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Breakfast Club more than everybody is de j MV Angela a Charlemagne the guy we oughta breakfast club you got a special guest in the building yes sir that is robbing back in Houston so got a good workout I'm fine oh yeah someone clock absolutely what is Robin workout regimen look like we're back in the day you come in at six o'clock good morning all night drinking get up go to gym eight o'clock in the morning go practice play game back then but now no drinking I'm all good yeah we started thirty four thirty Michael Jordan said he didn't think you would live to be 40 could use your ability to drink plates party drink play party oh yeah man but I'm here though that's the main that we did you ever did you ever think you would see see past forty you use this in a moment wait I understand when I turned 40 I got in the helicopter jumped out of a helicopter went to a party had a good time I'm 58 years old I'm still living Wow it was cool man school it was tough to watch though it's very tough I mean I think a lot of people on the world can relate to that I think the people and in the 16th and 17th can really relate to that I think the kids today between a 2002 2020 and came relate to that because everything has been coming too easy for them today and I think the kids could be relevant its foresight two guys they used to play basketball in the 90s and 2000 I think I think a lot of guys could be relevant again with this documentary have you been able to watch it how long did that take like that process you do a lot of short kids a lot of hope man I think mmm when I was 18 I was five or six no 99 by five four seven eight maybe I forgot I jail I shot up to like six eight you know that jail food yeah so after that you know lived in the street for two years after that went to college three years in college start playing basketball like 25 26 what's up that's such a different story than anybody else in the NBA why not a couple guys came I like doing was like 26 27 with covered achiely you know I don't play more in high school I was more mobile you see I'm a mama's boy because I hang around my sisters everyday because I never had a male figure right my sisters I was like a football player then I got got nerves when I got in the 9th grade I started to follow my system around it volleyball basketball so they went to loose clues on a tech stephen f austin all Americans went over to Japan played over there then all of a sudden I grew up next I know I'm an MBA when did you turn into the to the bad boy that's one thing I was wanting to know because we let me watch you early on and you were kind of man well I think I think I became the bad boy because I think was Rick born Bill Laimbeer Sally when all of us you guys and Isiah was the leader Rodney I was more like the mild-mannered guy on the team I just want to go out there rah-rah just you know just throw my hands over there and just have a good time just playing basketball I think I became that when we lost in 1991 seriously Chicago that's when I started get a bell yes that's when things start to crumble on the team everybody know everyone's gone another team Dan with Chuck Daly left that was it I was done it was interesting on the 3430 to see how much love you have for each other like I said I had to walk off camera when he started talking about you know you being on the Pistons and you didn't drink he didn't smoke with that he saw to change and he couldn't do anything about it cuz y'all weren't on the same team look how did that make you feel when you saw it well I just said that's why I don't want to say oh I know cuz you know it brings back too much hurt memories and stuff like that because I think that when you lose something that that's close like it in Detroit when you come from a family thing you know in Oklahoma you felt like that you just got everything just taken away from me just all of a sudden and I was then always said you just by yourself and and I said been there from day one leaves like a brother a mother and father I was the only one there and he was only one took care of me you never had that family feel on another team again well at that time I became Dennis Rodman became this guy you know so when I was with Detroit I was more like a follower you know so you know follow what I was trying to learn things in the NBA because when I got an MBA I knew nothing about the game and they never never had a role model right so I had to try to grow up on that one they give you to stay with the Pistons your your life would have been different like you didn't ever went down that I guess crazy Dennis Rodman path Wow let's play like this in a short sentence I won't be sitting here today if you realize that I won't be interesting I want to be like global I said you what I'd be like them having kids so I had to take them you know unfortunately I didn't make that turn so I guess so for better for worse could you play oh yeah absolutely easily you don't think it's too soft I'm gonna wear myself you know I think my mentality would be changed but I think the league it's more like corporate now it's very very corporate I think that you know guys have been buddy buddies guys wanna play