my fellow opponent you say that the problems of malnutrition illiteracy and hiv/aids are more important than the problem of corruption so let me ask you a question if these problems are more important than the problem of corruption why did the people like Ramdev and why did the people like Anna hidari keep her fast on to death doing the problem of corruption they should have kept her fast on to the to him the problem of malnutrition doing the problem of hiv/aids and so on and you say that corruption also propels in the US and even u.s. is more developed while in the states like California and New York did not make all USA in you you see everyone portion out of six portion lives in poverty and that nobody is resulted from corruption you said that the other there are many problems worker for causing a country's failure but I said that these all problems are the result of corruption we did not even imagine the independent judiciary rule of mine good governance in prisons of corruption and in prisons of corruption success of a country in presence of corruption it's something like that that we could never achieve thank you ELISA you said that a pruiting corruption from a country would would definitely make the country develop in so many sectors because it is the root cause of poverty and all those things I agreed to some extent that corruption is also a major reason for a country's failure but saying that it is the only reason that is completely wrong because it arises with so many problems together are you trying to say that in Ronda two tribes hood cemented see they fought for several years a tribal war took place so are you trying to say that if one dummy is 100% corruption free then people would stop fighting in the name of tribes a Muslim is fighting with a Hindu today the country is fighting for a religious cause and you're saying that uprooting corruption from that contribute stop people misunderstand would stop the misunderstanding between people does that make any sense at all of course not people will keep fighting for their religion people will keep fighting for their gods that Indian in turn gives rise to corruption corruption can never be the only cause for a conscious failure because together all the problems together make a country feel disgust for both of you that so far this debate has been the best performance from your side in the entire series so I congratulate both of you for that it's a it's a difficult topic for a grade 9 student and so and I think you have done a fairly good justice to the topic so far I wish you luck for the 2nd 2nd round one thing in debate is when you're debating in English language you don't ask too many questions asking question does not help you have to answer the questions because do you expect us justice to answer all your questions No I kind of had a shock when you started off because you were talking so fast and very loud and almost a little bit angry which it didn't scare me completely but slightly I think there's a general problem in Nepal that fantasy is often killed by like a very militant schooling that is not your fault but and this topic is difficult compared to your age but to me it seemed a little bit too studied it seemed to actors I had problems convincing myself that this topic really means something to you I it was very clear for both of you that you have started and you have used time on like practicing how to present and to be in front of us I think I would have liked to hear you both on a more personal topic that would have been nice but don't take this as a hard criticism because it's not thank you thank you either I thought your definition of corruption was was great I liked your analogies to computer systems and the analogies with other countries it's a good way to relate the topic to something that other people might know about I liked the fluency with which you spoke I think you did speak quite quickly you could you could slow it down a little bit but you were very fluent you've got a lot of good points in there I like the way you emphasize the idea that corruption is a cause of problems rather than a consequence of problems Saru Joe also you were fantastic you were a little bit slower which I liked you were you were clear you were coherent very well argued I think you made the point clearly that corruption is one issue that's important but it's only one of of many and you have some good statistics I like the way you equated state failure with with a lack of development I think that shows that you're beginning to think hard about about these dynamics and I really like the way that you began to talk about personal accountability how it begins with all of us to change these dynamics although I'm not sure that completely supported your argument as you had laid it out but I really like the idea one thing I would encourage you both to do in the next round is to maybe think more about how corruption is not just about paying bribes and so these are you touched on it a little bit it's also about behaviors and it's also about the rules that exist that might be unfair you know why are some people excluded from power and resources and why are other people taking it all for themselves because that is also a factor of corruption so I think maybe if you could bring those things out a little bit that would be really interesting thank you really this festival is hosted by the Daley Center for culture and development things you can't buy for money is the topic for this yes exhibitions will hold three large photographic exhibitions in then Matt's three largest cities we're looking for young photographers from Nepal Myanmar Bangladesh and Mali anyone is welcome to participate and we would very much like to see the work of young female photographers as well send us your most original photos and show us how the world looks where you are right now [Music] we will now begin with the rebuttal round if we deal with corrupt practices in each and every walk of our life corruption has a disastrous effect in each and every part of our life social and physical infrastructures bill during the course of development due to corruption suffer from short lifespan and disrepair my fellow opponent you said that Razia should have up should have upgraded its flavour but do you know that the CPI score of Gracia according to the report of 2012 ad it just twenty eight out of hundred and that of NEPA is twenty seven out of hundred I'm not rusty I and Nepal of the same rank of course they are and how can you rush your upgrade is position until it it improves his corrupt conditions well you talked about civil war tribal war and so on but let me ask you why do these ones happen they happen due to the unequal distribution of public resources and the unequal distribution of public resources are ultimately caused due to corruption and if we we are able to remove the corruption there will be equal distribution of resources leading north and you see be wise and any source of wine in the country well now you then say that malnutrition can be a cause of country's failure poverty can be a cause of countries failed where unemployment can be a cause of country's failure but how can you say that poverty unemployment and malnutrition can be a cause of country's failure even in our this is not the country me to spend budget to solve these problems definitely the country needs and the country's space to but the money that is unlock and located for solving this problem never is to the targeted sectors due to corruption the newly built the school is mismanaged after a couple of weeks the newly built Road is damaged after a couple of months the newly built hospital is totally mismanaged after a couple of weeks why does this happen because of corruption because of corrupt practices prevailing in those places and when there such corrupt practices everywhere then how can you imagine the development of the nation how can you imagine the classes of the nation when there are two dark practices hampering in a political Islamic social sectors of the country Thank You ELISA although you mentioned about your Russia being 28th in the out of 100 in the most corrupt countries and Nepal being in 27 we did not talk about the per capita income it is almost twice than that of Nepal that fact simply proves that people living in Russia have a high standard of life you said that the roads are not properly damaged they're damaged within a few months in weeks is that because of corruption or is that because of people who are not making an effort to preserve those now taking an example of a country like nature a country whose 80% of the land is covered by sahara desert is it lagging behind because of corruption in such a country where people can't even afford to corrupt and give corruption Zimbabwe another country which is quite less corrupt but the second least developed country due to several factors like hiv/aids lack of sanitation awareness among the people Burundi another country landlocked and same problems like health problems and malnutrition problems in unaware people in that country there are so many countries Ethiopia another less corrupt country which suffers from severe droughts almost half of the year there are so many reasons why a country can feel and saying that corruption is the only reason why a country can feel that can simply be just like making a fallacious approach here corruption can never be the only reason for a country's failure okay let's say that Nepal is made 100 percent corruption free but it fails to maintain good systemic relationship with super powers of the world we are happy our country is free from corruption and tomorrow a nuclear weapon a nuclear bomb is dropped in the country the country is finished will that happen because of corruption or the or because of the reason that it fails to maintain diplomatic relationships with one of the super powers of the world this fact simply proves that corruption can never be the only cause for a country's failure we the people have to make an effort to prove it if it is in some context hindering development thank you there was a bomb guarding in Japan in Hiroshima Sakhi okay I agree but if Japan would be a corrupt country like Nepal would it be able to maintain the same status as it has maintained today of course not do you have the question of my answer Saluja and and development projects of a country suffer a lot due to corruption let me give an example I will throw it hydroelectricity project of our country is not as completed due to corruption the problem of power cut we are facing is due to corruption and you talked about Ethiopia Ethiopia is a corrupt country if CPI scored just eight and if it's able to maintain if it's able to maintain its position in the corruption perception index then it's zero that it will develop and Somalia also has it has a CPI score eight and you will see that from an attack Somalia frequent miss of a mine can be a cause of Somalia's failure but if the government tries to solve the problem of a mind by utilizing it corrupts budget and by utilizing its country's resources without any sorts of production then why Cannot Somalia March ahead itself in development therefore I come up with a strong conclusion that the factors corruption causes I hinder lands in country's administration you can just economy in country's politics and so on techniques is the one across four countries failed world thank you when I was given this topic corruption is the only reason for a country's failure I went home and I told my parents I went to school and I told my teachers their reaction against I just serious I do not give corruption for being the only reason for a country's failure but this their reaction