Diamond Cartridge Removal Installation

go ahead turn the fork for the first part you'll need an 18 millimeter socket and break it loose completely remove that foot nut from the fork the next part you need a thirty two millimeter socket at this point of time you can go ahead and stand the fork up you won't lose any oil because it's actually sealed on the bottom right now go ahead and get a pretty decent grip on there you usually hear a pretty definitive click when that cartridge is ready to come out of the fork so go ahead and lay it sideways so with the fork face down go ahead and take the foot nut and I started just so it makes contact with that cartridge take a plastic mallet give it a good tap to get that cartridge out of the fork so at this point of time you've lost a very small amount of oil just a residual amount on the fork or on the cartridge not enough to really worry about so if you haven't stood the fork up or drained the oil out of here there should still be enough oil for you to reinstall the air cartridge if you have stood the fork up or drain the oil for any reason then you need to reinstall 15 cc's of fluid back into the floor go ahead and top off that bumper and install that cartridge solution you can just snug that top cap down by hand when you go to add the oil you want to make sure to keep the fork at a slight angle so that when you're pouring the oil in you're not actually catching much of the fluid into the seat at that foot that needs to go down so add that 15 cc's of fluid and go ahead and compress the pork so you can go ahead and lay the part back down and reinstall that 18 millimeter foot so go ahead and torque the foot nut down [Applause] and after you're done with the torquing down the foot nut go ahead and torque down that top cap you