with you know their friends and stuff like that you know when you saw back in the 80s you saw Isaiah magical and half-court and kiss each other right I'm sorry well what I was saying now it's more like okay it's gonna banana boat and summertime hangout but it's like when you see guys that are friends in the lead they read oh go ahead each other it's more like you score 40 I score 40 I see it - no dinner tonight it's more like that and in place when you're making 40 50 million dollars a year and then the co say you know what I make your take two weeks off really to exhaustion make it fifty million dollars here and people pay up hard money to go see these guys playing so it's hard it's tough to watch no eyes done what I think was kind of more like okay great it was acceptable back to him yeah everyone knew they were best friends tough like that but it's funny though you know and society how back then when magic came out with the HIV when he had announced it and people went dressed is too much when he came up to HIV and said that you know I contracted HIV he was thought he was gay nobody you know what no one ever ever questioned him he never questioned hi you guys whatever they said they never questioned how he got it but in today's society if he said today literally there'll be like 15 mm grooves coming at his ass today back then nobody came back at him for his Magic Johnson the NBA protected him listen but you know even today he still won't come out and say how that affected how you got it yeah today he won't say it well when he was up here I asked him I said do you ever like look at all the tracklist the woman that you was witness able that dirty ass girl in Michigan hmm and he was like yeah I did they think things like that I think was those parties and white boy oh yeah doesn't real good parties in Hawaii you've been a couple oh yeah I caught three cases of divorce I caught those three right there in other cases it's interested about you because I think you could teach a class on promotion and marketing because when you look at all the other guys like the magics and the birds and the Michael Jordan it's like it's like other entities made them popular when they're with Nike converse well that that's the key right that means how you if you look at like I say look at the branch of the sit up on the decades who's who are the main people that decade I mean at that branch themself in the eighties can you name its force and granted themselves I'm doing self and his gym self you know corporate sponsors nobody who brand themselves in the 90s Dennis Rodman thank you today rules but you know what what is what is funny to always say that the city of Philadelphia you know brotherly love so fight that rocky you know Joe Frazier right you know right but they embrace him for so much and they ask to give him a job you know just keeping keep irrelevant if he was it in in that situation not a lot of players in the names that's out too late now or relevant you know what talks about him you know it's like a maze even in early 2000 not a guy's not relevant anymore without social media you know Instagram and stuff like that but it's amazing though ever since 1993 2020 I'm probably probably only God really that's relevant haven't done a damn thing ever done it nothing nothing no promotional commercials no it's just this thirty four thirty pretty much if you look at but you think that last time for us what you got a career and you got a book you know only one book I only remember two one go to you twenty forty okay great everything is going out and be like that's me cuz you think about it back then when you in the league and you might genell's and you dyed your hair right you did the earrings and the the stuff that people called weird back there right now it seems like that's hip-hop it is hip on now right if I was taking on the world right now right and all these young kids my went to rolling loud I wasn't rolling on them I went there do I feel old as hell and on I saw these young kids like 18 19 20 I'm like this kids 18 years old got more money to me more money me and rapping and most he's got this he's smart he's kids that's he's smart you know it's a different type of marketing I mean is Instagram if it wasn't live I was it wasn't a radio if I had it back then I'll be a beaner easily will be enough I was the only one doing it I was the only one doing all this I wasn't done you know you know Sharon Stone I was hanging about you know that girl that married a guy from W Hotel calm Elektra I know Jenny McCarthy all these people man they say you broke up with Madonna cuz she didn't she didn't want she you didn't want to get her pregnant she wanted your anyway but not afraid oh I tried I tried over you over there by a Central Park she had a big three-story place over there I was I was rolling the dice in our Vegas and just a good story that's one of the story I was rolling dice in Vegas and she's in the she calls and next thing you know the paper I'll say hey I got a call from Madonna he just screams it right and I said what the hell would you man that's bull crap right so he said no Dennis you got a call from one donor so I say hold the dice get the cause she said Dennis you know what