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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] once upon a time not so very long ago in a peaceful valley nestled between forests lakes and mountains there was a charming little alpine village rockler housing now fakhla housing is an average country town with one exception most of the women are young and most of their husbands are old but they still manage to produce children at an age when the rest of us have trouble remembering how what's their secret well they owe their amazing fertility to a special wind from the southwest called the 3rd when the fern blows you can be sure someone is going to get pregnant that is why in fern weather they warn their virgins to run and their wives to wait no one is quite sure why it works but when a man fills his lungs with the brisk light wind of the fern his virility has aroused open sea restored and his wife is supremely satisfied my friend I'm looking forward to our fern making this a very productive night don't you worry mr. mayor just mention the fern and even my look happy at all aren't you glad to hear the news of the ferns arrival why should I be happy about that what's the point of a man fathering children one after another at our age when you're gone my sweet those children will be the comfort of my old age as I must agree we can't leave our wives alone in their old age feeling like that you shouldn't have married a younger woman and you would never need the fair yes then you could stay home and enjoy yourself like our village blacksmith bachelors have all the look well brother dear I hope you're up to it tonight jealous mr. mayor the wind's blowing from the southwest excellent off we go and don't come back - you're in good shape don't worry about a thing sweetheart just leave it to the Fed get ready for a big night you certainly haven't been disappointed by the fern you'd better strike while the iron's hot you've got so many irons in the fire what the devil does that mean it's time that you forged ahead into bed mr. blacksmith yes and he will be going now she wants to close up and you still have overtime to put in boys the one thing that keeps you going strong in spite of the miles ahead is the faithful gal who is waiting for you back breathes deeply boys and think of what the little woman is waiting for Oh like you can't imagine how stars I am for you and so our happy band of wandering husbands trudged the merry woods in search of America some fell by the wayside but others rising I'm 10 years younger my Suzanne's going to be satisfied tonight oh Michael one more time before you go I'd like to Suzanne but but I really must go so soon you'd understand if you knew how many orders I have to fill yet you kept me a quarter of an hour too long you're still the greatest hey fuck this house but you need a fern and I have Susan do you want me to send a substitute what do you mean a substitute I don't want anybody but you you understand don't be difficult you've had me you're just acting selfish think of all the others I have to take care of the friend should come off old on Suzanne you known Lee half an hour as far as I'm concerned I've had all I can take of the phone I'm going home but it's too early for the fern to take her out I'm going home poor felicity I'll bet she's burning up with passion have one last Michael I was beginning to worry dear sorry Felicity but I was held up oh yes I suppose that Suzanne wanted more than her share of beautiful sexy you come on we don't have much time my god Carl's coming home what a marvelous way for a wife to greet her old man I'm ready to go come on go to it but sweetie pie it wouldn't it be more comfortable if we went to it in the usual position go to it yeah excuse me I guess I forgot your long hi I haven't seen you that passionate for a long time some months later a formal celebration of the ferns success took place in folklore house and square the whole town turned out to welcome its new inhabitants papa it looks like you decided a bumper crop this year God's sake be careful with it one can be shot congratulations I see the phone's been working for your husband last year and fathers only 99 congratulations congratulations why he's the spitting image of his father is well that's only natural tell me is it true that you called him Michael yes Susanne gave him that name my son's going to be as strong as a Smith so we thought it was I would like to invite everyone to come to a baptismal luncheon at the golden cock in honor of the bird [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] welcome home mr. P hey did you have a nice trip oh the whole town never changes much oh what's happened to my father I guess the second wife is an inspiration they have a new child every year oh I suppose like everyone else the mayor of Fogler hasn't has to do his part our town is too dangerous to set foot in chances are I'll end up pregnant before I go back to school oh there's no need to worry miss because the food is very proper you know as long as you're single nothing will happen to you how's father's little celebration coming he's probably giving his hand you'll speech right now what a pleasure it is eight children within the past few weeks making Fuller's house and a name to be proud of our little town is more than grateful for this achievement all those be royal citizens of footless house and who are responsible for this achievement will please rise you will all go down in the history of Footloose houses well Mike what makes you think you can join our company you must have been asleep boy you have nothing in common with these noble fathers we're only honoring those who can produce sit down go on was I keep losing my place on account of him come on get this beach over the women are bringing the food out you're right my love and so