Destroying Back w Nelk Boys and Steve Will Do it

[Music] Hunter reps under wraps 60 pounds 10 sets 30 second started saying rest in between it feels good do your best to try and keep your hands palm facing up and set up and you'll notice you said to get fatigued you're gonna want to put your arms in which is okay but do your best to try to get as many palms up [Music] [Music] finally no I can swear on this nobody [ __ ] know Wade back today with the boys so rocked right in so my legs are rocked my lower backs like rekt [ __ ] you man what's got me I'm a little changing myself beyond good a little while bend a little bit a while a little bit of a while give you guys some encouragement like if you feel shitty one day I feel like let's see if it worked out like week two weeks or even in quarantine I've been really good work out like in the gym obviously a lot of you guys are at home no when you come back to Jim it's gonna be a little rough like muscle memory is very very fast as long as you continue to keep pushing it push those boundaries back in the gym when you get there or even at homes it's the first time you started working out like you're gonna be able to bounce back and also if you're brand new to it you'll notice obviously you get beginner gains which is exciting but you'll notice that you'll recover quicker and quicker over time so don't let like the initial oh man I feel wrecked throw you off and just like get you to stop doing what you're doing is like it's only temporary I'm trying to say mean like it's not gonna last forever you not gonna feel sore every single time you work out like sometimes you might feel sore than others but you're not gonna have to deal with that all the time especially dinner that was a lot of people that get sorta like whoa I'm not doing that again it's scary but yeah we're getting back today I'm feeling good I know a lot you guys have been following the home workouts I appreciate the [ __ ] support I'm glad you guys need a killer workout out of it because I've been seeing a lot of message people saying oh that's just [ __ ] nuts just workout it's great that home should appreciate I get a lot of the ends so bounce if you guys wanna check it out Bradley Martin calm out at home workouts post it every two day just go there follow it like I said that website was and gym workouts every day before the corn see them but we adjusted for you guys so I'm glad you guys are liking it oh there Bradley might not come sign up daily gains baby now in here though maybe you guys have some of the equipment we have here like for your home gym you can file we're going to use the Chi bar we started with pull down you didn't have to pull downs from the woman you guys are gonna see like a very dip we went to 100 rep chest supporter roads you can do bent over rows you don't have a bench at your home gym or if you have a gym I don't know maybe you do so chest support arose under wraps set to 10:30 sing a rest now we're doing the [ __ ] over there [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] the skinny is kidding here's a sign - OH [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] this is the background tied together sometimes you gotta get it good sometimes you feel good just go for it it [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] it's definitely yeah you have a stirred your face depression so you feel normally more stable so there's less like this [ __ ] you miss it off but you got a key you gotta let it go for a little bit if you got injuries like that you gotta ideally switch to dumbbell stuff is you gonna feel a lot better sure cuz this because you have to hold that even one sides know me a little bit better than the others you have injuries and it's gonna make it hard to put the pressure deeply across cause it's like I can set one bar that's it we're gonna run the circuit that's it for this see you guys again back again Monday Wednesday Friday 10 a.m. subscribe to the channel [ __ ] Steve you know for real 500,000 I'm beating you up I think that's right now look actually you want if you want to see something check it out I wanna know 100% like oh no [ __ ] aside look this is my second Channel four nine nine come in Kyle come over here oh my god Kyle come over here look at the number see I don't even think right now like actually YouTube studio actually it's probably 500 thousand oh go to YouTube studio gonna see okay [Music] [Music]