I'm ovulating I said what you're already that's what is that of trying to fuck with it right No you know you know I'll believe that so okay great so so I I'll be there in five hours so I put the dice down I said hold the table that's what I said hold the table and they do that shit I hold the table so they do that we got money they do that so anyway she said that she sent a plane for me at g5 I went to our Ford came here flew here went over that thing over the house did my thing went back on the plane got back the hill the table stuff playing dice again [Music] I'm talking about the table people you don't come on no no come on in LA they doing a new thing in LA they have sex in the evenings like 3 o'clock have you have sex you wash the sheets and call somebody else that's a Hollywood thing you know I got lucky with Lamar Hunt daughter so wait a minute why couldn't you ask me easy question ok ok why couldn't I get pregnant what did you her it doesn't do you give credit to Madonna for making you a star no a John Salley said that it was Madonna dead it's other way around ok this other way around you mean the downest oh yeah in 1993 I think her career was declining and she said that you know the reason why she didn't me because I was a bad boy that's why she dated me mhm so I was going up and she was pretty much loving off well you disappointed that you didn't get you didn't get her pregnant no well well you know she asked me that if I got a pregnant she paid me 20 million dollars what the baby was born right oh well who's she dancer Lucy Dana dancer I don't know without all the bad boys all the bad boys right Wow on the dock they said it was a three year period where he was more popular than Michael Jordan do you believe that I'm not get Jordan said that right he said yeah all day he said it on the duck wait he said it somewhere yeah yeah I was Wow globally yeah yeah pretty much yep yeah nobody was doing what you were doing no one's doing I was doing I think I could join you know he I don't think he really cared Michael George Michael Jordan he's very well Evan now he's like mother I think the first second billionaire athlete Tiger was first right yeah and he feels like he's more private about everything and you were more like yeah I think that uh Chicago of more poverty was over like two years I didn't care man I just want to go play win have a good time what was your relationship with him because I know when you played on Detroit yeah hated each other so how did it when he came when you came to the Bulls was there a conversation or was it like let's just win let's go win that's it we never really talked to him off the court we never really talked one time we ever saw each other off the court this win like we go to a restaurant and next thing you know we'll go to restaurant Michael Jordan have a bodyguard Scotty people have seven body cause I have like six and we acid made the triangle in a restaurant it was like that of the rest we never never ever talked in public never did who do you speak to an illegal speak to that that wasn't league with before any any athletes that you speak to now I just told Scottie other day he's on a get up right you got a pepper I was with him the other day it's cool to see him I've seen him in a while I don't talk to too many people you know Michael told a story on the thirty was dirty about how sky he didn't want you on the team so he was wooded phil was with it but Scottie was like hell no oh that first conversation was Scottie like when you walk into that facility and we went to a Jerry Jerry Cross's house and we all me Scottie Michael field his wife and we all had to go brick Bray at that GM's house and I'm subscribed and talk to me so I didn't care no talk to me so I didn't care I like I said my whole saying one of my books I said you know I don't have to like you to work I don't have to sit down I want to come here to win I want to come in when I'll give it down how we do it let's do it right not to be friends I think people are day in the lead today any sport today they take that so personal ego shit you know the ego thing they got now is like wow you know Kate great Odell Beckham look at him he's over there in Cleveland right he's bitching and complaining he's won at fucking having me and all the watch on the field any real there's no ways ready nope so so you a Scottie never had a conversation you had to have a conversation at some we talk we talk about to laugh up to six months and I was there we see you know after six months we have we start talking on the court and of the constant fight that but it's strange so after two other first year in Chicago actually won the first championship and next second year it was amazing all the guys are mayor and stuff like that and all the wives will come to me and say then is where you going out tonight you asked me to go out with me almost every night I was fine doing not like other guys we go to restaurants be all corporate with suits and stuff like that I go out and drag and shit like that go hang out the gay bars so I was cool you said that were the most fun was that that's what you say that's the gay parties would not a party I don't a point right yeah what do a gay wedding this