by way of concluding my talk may I wish everyone Bon Appetit I wonder if they'll feel so noble if one of these men gets wise to the fact that their precious burn only started to work for the day we came into town to live have you seen the consumption of that blacksmith how can this Sully do away with it he's all muscle though it probably takes plenty of energy to wield that hammer - what I find peculiar is that he was a remained a bachelor so long how does he get rid of his tensions why are you asking me surely the floor takes all this energy I don't think it's normal outlet for a young man's emotions it's his passion though he's fantastic when he shoes a horse he gives her all he's got [Music] Fern has a very special mission see that families increase in number we're worried about you Michael how long you plan on staying single so far I haven't met the right woman I'm saving myself till she comes along Oh meanwhile I know you're gonna make me happy by dancing what on earth did you make well pucker you let your wife flirt with the Smith right in front of you and you don't even get jealous you know perfectly well that all Suzanne wanted was to dance exactly I'm sure Suzanne only loves me except when we dance I walk all over her feet you're still weak from the effort it took to be a father funny mayor I hope we'll enjoy the fern again this summer someone's going to get suspicious one of these days at the town's husbands don't stop reading nobody okay John I knew the minute I invented our beloved fern you did work you can't explain nature realize I guess might fall in love then the firm won't make it anymore oh my goodness then there'd be a revolution Gaby congratulations dad has a new baby fine thanks we all are you see we're full of surprises wait till you see the surprise you're getting from me oh that is it's really for everyone it's coming tomorrow I'm sure you'll love it oh you look simply marvelous stepmother nice to have you home Gaby hi Gaby hello Michael excuse me I want a dance I can't believe it you've changed so much you know you've turned into a woman with those profound words from the village blacksmith will leave fuck your house and for the moment to investigate other areas of interest this charming young lady is secretary to the minister of population and will play an important role in the future of Focker housing good morning miss Harrison you come in later every morning oh why worry life is doucher nothing could be shorter than the dress you have on don't be so stuffy I'm sure it won't corrupt you anyway you're incorruptible you're totally devoid of morals why are you eating in the office when there's work to be done you say so sir that's what I'm here for read this aha it's claimed by the mayor of populous Hassan that the local wind boosts the population what do you think of it fantastic impressive and it's natural I adored me naked how dare you err such sentiments you depraved creature how do you explain this population growth I explained because four years ago the town was almost done for but now the place is going great guns it has at the highest birth rate in the country revoked it's a waste of time trying to seduce me you won't ever succeed you now oh shoot and I look forward to it they'll have to be more specific if they want the award first will reply take a letter let's see dear mr. mayor before we can decide upon a winner we must clear up certain details certain details about this curious fern to blow in here over the Ministry of the population Cristina don't be impertinent you've no right to sit there and torment such a decent employer by showing off your legs like that they came with the body I can't leave them at home during working hours well you know what you're doing if you rip my dress I'll have to work in my panties then oh I know what you're up to we won't write to them we'll go and see them I want to prove that this fern is so much hot air yes what if you're wrong and it does work on you how could I help myself if you attacked me then Cristina one of these days I'm going to throw you out on your ear I nobody wouldn't do that you're much too soft-hearted to do that mm-hmm I wouldn't count on that up till now nothing's affected me the ferns not going to and neither are you quiet little fucker housing is in for some trouble and all because of the first of course miss Gaby's surprise gift of the town isn't going to help the situation father the surprise is here my dear job it's very thoughtful to erect a monument honoring your father in honor of the reproductive achievements of my fellow citizens Florence open it to goddess did you pose in the nude for that yes I'm glad you recognized me Father Lawrence Fowler my father the town mayor nice to meet you sir that's well there's nothing to be pleased about 30 young man this sculpture is going to be shown in a New York art exhibition next month how can she do this to me my own daughter a nude model I'm gonna have a heart attack think of your brothers and sisters they're gonna turn over in their graves I mean their cradles in a place where love is all-important I see the nude bodies the soul of the children wearing this silly thing in front what are you doing with all this sex a well-bred woman like yourself when Gaby gets around to discovering what the fern really is I bet she'll have a statue of you erected on a pedestal Gaby's really stirred up a lot of excitement with her fertility goddess but that's nothing compared to what she can stir up in person what do you think of my body it's first-rate it's really great I don't see how you dare pose like that naked Lauren says if you've got a good body you ought to display it it's Lawrence what precisely is his relation to you I'm his model that's all nothing else yes but you're only 18 yeah I have my whole life in front of me so somehow I