Dhanush Gun System

starak moment punish the pride of the nation enters the service of the Indian Army on the 8th of April 2019 in a ceremony at the gun carriage factory jumbo Tanish has evolved from a 39 caliber gun based on the initial transfer of technology documents received from bow falls to a truly indigenous 45 caliber gun system marvelous lethal and majestic a triumph of Indian technological strength with over 80% indigenous content it is the result of synergies between the ordnance factory board the Indian Army the Defence Research and Development Organisation public sector units such as the steel authority of india limited the Bharat Electronics Limited and several private sector firms mechanical upgrades have given hush an extended range from 27 kilometres to 38 kilometres electronic upgrades provide pinpoint accuracy faster laying speeds target acquisition and direct day and night firing capability communication equipment has made it compatible with the Indian Army's project Shakti with a weight less than 13 tonnes the high ground clearance of 400 millimetres a range of elevation from minus 3 degrees 270 degrees and an arc of Traverse of 60 degrees kailash is one of the most maneuverable guns and can be deployed in any terrain Kailash is the most extensively tested gun system from the snowbound see action to the photocurrent sense polish has fired over 4,500 rounds capable of firing 155 mm nato ammunition non-hodgkin accommodates both by modular and bag charges Dhanush the complete modern artillery gun system silencing enemies maintaining peace