weekend man oh my god in Santa Fe New Mexico I was I'm still recovering partying with the gay parties in the going to drag what got you that way I think I think you know like I said I've is like a lot of stuff about my life when I'm alone I think when I was younger I played that up you know I used to dress as a girl my sister put makeup on means put weaves and my stuff like that I think that that's a vision I've always had just just just express myself you know this no sexuality was what don't get it the record straight I know been with a guy but I love my gay community and stuff like this so but I just like being free maybe right it wasn't side my mother today we figured he was gay what the hell now let's talk about your daughter the first order that you had because she's on the documentary also that's amazing huh yes daughter and she tossed like that she talks like that wow she's cool today because obviously back then you got you weren't around her no you're such a one thing family type of person from when you were younger to have a daughter and then not even really see her now this one those things where you know when you get someone pregnant Adama Sonny see dollar signs and next thing you know next thing you know things start to crumble you know it's not because you cheated oh she cheated it's more like okay great I found a bigger better deal so they take your money take your baby take everything in the next day no you have to put him in jail the baby was in foster care the next thing you know all of a sudden things start to Kromah like that again so those are things that help me with that with that Chuck dating that's that whole thing my ex-wife and daughter so we never talk for like 20 years I think it was strange because I didn't know what tiny know what to say you know like like our thing was last year she had a baby right like you saw on the documentary when I'm holding the baby like this like this I don't know how to hold it right off cuz I'm like there's your baby you know it's a hold of clothes I kept doing it but am I used to I'm not used to doing that it's hard do you think that because you didn't have a father growing up you didn't know how to be one I don't even even even then like that think that so never in my life a lot of people's lives back then they didn't have a father back then so I think if I did have had a father back then I think I would not be here today why is it just because scenario thing is well you know a lot of things in my life if I did something different back then I think I still won't be here today allowed you to be so free cuz back then I mean everybody was judging everything and you would just F the world I'm here I don't have a bunch of terms well I don't know I just started it I just said whatever malice so I was so lost lost in my own world I went to San Antonio and everyone knows it suddenly Toni was more like Bible bumpers a little church and do the right things stuff like that I was waiting opposite I'll be on a plane and I got my heard I'd have a scroll to my head and I sit on playing playing Nintendo and David Roberts is sitting right here and the whole time David Robinson look at me like this he's he'd look at me like I'm the damn devil he let her be the whole time on the flight and so what's wrong David he said why won't you change I said change what you said yes won't you be a part of the system I said what system and he just like you know I stopped me a day we really got along like that you know so any gas I don't have to like you to win so uh back then people looked at me differently but I think in the second year in 94 a lot of people start to like me you know because I was just doing something that's out the norm right I don't normally feels good I'll be there free right so it's like it just well sometimes it pissed me off in society today that all of a sudden things are so free so equal and right wing the left wing my damn back in the day if someone would came and there was game they'd be recommended for that Malik Yoba was here and he said that he was attracted to trans woman no but he said he's not gay and they were all on them like how could this happen and like they started crucify Diamond and going at his kids and all that other stuff yeah I mean I just look at like this man you know what I don't know any man on this planet what color you are what gender you are I don't know any man that sit in a locker room do not look at another man's penis you're saying that you see some nice penises that was mine all right either way say one thing I don't even know who you are straight I don't know who you are what you mean is for what your name where you come from my name is Shallon well Denard McKelvey from South Kissimmee snow you know the fact that we sit there and just men that wanna come out gay or bisexual we're judging men and women for this amazed oh do P forever a knowledge the fact that with a man I'm not saying it's wrong because I love them I love them I'm just saying uh but look I would love to see W NBA women really so the world they saw in a world right now yeah they're very good I guarantee and probably a nice couple there will be a couple of women in the NBA Hey I'll just start with let's talk about