feel that life is just beginning today why don't you come swimming with me Michael you can see for yourself if Lawrence was faithful to nature I have work to do nonsense that can wait come on hey what's going on Hina come here you [Music] what's wrong quiet stop crying you're gonna drive away you're all the guests and that's no way for the son of an innkeeper to act Inger little mother you must know how to change a boy I'm sorry but I never learned and until I get married I don't plan on doing that sort of thing go and ask mr. Becker yes I was gonna ask you I can't seem to quiet down this little bastard of mine what yes you're a sweetheart what's the matter with those silly women they're never here when you need them Martha all the trouble of man takes to give them children do you think they could at least take care of them at least well we'll have to change them ourselves Annie we need diapers and powder come on what do you think could have swiped our things who cares it doesn't matter we can go back the way we are oh that ought to take care of one of us anyhow it on for size you're the one who needs it if the women were to see you naked I'm afraid they'd go wild and we'll share it I'm kidding do you think we'll fit we'll see yeah did the wrong way you want to walk backwards you're right you'll have to forgive me I'm new at this come on turn around so weird mark left right left right left Buie boys right you know that kid ought to be disinfected inside will you see what your baby's been up to hmm how about that he made twice as much as mine did so what a mayor will always come up with more shit than anyone else I'd like to have kids holy the fern won't help their job well done you're gonna be proud of us you're an expert here from now on it's your yes I guess it's probably instinct that's how father knows what's right for his flesh and blood huh it's funny but I have the feeling it's getting crowded in here I suppose it's better if I get up front pity it does a woman good to discover that she's being followed by someone whose interest has been aroused hello use the purse you might help me I'm out of gas I would but I haven't any army ha ha what's this a new position I must admit it's not one I've seen in films it looks awfully difficult how very lovely I'd like to compliment you sir thou shalt not covet it's one of the bonuses of going swimming with Michael would you like me to take you for a swim the plot thickens more competition for Miss Gabby and a new worry for the wives of fucker housing yeah from who she's going to wait for the next fight forever why are you staring you've never seen a barrel before huh looking for anything special me I found it I'll keep you an eye on it [Music] don't move stop where you are hell of a picture oh where you let your ass old man did you see where your clothes wound up I should have known in order that my statue be covered up I have to go about naked what are the most beautiful things I've done it's obscene you lecher and you come into the house you're indecent little chof I can't take your hand without setting the barrel down what are the rest of you staring at it's all over go home come along I'm sorry but it's for your own good Michael's hardly the man for you he's such a degenerate boy he'll swear off other women when I get through with him you leave well enough alone I mean there's nothing you can do men like that can't be changed overnight as well you know that there's no use trying now go and get some clothes on Annie why does everybody pick on Michael he's the only real he-man that's left in town it's because of that cabbie I think it's time you were told the truth [Laughter] tell me if you have a room good I'll take a room with it bed one must try to keep in touch how much extra do you charge for it I don't know what I've been so cheerful well Annie let the cat out of the bag and now the fur will fly and so might the phone well so far the town's kept alive and growing without it I suppose you think so you're fantastically naive I bet you don't even know about the various measure once takes before one has sex I'm afraid to ask too much knowledge about making love mistake the romance out of it absolutely not I learned more facts each day about sex and I can't wait to put them into practice every night I never learned about it you ever learn no that stuff is way beyond me I want to be out going to share my sexual skill with mankind I approach the world with a missionary's I shall spread the message of sexual enlightenment into every nook and cranny you're welcome to use my cranny if you want you know it's incomprehensible that any man of your talents should still be unaware of oh I haven't got the energy for six hammer and anvil is where the energy goes oh that's something worth seeing then why don't you just step inside them I've never seen a blacksmith's it's a fascinating place you get your poker red-hot here in the forge that's right when the iron's red-hot I hold it over the anvil and begin pounding then what do you do with it I I work on it you use all of you energy working on your anvil all day long and you have no strength left for making love and I'm told that peasants are great sanctuary why don't we go upstairs you'll be more comfortable I've always been made love to in comfort the books say it's possible to vary the sex act infinitely it would help if you kept a tight grip on me there is that sculptor all alone tonight sorry have we met no no not formally but your statue is right in front of our house oh I know who you are you're the blacksmith's sister won't you please sit down I was just giving some thought to how dull an evening in Fogler housing can be Gaby swears that love is everywhere but I don't think I believe her oh it doesn't happen every night let's go for a walk I'll bring my pad along and sketch