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please don't cut his leg off my grandson cried out tears streaming down his cheeks sir you fell into a diabetic coma the doctor told me as I blinked my eyes open confused and scared my wife was sitting by my hospital bed holding my hand her eyes were red and she looked worried she was pleading with the doctor please help us there must be something you can do to save his leg I was in a heavily medicated days but I could just about make out that the doctor wanted to amputate my leg we've done all we can to stabilize him the doctor told her but it looks like it's too late I couldn't believe it I was hours away from losing my leg to diabetes I was 59 and had become a proud grandfather for the first time I had plans to enjoy my retirement to spend time with family and travel the world with my wife Linda I couldn't do any of this with one leg my life as I knew it would end in a blink of an eye I'd be in a wheelchair at my son's wedding in a few months time I'd done everything my doctor told me to and now because I was one of the thirty million Americans with diabetes this horrific disease was going to rob me of my retirement and put me in a wheelchair for life diabetes had devastated my body and made me a slave to my medication the doctor made it clear that my leg needed to be sawn off and the surgical procedure was very risky there could be complications but what he said next was much worse you fell into a hyperosmolar nonketotic coma your blood sugar level was the highest i've ever seen here when the paramedics brought you in it's only because of their quick response that you don't have brain damage what he said next hit me like a ton of bricks we have to be clear about one thing next time you won't be so lucky and unless you fix your blood sugar that time could be as soon as next week so why am I telling you this I'm telling you this because I lived to tell the tale I reversed my type-2 diabetes and you can too and it was all thanks to my adorable four-year-old grandson Lucas he saved my life back then when I was lying in the hospital about to have my leg amputated I knew nothing about this deadly disease except to take my medication yet this brush with death was what forced me on the unlikely journey that reversed my type 2 diabetes and changed my life forever since that day I've discovered the scientific proof that you can reverse your type 2 diabetes in a moment you'll see the evidence with your own eyes you can be sure it's not what you think forget what you've heard about diabetes because it's not caused by your genetics or your family history your age your weight or even eating too much sugar or carbs the truth according to a breakthrough American study from the University of Utah is that the cause of diabetes type 2 as a tiny lipid molecule that makes your fat cells go haywire this molecule forces toxic fat cells to stream into your blood the toxic fat then sticks to your pancreas liver and heart suffocating your vital organs and stiffening your arteries for more information check the video description