in the documentary you said you said this is gonna sound crazy but you know if we could have with the Detroit Pistons we all were to separate each other absolutely what that's not close we were yeah connection we may sleep as far as like like bands sleep over no okay what was so special about that patootie oh just because I said was so passionate about it he wanted to win win win just like magic and just like Jordan hmm he wanted to win so bad it's a fight that him and he was just so great bands for us like a ambassador for the game and he just want to do it and he just he was a leader and probably the toughest little guy I've ever played with did you have a problem with him and magics relationship because being back then y'all weren't buddy-buddy y'all weren't friendly so when you see them kiss and they so close like man we got a war to go go fight did you ever feel that way no no you think yeah basketball was a guy given talent for you meaning that when you were younger it wasn't something that you ever even had considered but then it just was like this is your destiny no I mean it took me took me maybe 30 years of realized what all the things that this uh this is translating in my life you know it smells like all the trials tribulations growing up in the ghetto in the projects seeing the riots with the mother became white people come down the street get killed stab take any babies away beating stuff like that I went back in time is seen all those things all those things in and all of a sudden I saw I was tell myself you know in my books I say you know someone has a hand on my shoulders and said you're not going over you ain't got things to live for you got something to say so we want you to stay here do you believe in God yep okay oh yeah well you said that you racism didn't really bother you and you playing that town in college needs to call you nigga everyday everyday why didn't it bother you cuz I didn't know I didn't know anything about that you know so he went out you know in the town white people come down and the things that you you got story I was dating a white girl in and out Durant you know and I was live with the white family I had the white kid with me so I was gonna tear dorms and there's then these two white guys came and grabbed me and grabbed the white kid put us down it did something to the kid tissue right here my brother here yes so clearly it did bother you more than you let on absolutely the racism no I didn't look at color bagdana it was just like calm when these guys came and got me and it looked kid and we look kid was real close I mean I need like him as a white guy I like white here and they took us in a park and the girl office I was hanging out with they took me to a tree and one of the guys what was beating me another guy went and got a shotgun and put it in my face he said if we ever see such a not a white woman the next time we see we gonna blow your head off mm-hmm and they had a gone to the little boy's head he said you know if you ever see you with this nigger I'm gonna shoot you too so took the white girl with him and me and him and we stayed that we sat there and a little white boy hugged me the same he said I'm glad you all right Dennis why look at me up if I was black and I he just made sure I was okay and we got in the car and he took me back to his house and you made sure I was safe story you don't see I got a lot of stories like that but I just don't talk too much about that but that's one of them but clearly it bothered you don't bother me yeah about me today because noises suffer people look and view people today man and and when people sit there and talk about Mexicans and wives and Chinese and people from North Korea just bother Vietnam but I don't know why we can't fucking get along because you know we live with these people fucking every day you got people from North Korea South Korea around the world we said that in bitch implemented by shit and it's just you know it's beefs meet up sometimes that's Hertz sort of criticism when you struggle with the criticism you were receiving when you were going and coming from North Korea was because you were trying to bring people together you didn't understand why just you know I guess I was so blinded by just trying to make people happy and same thing you know my agent over there said you know you know he's been what about so rocks in the last 22 need to protect you and because things are not going well and so in New Jersey for 40 days that's why I wanted that on the 3432 cuz they put the whole relationship with you and kim jungeun in a different perspective because i was sitting there like all dennis is really trying to do is make peace I'm like why don't we want peace with these people like I said I'm not a politician you know and a lot of people don't hear me talk too much you want a war I've been low-key for a long time you know I've been fighting with my clothes and alcohol and stuff like that you know and my agent know that he's been sofa Levin years and and he's got a book out called aiming high and I've been trying you know on that pad but it's very difficult for me because you know I'm so used to doing what I'm doing and there's bumps in the road keep piling up