you in the moonlight you mean in the nude uh-huh Gaby does it often I hope you're not gonna pin this wound up in the village square no I'm keeping this one pinned on the wall along with your other models I suppose you'd make every one of them jealous is it very hard to get models to pose for you Lawrence very hard to find such attractive ones oh I thought you artists looked at models as though they were on the means to an end it depends on the end we're after well guess how about you watch out there I'm ticklish you are you're also the loveliest young woman that I've ever drawn in my life [Music] [Laughter] what do you suppose could have done that who'd want to give away the whole show here he comes wearing Michael's clothes she'll never get pregnant he's the least likely one of us to remove whose idea was that Susan how should I know none of us would be that crazy oh you got your clothes back that's a shame mister what do you mean you took my clothes then why not give the devil his do you realize how much deviltry you're responsible for I don't see why you're so upset you should be proud of yourself for a job well done that's exactly what come on let's go outside you've got to understand I know you know who I am but I won't sleep with you after all you're a virgin Gabby why not I have to sleep with someone and the first one is mine to choose so I decided on you it'll happen too when I want something I get it fellow villagers I'm sure you're wondering why this meeting of ours was called at this unusual time and why we're permitting the ladies to join the proceedings we all know they're troublemakers oh I wish you would stop inventing and stick to the written text this meeting was called because we are facing a problem will you sit down please if I can speak for myself thank you we are faced with a problem which is what's the problem again we've got to have more tourism oh now our most pressing problem is that we don't have enough tourists to please the women what I was trying to say give me that the meeting will come to order to further the fortunes of fuckless house and we must encourage tourists by publishing a descriptive pamphlet extolling the phenomenally fertile effect of our fern especially directed to those couples whose marriages have not yet yielded children now I'm sure that there's no one here who'd be so foolish as to oppose such a clever gimmick what have you got against it if you ask too much of the fern it's bound to wear out after all everything has a limit yes as strong as it is the fern couldn't take it [Music] I've heard a lot of stupid things but nothing that stupid the fern is nature's creation as if the wind cares in fact the more men in the woods the merrier the fern won't stand for this I wouldn't be surprised if the fern appointed strangers they might sue you for false publicity alright and we'll have to test it we are going to ask a childless couple to spend a few weeks here and if the firm blesses their union by the time they leave we'll go into the tourist business for all it's worth don't worry we'll see that the phone is out of order thank you unfortunately the mayor's plans were delayed by the arrival of none other than our friend from the capital [Music] how do you don't miss how do you deny as the minister of population I'd like to see the cause of it here a lot sir depends on the fern it may not come then again right yes I hope so have you met my secretary mayor where is that girl [Music] Christina I'll thank you to come away from there isn't it thrilling and naked got it yes awfully thrilling I may throw up it's no wonder these villagers love school mister madam I must request that this indecent figure they removed as quickly as possible from the public eye before our children are prevented a quite a greater wall run you hear that get her out of here quick right away sir now if you would assemble the children born here within the last four years and their parents of course we shall have a look of course a good job splendid I must say you've done well Oh surely not hold yours every one of them ever seen such a productive tongue it might have the same effect on you sir mr. mayor I see no reason for not giving the population award to your town thank you sir it's about the workings of this some of this strangely productive a fern of yours your wives are waiting for it alone in their rooms and what comes along hmm our blacksmith pardon this is Michael otter our blacksmith dr. Nagel Michael how do you do doctor mr. Hatta are you a father yeah no no sir none oh you're not doing your share shame on you I must experience the ferns as the best judge it's affected dr. Nagle you weren't really thinking of exposing yourself to the danger on you to protect me the ferns integrity is at stake is he up to the challenge or is it all over for fun I haven't walked across a meadow with a pretty young woman since I was a student goodness you are forgetful since when am i a pretty young woman and not just your employee could this be an effect of the firm it's quicker than usual the last time my pulse raced was at my doctor's exam don't worry about it sir if you're bothered by that naughty wind rest assured I'll protect you I'm very grateful to you Christina we'll get to the bottom of this by working together right Oh Oh wonderful spot like love is dream about Christina I'm afraid you're under clothing is showing oh really sir I think your obsession with under clothing is unhealthy but then the phone works on your weaknesses I'm told that's outrageous I merely wish to remind you that you are my secretary and that you ought to dress accordingly no I can't get it down but you're working too hard do you want it to rip mr. Nager what are you doing do you realize how close you came to caressing my thighs you're losing control Oh what's to become of me I