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you spoke to your prospect for the first time and provided basic info about hair products and you both decided to follow up on a certain date in time and then on the exact date and time you tried following up your lead and you're 100% confident to convert that prospect into a customer but in reality other competitors were also following up your lead and your chance to close the deal is reduced from 100 percent to 25 percent or even less than that and many times prospects don't even recognize you the same happens even in and went to one meeting with your prospects after exchanging your business cards your prospects are not going to save your phone number and rather your business card might end up in a dustbin so the question is when other competitors are reaching your customers how to stand out different how to convey your perfect marketing message in a short time how to position yourself as an expert in your industry and most importantly it is very much difficult to make them save your contact details in their phone book or address book but now with the most advanced and intelligent digital business card you can make a great first impression in front of your prospects it is powered by interactive call to actions showcase your complete personal and business profile features to capture leads and professional designs to suit your profile so it all starts when you first meet or call your prospect just enter the contact information and you can push your digital vicar using SMS email or whatsapp and that too without even saving their number now your prospect is notified and they have complete information about you and your company right into their phone keeping you one step ahead of your competitors with smart call to actions on digital record your prospects can reach you by click-to-call click to email click to chat on whatsapp messenger or Skype and even navigate your physical store or office using Google Maps and most importantly they can save your contact details in their phone without even typing a single word they can also share and refer your profile in their business network plus it also provides all information about your company with one click website info about your company and video profile capture leads using inquiry form lists your products services and solutions build trust with customer testimonials collect online payment using payment gateway and so on and with personal branding features you can influence customer's buying decisions this put a short bio or video about yourself highlight your skills to position as an expert in your industry provide your experience to further enhance trust and so on they can also follow you on your social media sites so it's time to stand out from your competitors and close more deals visit make my and create your digital business cards literally in minutes