sometimes but you know but you know I'm getting there I'm getting help a lot of people so I'm getting that's four months I've been sober for four years right and by so by me not cheating on my wife I know you should be right as any NBA team you know contact you trying to hire you before you know what you've done and the fact that no player has done what you told me say that you want me to say it yeah not you you know you want me to sit now that is shocking huh no one's ever approached me at all you know that but Jerry what's a good friend of mine but the clever he did a great job right got Kawhi linen right and the other guy George Wright but he approached me and said then as you know what you want to do would rest you're like no you say you want to coach her you want to do something in the league I said the opportunity comes yes but no one's ever asked me that to do anything with the league because I think tell you know what and I was in now I was in I was in LA I was dating Jeanie buss that's what I'm - oh yeah before feel what is the story I'm trying to get that job I want to take his job no I want to him to mentor me okay I love I respect you I love Jerry for a long time good guy man what would you do with the Clippers though what I do yeah what I do I'm just consulting special to Jerry with oh okay yeah guys he's gonna retire soon he's 80 81 81 so he's gonna tire soon so if I get the job that's that's gonna be my next road to it replace him why it's great ball player need a little help off the court just a little bit whatever I'm just saying as far as like you know branding wise you know I'm saying well it's very difficult it's very difficult to bring someone like Kauai because when you're getting under 80 million dollars for four years are you gonna brand yourself you get all that why are you bringing yourself switch it up right he was only doing that to make more money back in the day oh yeah no you I had no country with money I just thought that was just doing for fun I never wanted money I was just going out having a good time that I didn't even check a bank account what was your mom saying during all this she wasn't around you see the doctor we didn't talk but I didn't know she if you all ever had any like side conversations or she would might try to hit you up and be like what's going on oh no she hit me up but I love my mother you know it's just we just got this weird relationship right now the fact that I just won't put my foot forward to accept the fact that I can't let go what happened and then she kicked me out I think that's the biggest thing for me I can't let that go she felt like what she did was best for you you're right I think it was best for me but I think that's the biggest thing between my my mother that that one party that on my life I did I just couldn't let that go for some reason you know but I've been going back and forth back and forth you know I do see her I don't talk to them because I think like that when I feel like you know think about you say you wouldn't be here right now if this didn't happen and you wouldn't be here right now if she didn't kick you out right that's funny and you were 20 it was 20 years yeah a lot of things back then the same scenario you something if I would have made that wrong turn I would every time I went out to go to gym if I were look to my right and trench my right I would have been a drug dealer because my mother and my father he was setting bricks of cocaine every fucking day you two taught to be a drug deal no I was short shot up there so yes less interesting about parents right you realize you get older they had their own issues that they were dealing with - and her conversations with him you realized why he did the things that they did like when my father made me easy to forgive him when I I realized he was dealing with alcohol addiction substance abuse and yet his own mental health issues so I had a different appreciation form as I got older I was going through his own struggles my anyway so yeah we I mean New York kind of traffic is bad yeah I was born in Trenton trend a mood of dollars like $6 plan it to a boy Trent was born he lives in Livingston so never seen New Jersey Darren so yeah we're so weak we don't know this stuff so anyway so we got this thing in Miami coming Nick tomorrow you know Dave you know Dave Grubman live live so we don't pour you down then we all need it to help you sleep right CBD right that nourish like the nerve group calm if anyone wants it got that other stuff for them right now we didn't do you see right you got that one we got the lotion that the oils got everything man everything for you I want to ask you such a peaceful person you all about unity and bringing people together just so with that said do you still support Trump electron man like I said I don't look at Trump as a president I was calling Donald mm-hmm donna's go have lunch like great I don't even though I try a dated skirt his daughter that's our today his daughter Ivanka oh yeah before she got mad to what he turned you know no she just left see this laughs so when you all have less do y'all like have conversations about what's going on and what Donald's always want to preach to me trying to preach to