swear it's five beats more maybe we better get a thought specialist come on we'll go fast swim yes but I haven't got a swimming suit so as far as I'm concerned forget it sort of an outfit is that it's what's called a bikini if you like I'll start wearing once the office of gay I forbid such an exposure of flesh do you hear it's an affront to an employer like today you're not my employer you're just another man [Music] I'm coming hang in there Christina swimming is your crap gone then tomia sure cuz now I have one that Christina she's a pretty sharp cookie well looks like our overworked fern is gonna get some none expected feminine health LDS witch well there's no phone like a new phone I always say Oh mr. Nagel you saved my life if it weren't for you I never oh I'm sorry oh good she's not dead yet still beating his mind though so fast they can't be counted sweat no you're still wet from swimming it's the first time you've had a human reaction Oh forgive me Christina for baring your bosom I haven't bared a bosom since I was in school we do it what's wrong that's where the crab was in there I haven't massaged the girl's leg since not since you were in school by any chance yes that's right even so you haven't lost your touch no idea excuse me I think we ought to go now yes but look at me I can't have fuckles house and see their Minister this way oh there's a cabinet it's the answer to a prayer we'll hang your things up to dry off and we'll go inside to warm up The Naked cabinet minister in a cabin it's not my idea of dignity there must be something to these stories about love in the air I sense excitement don't you I must admit I'm not myself but you know you're really much more sexy the way you are just suppose you tried to rape me now I'd enjoy every second how can you suggest it six years of marriage without having children they would if they lived here someone's coming it's alright if they see me like this then my career will be over we're not don't forget that anything odd you may have done or anything that you plan to do it's not you it's the ferns doing if you think I'll swallow that silly feminine logic you are forgetting one thing that whether I am naked or not I am still respectable Oh at least I try to be I'm going inside me should always be within the boss's reach even in Hey true true but just as a precaution we'll keep a haystack between us let's begin at the beginning shall we humans don't make love like animals do I suppose all your peasants think I was satisfying yourself that's what happens when you have no sex education you forget that your partner needs to be satisfied to not only sexually you see you shouldn't physically force someone especially someone who's more experienced always remember that you have a lot to learn from your partner there are so many ways of proceeding I'll only mention wanna do of the most successful in the case of essential persons you would sing the peasants never get an imagine saying anything how good old fun is working overtime you have no right to deprive your wife what I said don't come home too soon the older you get some more time I won't I promise sweetie pie everything's dry now you can go back to being an insipid bureaucrat again I overlooked the word insipid the word bureaucrat doesn't even bother you it's goes on first I think let me help you you'll do no such thing after all I'm old enough to dress myself I was only trying to help you're in such a hurry help you've helped enough whenever you help it just makes things worse and they can't get much worse that's thanks the person gets for doing a good turn it makes me have you let me help let's see what's pricking you the phone is driving us all crazy the merry men are marching but the fern has made his own plans tonight mr. mayor that's a peculiar way of making your tourists welcome oh I'm awfully sorry miss don't let us disturb you David clean Oh we just cover me up over there ever tried it in the hay experience look forward to how about there it looks more comfortable over here where were we when we were so rudely interrupted 110 111 112 113 that's fantastic no heart can beat as fast as that it's the fern listen what's that noise I don't know the wind I guess you mean the fern hey local legends are awfully charming but it would be nicer if you people weren't so naive so we're naive now well what do you expect after all we're only peasants anyhow it's late I should be getting back home now the night is young tell me what's going on there we we will you be so good as to remove your hand from my bosom my flesh is delicate I'd sure nice to touch I'm sorry to have to give it to someone else where are you taking me oh the population ministry he said we should get it out of public sites we'll take it to his room he's in for a surprise take a room number 9 Baldwin we were looking for Michael we thought that if we waited long enough we could catch the phone with the mayor's wife you're to a regular spies aren't you this time you're out of luck you went off to the woods with that blonde oh we did well half the town is waiting up for him oh well well I bother with such a good-for-nothing a good night Baldwin sleep well girls and sweet dreams Baldwin what have you got to lose it's a good idea do you realize what time it is Baldwin I'm the substitute the real Wade couldn't make it so I'll do the rounds tonight how dare you you're completely mad well who were you waiting for them my husband naturally I knew you weren't up to it what an amateur you're nowhere near the manifold but let me have one more chip I warn you I'm just a substitute to it for the fun better substitute than nothing come on Cristina Oh what do you know we've had an audience all the while is anyone there [Music] you know come to think of it there was a better use of that haystack what'd you say I asked