towards it each and every person whenever I talked about something that in the class when I asked their opinions about corruption everyone raised their hands saying that it is the only reason but I say that that they're raising hands that is the only reason why our country and several other countries are lagging behind failing to understand that their actions their efforts can make a difference they're just sitting and pointing a finger to other countries Somalia I said that it is one of the most corrupt countries with one of the least these development and the most corrupt countries but I also said that their mentality of the people has to change first they never accept changes when there getting the time to change so I firmly believe that corruption cannot be the only reason for a country's failure thank you you did very well I thought the content of your rebuttals were great police' your your talk about civil war and unequal distribution of public resources and all of these issues the corruption are out at the heart of is at the heart of was was really well argued I thought you clearly laid that out it was it was slower than before which was good you still definitely tried to pack as much as you could in but it was but that was great Saluja I like to a reference to all the other countries I really liked particularly the the comment you made about droughts and nuclear war and these things you know it bolstered your argument significantly I thought and I liked at the end that you brought in a bit more of an emotional experience and you said you know you talk to your teachers and your friends and and they had given you their perspective on these things so it it brought it home a bit more personally I thought I thought you both had lingered for a little bit too long on the index and where countries are on the index which which is relevant but I don't think was at the core of the argument and neither of you mentioned the private sector you talked generally about how this relates to the government but there's also a lot of corruption in the private sector and they would have been good to hear a little bit about that and you also I think both talked about it very much as a technical issue and actually it's it's an emotional issue and it's a political issue and I'd love to have heard a little bit more about that but overall I thought you were you were fantastic the presentation was great and you both got much better as it as it went along say well done ELISA I think you had an indignation that seemed much more real this time still I think that was a lack of spontaneity and that might have to do with the fact that you are not older than you are and I mean I'm not really convinced of how much corruption has influence on your daily life but I think you did very well saluté yeah I think you had a nice timing and lots of confidence and still the spontaneity it wasn't the iron I'm not your wife wasn't that but overall I think you both made a very strong impression and I would like really like to see you keep up the good and studying spirit thank you I'm glad that you maintain your consistency in the second round and you still had certain contents to give out it is I would still say that you'll have to be slow and clear as you speak and SaLuSa you were clear and bitter in the second round then compared to your first round however SaLuSa you repeated a lot of contents from your first round and again you read to Richard the same fact that corruption is not the worldly cause and I was hoping you would as I suggested earlier bring more windows to your argument and I like the fact that you brought the comparison between diplomatic relations versus the status of a corruption of a country that was interesting and Alisa you brought new contents in the second second round it totally we didn't we didn't hear and that was very impressive and I like the fact the way you brought counter-argument and the issues of Japan and Ethiopia and that was very well what was most impressive is the example of Oran third corruption which you could have used in the first argument you served it till the last and you didn't forget it so I think that is a very good way of rebuttal or a counter-argument for a debater to hold on to a content like that and save it till the last so I think that was very smart of you let's see what the results are like he both would have done very well today thank you [Music] while the judges are finalizing Denmark's we are all eagerly waiting for the announcement of the winner of the grade 7 8 & 9 English category this is the tough part of the debate and I'm given the worst job of deciding the winner and not the loser one of the so the vote is not three on one the vote is two and one and one and one so that basically means that you both have done very well and we do have a winner winner for category 2 grade 7 8 & 9 English language is ELISA presiding the runner-up for category 2 English language grade 7 8 & 9 is SaLuSa Sawako t and Cilicia diseases have recommended you for this special medicine so you'll have to wait for a month and not lose hope congratulations it's official ELISA press I of sky rider school has been declared the winner of Nepal's top 7 debaters 2013 in the English category of grade 7 8 & 9 I'd like to declare salutis evocati of grades 9 from Saint Mary's High a secondary school as the runner-up of Nepal's top 7 debaters 2013 English category of grade 7 8 & 9 if you are a student studying between grade 7 and bachelors level you can apply for a Nepal stop 7 to baiters 2014 the application submissions are open now you can call the TI office at 4 to 5 7 2 5 0 or send us an email at youth dy at the rate don't forget to watch the finals of the other categories of Nepal's tops of in debaters 2013 the following week we'll be back soon with Nepal's tops of in debaters 2014 namaste [Music] [Music]