me out Dennis you know you get your stuff together maybe I'll work with you then as you do this together we can do this turn it so you're not too high talking shit you know I mean making the rich guys richer right he definitely is right he calls it so much division though a rising world my division what do you mean you're such a peaceful person like you bring people together no you know I kid to Donna when he went to Singapore and and said that you know and people forget that forget that statement he said when he when he drove to this to the summit mm-hmm people forgot that one quote what he said what was it remember what he said when he walked in before you walked in What did he say when he count a car he said I can tell if I like him in 30 seconds he said that we just got the car I could tell him I like in 30 seconds or a minute I can tell took him five any fucking half hours to figure that shit out then next thing you know he goes in there do you see Donald Trump doing this I like this guy we can work together he's a good guy yeah didn't see him do that it was funny as hell and I said god I said Jim jongen probably people looking at this this timing this stuff like that I look at me as a guy that was treated me well you know I don't know anything about the ward and stuff like that I just think that he came upon this whole situation because his father he was inherit inherited that because when I talk to him he's all about he wants to come into your he won't see what the matter squirt Gorn he wants to be in America and stuff like that but people don't know about him and then when you saw him in Singapore after the summit what was he doing he was out in Singapore on the water facetiming people he was a detective Charles never seen that but he wants to be that guy that changed North Korea slowly slowly so you know he's always asked me turns out you know I want three things from America to this day I won't say it I won't say it to his time so what do kim jeong-hoon and Donald Trump have in common nothing nothing you know I just think that you know when I brought Donald Trump's book to - Kim jong-un is a present he didn't know doughnut room was the same way you don't know who I am right yes you can go over there right with me right can you I don't know you might not let me come back what do you know you know I had okay so so anyway so anyway so anyway so how much greatness did you personally get for putting Trump and Kim Jung a lot but he won't give me that credit Wow it won't give me that credit but you know that's it I don't care who gets this done it's just get it done right mmm just get it I said all the time and stuff like that it's like when when I want to do the to do the press comes with it and I got emotional up there I said wow it's amazing well I'm trying to do something great in my own country is hating me and a Madonna one over there people praise the fuck out his ass like damn God if try to get this shit together and beginning in our he goes I didn't get all the activation okay quick screw over now everybody's embracing that right now so if if anything does happen between North Korea and I'm an American you know I guess said Donald you did it you did it you don't wanna do it Donald okay so what's next for Dennis Ramadan congratulations on getting that guy home to no career it was cool it was cool like I said it's not my quit I just think that you know was it can be gave me credit so yeah he definitely was on CNN he said I want to thank Dennis Rodman for helping get me home yeah I just made a witness that he was there I didn't know he was there and stuff like that as I was coming up the flame one one trip and he they told me not to look to my left there was another plane behind ours it was a private plane taking cannon bait at the back door as I was going in so that's how you got out so what's next for Dennis Rodman oh you gotta go my new podcast I got no Instagram all the stuff you know people got I got a lot of stuff I'm doing right now I got I got any tickets calm in Houston man these guys are cool Marcus Dave Derrick all those guys down at your various company Ticketmaster is StubHub it got any tickets on big an overall so he's in a Washington State one four six nine my daughter some one soccer player in the world I usually not see 17 Wow you still eight full ride Madonna shower this amazing athletes today all the kids are plans for us right and all that tease today with Nicky is transport hi Michael George kids don't play sport greatest basketball player in the world kids don't play sports you know gene can't don't get passed on right yeah don't get passed on well Dennis Robin we appreciate you for joining us all alone here it's fun it's entertaining I think that you know what the right guys would like Derek Darren Prince I'm sorry got Darren prints from delivers in New Jersey got you know and look at look him up right there looking love so yeah it's cool man you know sit on the right pad is good you may not be impressed by Michael Jordan signs but you all about magic I'm sure Maddox you're funny yeah he's what magic all the time that carry all the time I know it sunshine do it first he's very free he's very free right Breakfast Club baby [Music]