you might have no I'd rather avoid the word go to your room and forget this nonsense I'll never forget it I'll relive the whole thing in my dreams it's incredible how perverse you are good night is your room over there oh how dare they it's a direct affront I do wish you women would leave me alone how can a man be expected to sleep oh it's that flirtin again well one man's phone is another man's pleasure hello miss Cornwall you're up late aren't you be carry my dear I'm worn out places some people are liable to sleep yes in the hay oh so you're jealous you mustn't be jealous little girl it's a waste of time I wonder if you'd have a minute to spare no not now I really must go to bed oh please all right if you'll bring my breakfast to my room I'll be glad to who is it Gabby come on in breakfast yeah how's it want to sit down Thanks and now tell me what's bothering you Gabby where shall I begin perhaps I should start by explaining that I have no intention of making off with your with Michael no no I really don't I'm a model as long as I can have my choice why should I pick a blacksmith I don't mean to say he's not a dream you certainly have to hand it to him as far as endurance goes then you're not in love with each other oh it's not that's as much as you know about life Michael and I just made love for the fun of it after my experiences with all sorts of lovers the primitive type was very refreshing certainly enjoyed it however tomorrow I'll have forgotten and I'll be with someone else in another town it's the truth and that leaves you to chase after your blacksmith all you want you're wonderful watch you thank you thank you have you had your breakfast yet I wasn't in the mood for it now would you like something to eat mm-hmm I feel ever so much better I fail to see why just because I'm through with Michael doesn't mean he's yours yes it's so hopeless what makes him so stubborn he says it's because I'm only a virgin only my code is an uncommon guy or I wouldn't have bothered now why don't you try to get him but how oh I'm sure you can help you've had so much experience and sure but not with men who weren't willing you were in a barrel with him when I first saw you only by accident that figures you've got to surprise him that would work are you willing to do anything Gary of course anything I'd be willing to go to the end of the earth for a lover like that all right I'll help you if you want I'm afraid I drank your coffee unless you've got some wild germs I'm not going to worry about it no guests I must go I'm calling my first daughter Dagmar for you oh that was quick I'm glad to see you right after you called Angeles Tina what is all this about the food I've never heard of anything so preposterous wait till you've tried it before you're not him there's fun for everyone our new greeting for the arrival of guests oh sure gotcha the wind huh I sure hope it works up this way Thanks and that's how it seems to work and most of them are over 60 but how do they manage to marry such young wives oh it's a question of money an older man has more of it and he won't have it too long his wife is six months pregnant with number five I can't get over it I wonder if it'll work for us poor frits has got to do something he'll see it wouldn't hurt to try but Michael wouldn't do that I mean he's going to leave with that blonde can offer Michael anything that we don't have a lot more we've got to see that he stays here fix him up with a local girl I think I've got it I hope it does the trick Oh Gabby I'm here I wonder if I could ask you a question of a personal nature well you can always ask I was curious to know how your romance with Michael is going it's not you were successful in nipping it in the bud inga I don't understand if I were in your shoes I wouldn't have done what my stepmother said oh but my dear I've done precisely what you said I can't understand you're giving up such a wonderful specimen of manhood so easily really just a few days ago you told me you thought he was degenerate anger but things have changed since then dear do you really want to lose a handsome guy like that to an outsider where's your pride in our town I'll do it sacrifice myself for popular housing if you want to know I intended to all along I'm proud of you dear I was sure we could count on you you mustn't forget though you've only got one night so what when I want to charm a man I know how to do it would you mind doing these got mark are you sleeping who ever heard of a girl sleeping while she's waiting for you Harry please come what is it why are you shivering tell me how can anyone with your experience tremble like that what's the matter I love you Michael please you mustn't say word Gaby I don't do you'd never get away from me I had no idea you'd have to try that and the worst is who would ever expect an eighteen year old to pull that trick nowadays women grow up sooner actually I'm happy I hope this would happen ever since you got here you're wonderful Gaby I hope you're not angry about the joke we played on you oh of course not after all that's how I got to know my future wife I feel like a marriage broker don't worry I'm not going to send you a bill now when I'm gone and you need advice I slipped a very useful book under your pillow called the art of keeping your partner pleased in old age that's really a book for you oh um how far is the next town that has a Smith it's gross hard pfennig 15 miles thank you you said to be over 90 oh he'll be perfect then so long [Music] hey there I just managed to get Michael together with Gabby I think they'll be happy provided he's got to be completely convinced to turn off the phone from now on - what - put the fern and you act as if you didn't know you don't mean nobody's told you what's going on all this time it comes with a shock don't tell me there's no