Died of Love of Prophet Muhammad saw Hamza Yusuf Heart Touching

learning about the profits lies in em and learning about the respect and deference that is due to him is extremely important because the profit has rights over us he said lay on me no I had a comb had to hakuna a happy day he none of you truly believed until I am more beloved to him than his wealth and his parents his his children his wealth and even his own soul that's between his sides so the prophet saw I am said that we re man's not complete until we actually love him more than we love anything in the world that's precious because he named the most precious things to people their parents their children their their wealth and then their own self because people you you love yourself I mean Jesus said love your neighbor as yourself the assumption is that we love ourselves that's part of human nature is that Allah subhana wa tada made us love and what is love love is a very amazing word in in English it's an amazing word in Arabic there are many words for love in Arabic but the essential word is hope that's the essential word and love in love in in is it's an old it's an old English word that goes back to a Saxon word and and it relates to being pleased with to be pleased with it and interesting enough to our word belief is related to love to believe because you believe in what you're pleased with what you love things that your your heart accepts are things that you believe so love is related to acceptance the idea that something you're pleased with you have love for and the in in Arabic the word hub which is the word the prophecies that I'm said I knew I had to come had Acuna a hobbit either he more beloved to him so the word hub is a word if you look at one of the root meanings it's a seed so love is a seed that's nurtured and and it's nurtured with knowledge of the beloved the more you know about the beloved the more you love the beloved so it's it's a seed the hub bat in Arabic is a seed and the Prophet I am as you get to know the Prophet salida sand them and you get to know him intimately and that's one of the purposes of this text is to know the Prophet SAW I sent him into intimately as you get to know the Prophet SAW I sent him intimately he becomes well one of the descriptions of love is is they say friendship on fire that that's a description of love that it's something that began it starts to consume you and we have people from our tradition who died of love of the Prophet SAW Ison literally died we have people that bled tears of blood and tears of blood which is an old blues motif for people that know anything about about an American music I'm crying tears of blood for you tears of blood are real because when somebody goes into a very intense you get blood those small little blood vessels in the eyes burst and so it's a real thing tears of blood that's what i'ma multiple Sadie I meant a daiquiri Tirana B D Sarah me message demand jerem in mock Latin badami you know that is it from remembering just the places the beloved used to go to that causes this mixture of tears and blood to flow from your eyes so tears of blood there's people that have wept tears of blood out of love of the prophets Elijah saw them there's people who have literally died from a ship and and ish is it's it's another amazing where da Shaka is that it's a type of vine that begins to grow around a tree and it strangles the tree so it kills the tree the Arab say leche would don't party don dava hood it dis on you know the ash is a deadly disease that can only be cured by connection by being connected to the beloved by the Union the will soul Ilyn Habib and so the the the love of the Prophet SAW I said I'm can can really take hold up the heart now when you love somebody you remember them that's one of the attributes of love you think about them I mean that's what happens when you fall in love and you call I'm just thinking about you can't stop thinking that's real it's real I can't stop thinking about you I mean why is that pressing on the the heart because you're in love that's what love is I can't stop thinking about you you write poems you do think what is that a fusion that's coming out of the heart to write poems really and people write the worst poems when they're in love but it doesn't matter they would never do it if they weren't they would know how ridiculous it is but it doesn't matter because they there has to be some type of tab you now what is tab ear you are a butyl it's what you express the the word abre which is a discerning lesson something you gain is related to Abra which is a tear and it's related to a t-bar which is respect respect back to respect a t-butyl you know I have respect for him there kela who a t-bar I don't give it any significance so when something has significance and import and meaning then it begins to affect the heart and that's why even the remnants of the beloved - M key mythic rehab even woman City this is the jahaly motif of naseeb in the poetry is to Emeril Pais begins his unlock table by just saying stop my two friends let's look here at where the beloved used to be just to look nip key and weep over the traces of the beloved just to look these are jolly people these aren't this isn't these are just people that knew what love was because Johnny Arabs had a deep and profound knowledge of him they really knew what love was and they were very intense in their love they had intense love but that's one of the motifs of just Bucca Allen Allen just weeping over places where the beloved used to be omoro buddy re Diarra Laila Okubo adelgid are over the LG darou well ma Hubbell Jerry shut up now he'll be what I can hug woman second a tiara I passed by the houses of Laila and and kiss the walls of the houses it's just so beautiful you kiss the walls of the houses but it's it's not the walls that have enraptured my heart but love of the one that lives between those walls that's why people come to Mecca and Medinah it's not the stones when you go to the tomb of the Prophet slice them it's it's not the wide yuh-huh but the wide you hat is amazing and you could just stare at it and stare at it look at it even though you're not even supposed to out of a depth but to look at the picture you can look at a picture of the wide you have for a long time and not grow tired of it but it's just metal it's a great that somebody built but it's what it's it's what's beyond that metal it's what it represents and that's what all this is in the end of the day that's all this these are walls that are hiding the eternal and living God that's what the world is that's why when you when you begin to understand that that's what you love about the world not the dunya the atom the atom Rob B'Elanna me Lord of all the worlds the atom is the Arabs call that is more Allah it's it's a noun of instrument an atom is the instrument of elm it's the instrument by which you know something and and what you know it from the world is that I limb it's it's it's it's God's vehicle for giving us knowledge and that's why things are so important that that's why things things as yeah you know things are important possessions are important that's why property is is one of the essential in reasons why we were given Sharia is to protect property because things are important because things have meaning the Prophet named all of his things he didn't have many things but the things that he had he named them he gave them names because they had meaning and that's what the world is its meaning its meaning everywhere the whole thing is meaning it's mana in Americana Moran in paw in Mattoon basura Kulemin you Jericho had a Kahneman a hella devil like the poet said this whole cosmos is meanings set up in images and whoever understands that is from the people of discernment the people of ever the people of fat Habiru Yahoo lil Abbas all think deeply give this a bruh give this and then they ever leads table that's where the tears come you know they've come from perception of meaning you know to really know what something means it's just it's an amazing thing to know what something means you know it's it's a great gift that God gave to human beings [Music]