Did Doctor Deliberately Prescribe Lethal Drugs to Patients

that doctor accused of killing 25 patients with overdoses of the powerful pain medication fentanyl says he is not guilty and he's vowing to clear his name but as a macaca leonov reports we're learning more about his past and it turns out this is not his first brush with the law it turns out accused dr. William fusil has a criminal past when he was in college dr. Hewson admitted to breaking into cars he also admitted to building a pipe bomb that authorities say he intended to detonate under the car of another student he was sentenced to six months house arrest when he applied for an Ohio State medical license in 2012 dr. Hugh so did not hide his notorious past I learned my lesson and will never make those types of mistakes again he wrote to the Medical Board I learned that through hard work and dedication I can become a more respected and professional person he blamed his crimes on immaturity and giving in to peer pressure the letter worked Usul was given the license and found work in the ICU at Mount Carmel West Hospital where police say he killed all those patients by deliberately prescribing lethal doses of fentanyl his appearance in court was eye-opening note the bulging biceps and large tattoo lawyer Jerry Leesburg represents several victims families some of the patients as Mount Carmel has acknowledged could very easily have survived their illnesses had they received proper treatment treatment and gone home from the hospital and yet they too received lethal fentanyl overdoses Christine Allison believes fusil killed her husband he said he was going to give him something to make him comfortable that is such a common statement in the hospital I've been told several times while in the hospital we're gonna give you something to make you comfortable they didn't give me fentanyl and it surely wasn't a thousand micrograms so is represented by attorney Richard Blake from [Music] you [Music]