fern not the fern you mean the wind couldn't produce a thing on its own so the village Smith does Christina how dreadful you bet it is I very nearly hooked the population minister but if he ever discovers this it's all over I can't let him find out but how can that help me I mean all I want is a baby and I'm not going to get one so I may as well go home but wait a minute you're too upset now calm down and think about it if the secret is kept up people all assume that the fern works in fact the very idea is designed to meet a definite need if you could keep it a secret from fritz no one would find out you mean I should submit to the village Smith why you've lost your head I really mean it in your case first things come first you've given priority to a baby and that's that the means are justified by the end you're absolutely diabolical and you expected me seriously to but I couldn't bring myself to do a thing like that George Washington the father of his country the next mother around here is going to be Gabby at her age and I've tried for over six years and nothing seems to happen you don't know what it's like well if you'll unbend a little you'll have your child if only I could if I wanted I could close my eyes maybe I'd feel better not knowing about it so if I just pretend I'm making love to my husband what a good idea it sheer genius you've just come up with an ideal way to handle an immoral situation morally I'm thoroughly ashamed of myself for even thinking such a thing there's got to be some truth to this vertical housing myth I hope mr. Nagel thinks I'd be all for it if you'd help me get this blacksmith into my room the only way is to use the same trick Gaby did let me [Music] once again the night wind blows and everyone hopes the food will stimulate their senses satisfy their desires and impregnate their wives so forward men and up the hood you know tonight is going to make a big difference in my life yeah have a slug it's good stuff and what are your plans for tonight my wife they've got an unforgettable night Oh Cristina my knees are shaking you still have time to relax I hope he got the message well you can always count on Annie you better get undressed must I be nude what's wrong with wearing this well if you want to be taken for Gabby no pajamas she's a confirmed nudist you know oh I wish I were calm her give me a puff mama mia I feel like a virgin on our wedding night wait I'll join you why you some Gabby come here tonight she sent me a note just now she said she'd rather I came to her room in the hotel to number six the same as last night and you how's Lauren's coming on your portrait oh we haven't really kept up with it you know how it is love seems to run in the family hey I hope you're not sleeping hurry up why are you shivering tonight I don't have to be frightened of me mm-hmm tonight you can talk to me it's not like it was last night I mean about your voice number nine dr. Nagel good fern to you oh how I envy your secretary tonight I wouldn't mind that are all super bowls super boobs you're drunk you mix your nines up with your sixes oh that was Wonder I've never had it so good for it's the phone did it fritz who's Fritz Gabby who is this fritz of yours tell me but you're not good god you're not Gabby thank you what is this you're not my friends no what happened what have I done please don't get excited I'm sorry I'm just this embarrassed I'm through with Gabby if she ever finds out about this you're through how about wait I can't understand what happened to her mr. Nagel I'm not Christina and this is not your room sir oh I'm very sorry madam then I almost really have room number nine you where is the furnace screwed up oh don't bother I can always go and sleep with Christina she's the next-door neighbor Oh oh my beautiful goddess of fertility oh my you're not statue you just a second did the fern affect your eyes mr. Nager the good-for-nothing sleeping already it's because of that burn again you can't take it if anything's gonna be done I guess I'm gonna have to do it [Music] I'm ashamed of you you didn't even kiss me goodnight [Music] your Secretary's in the room across the hall number 10 I saw those confusing figures I'm sorry I disturb my consultation by appointment see secretary in number 10 Christina it's me the mods me may I please come in my sex secretary is not it so my Secretary's bed till my secretary gets back no I think it's all right to go well then get going any second now my husband come whatever should happen it'll be between you and me that's an understatement you wouldn't happen to know where Gabi is or should I know I've been asking Michael I'm so glad you came to see me but stop right there don't forget I got first call on you as the fun giving up on married ladies oh shut up stupid I want to know where Gabi is I have no idea where she is but I can tell you her room number it's number 16 thanks a lot Michael why don't you answer me what's wrong and I'm sorry I'm looking for Gabi how could you forget tonight's the fans night I'm sorry finds out of order I'm getting married of course and you're going to continue as a fern when you're married to wait a minute get out of here it's my husband what a costume for a man to come home to when he said as much Burton as I have tonight it was stronger than ever come on let's go inside and we'll see where can Fritz be what's keeping him Christina Christina wake up you everywhere I go I thought this was Christina's room I want to find my husband [Music] [Music] you Fritz you're in the wrong room let me help you yeah if you ask me wherever Fritz is that's where you'll find him now I want to sleep G we've got less traffic on Broadway [Music] no one in this room either I'm getting sick of that phone what do you think Angela is amazing what goes on you wherever she is this is your room now