Did Brock Lesnar fail a USADA drug test and retire


Chael Sonnen


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something interesting has been going on if you guys will remind remember and I got to take you back about two weeks but Brock Lesnar out of nowhere announced his retirement now there was immediate speculation there that was quickly brushed off not only by the MMA mainstream sites but also by bigger news sites such as TMZ and what I'm talking about is the speculation that Brock Lesnar has called a halt to his entire career and has returned to the UFC because he had some kind of an issue with pousada now why that was blown off and I also blew that off there just wasn't a lot of legs around it it didn't seem as though that would be a reasonable solution a retirement now had he ran into some hot water with USADA that would bring a conclusion to his mixed martial arts career but aside from that there really wasn't very much evidence guys I I don't want to add to something right now I want to come to you candidly and tell you that I do not have information but I am starting to hear things from people who generally do have the correct information that perhaps that wasn't totally wrong and we're going to need a little bit of time we're only going to know what time the new way that asada is operating okay I'll remind you of the old way first which was a guy flags boom they put out a boilerplate statement the only thing that they changed between athletes is simply the name John Doe right fill in the blank and then the whole rest of it uniform statement we get it but when who sada got confronted with five people who were later cleared and then Rosado was able to look at nakum you know what we didn't totally clear out we cleared them but in the world of PR and the mess that they went through in the mind's eye the day of the internet the sponsors that were already lost it's just very hard to unfried that egg so what we're gonna do now is if we flag somebody we are not going to say a word they will very quietly not be booked furry contest but we will also very privately see the process through to the very end when we make our release we will not only tell you who what in wind but we will also tell you what the remedy was whether it's a disciplinary action or a clearing of the athlete but we will present one statement to you in its entirety okay great really good way to do things there is now some people that are saying that they have dug into this and that is the very spot that Brock Lesnar is in I don't know that I buy that I don't know that I'm willing to come on board and say that but if you were a level of conspiracy theory or as we do over here we just simply speculate and visit and talk there is some clues to point to that is a possibility the first of which is the proc Lester retired out of nowhere he retired out of nowhere after taking a lesser WWE schedule he retired out of nowhere after going into training for 12 full months he retired out of nowhere after entering and clearing that who sought a protocol of things that he had to pay for from his last outing at UFC 200 against Mark Hunt it looked like all thing was ago he had a world title fight he had a main event he had a huge payday he had Daniel Cormier standing from I mean this was not just a return fight if you're going to return to fight mark hunt in a ko ko' main event it would seem as though that same athlete who just went through everything that I laid out for Brock would return to fight in a main event for a world championship it would seem that it would also seem that even if this is not correct and quite frankly I don't know that I'm buying it other than the people that I'm hearing it from have a very good track record if it wasn't for that and for the sources I wouldn't even be talking to you right now but we can't fully put this to rest perhaps until two months goes by we're only two weeks in once we cross that two-month barrier we need to drop this whole speculation and topic because if there was nothing that happened there is nothing that will happen it's not as though asada at some point will come out and go ona by the way yeah we've heard some rumblings out there absolutely not true a Bronco we won't hear that we will only hear if there was a adverse reaction to the process and we will hear that within 60 days of which we've got 45 left but what I am offering to you is it is a very strange circumstance and it seemed that there was then a later dialogue that came in and said no you know the reason Brock walked away is because the pay-per-view model has changed and therefore he can't collect his pay-per-view points and therefore he lost his enticement to do this now that is I can tell you now that is not what happened I don't know what has probably a pretty straightforward one either we're gonna find something out in the next 45 days or two and far more likely if I'm being fair far more likely he started training and his body was just sore and tired and he wasn't getting the same reaction as fast as he had in the past and he said I'm done I'm gonna do the responsible thing for myself I'm not gonna let my mind and heart that is in this go out and write a check that my ass and my health my pride can't cash I'm gonna move on that's just knowing Brock and no one have since 1999 that's just not the guy I know it's just not I've never bought I've never bought the argument that it was about the money by the way I know the UFC has been more than generous for him I know he can make in one night in the UFC and I'm well aware of the days in the preparation that goes into it you guys always push back when I say one night but for one night he can make what he would make an entire year wrastlin and one thing Brock hates to do it's not wrestling or fighting that he doesn't like to do any like travel he doesn't travel well he's a big guy so homebody he just doesn't really like so he can he can encompass all of that with one airplane ride from Minnesota to Las Vegas let's see where this all goes it's just with the evidence that we've been given so far I don't think any of its right if there is no flagging by Osada we may never know but we also may hear something somewhere in the next 45 days there is definitely in the room of conspiracy and one thing that Brock has working against him and he's got it work against him right now now I'm guild now I'm being a dirtbag and doing it against him is people talk behind your back because they have to when you don't come out and talk to the people that isn't fair and that isn't right but that is a reality of what's happening to Brock and it's happened to him right now right this very second because he does not come out and because we do have an interest in him and because he is a spectacle in a spectacular attraction it's hard to let it go it really is