don't you budge from it lawrence opened up it's me Gaby crystal I was at the forge why wasn't your brother waiting for me there because you wrote him a note saying to come to the hotel Oh Cristina I've looked all over this madhouse for Fritz oh he's safe in your room where he belongs but mr. Nagel I think the fan got him no he's safe in your bed oh I do believe that fern works I think it says Waterloo have fun I will thanks hey wake up fritz you lazy moron how can you sleep with a famous furnace popularizes blowing outside not good its eastern Hegel hey don't worry sir you're not getting kicked out of my bed but would you mind sliding over to let me [Music] what do you mean I never sent a note I expected to see him at the forge tonight not at the hotel but honestly he would make up such a thing he wouldn't I'd like to make very sure though because if this is just a trick to keep up this joke of the firm the joke's on him why don't we stop awhile eh you work hard enough for one night [Music] it's Michael here the village blacksmith that is was he here I'm afraid young lady you have a lot of nerve asking someone that sorry I disturbed you I never should have suspected you anyhow I'll never have to suspect anyone from now on I'll have them fitted with a chastity belt oh I'm so sorry I forgot to lock the door odd feeling we're not covered we were well I don't know perhaps they change the bed yeah that's it I swear we have a double lip very odd I guess this once is room enough for us that's all it matters that's all that really matters sweetheart if you're so right I'll murder that guy I'll make him suffer for this he can't do this to me what does he think I am a fool I guess I deserved it whose fault is it that a virgin made love to the fern he warns virgins to run cares why shouldn't he go on playing the fern if he likes but not with me and I said up all night waiting for you but I'm sure they said number six instead I'm jealous house wife's idea of a joke but since the day I fell in love I haven't played the game you know I was going to have you fitted with a chastity belt would you have done that to me no you know why not I'd be afraid of losing the key well the fun's over or is it what night you love someone the next morning you smother really awful what do you mean Christina how do you happen to be in my bed why don't you look around before making accusations I'm sorry but but how do I having to be in your bed between us you don't mean it went that far surely no man in his right mind is likely to spend the whole darn night in bed with a young female admirer without doing his duty I was screwed isn't it about time that we set the date for walking down the aisle [Music] well father though and now the greatest celebration of all in the history of fuckless house and everybody is invited to join in well that about wraps up our happy ending folks of course fucker housing will have to do without the tourist trade but on the other hand the Virgin's won't have to run anymore hey wait a minute who's this Angela and Fritz back again look congratulations who knows you may go up to be a blacksmith or a phone installer why not no doesn't mean look like a proud and lots of children of course thanks papa all Fuller's house and is proud on this festive occasion of another event about to take place within a short time of a holiday spent here a childish young couple the Joneses have come back to announce that they're in the family way thanks to the third now that no one doubts the fertile powers of our unique aphrodisiac we announce the fabulous new resort of Fuller's house and in which we hope our tourists will multiply you've got your work those women they always exaggerate when women get out of hand be firm with them you're impossible women want women get well Michael go calm them dawg he'll do us all a favor by showing them you're only human are you a little scared that Michael will go on doing the fern now you're married I did worry but not now how are you going to keep in front it's official on this auspicious day we shall have a visit from the fern all men will assemble at midnight the celebration goes on [Music] how's it occurred to you that your life will never be the same again naturally now that I'm a married man from now on you know the phone won't work for anyone else but me our husbands have been gone for half an hour what can Michael be up to he's perfectly aware of his responsibilities [Music] no you're not going to sleep there's a vendor night and to think of how active you used to be [Music] how far is he they're going to come back soon aren't they he hasn't even started I don't think there's any chance of his coming at this hour we've got to do something do what look to begin with he's on his honeymoon besides he's my son-in-law if anyone could do something it's me why do you snore at oh I'm sorry sweetheart hey what did you it's our wedding night and the groom falls asleep come on love it one more time so I can be proud of you know if you insist I'll tell you what let's wait for a quarter of an hour and then I'll send Baldwin in to drag him out baby aren't we ever gonna sleep sleep the pride of Fogler house we're not your energy go well sleep when we're old Barbara Young will enjoy it look my darling proverb says everything in moderation that means in bed too it's surely a message for you everyone's upset they wonder where the furnace it's hopeless tell them that the fern has flown the coop no more running after the ladies come to bed my little sexpot yeah let me cool down I hereby ordain you my substitute fan Oh that'll be a pleasure thanks a lot it'll be a pleasure you say I've waited for this a long time if pleasures what you're giving I'm gonna be the first to get it yes the version of the fuck love Heusen needing never run again but her husband might [Music]