Dillashaw picks Stipe Miocic to win rematch with Daniel Cormier


Chael Sonnen


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Daniel Cormier is gonna be rematching steep a mm-hmm what do you think man Nix DP is gonna be something to reckon with he's gonna be coming at him hard you know and it was a it was hard for I mean if you wouldn't caught him on that break I don't know how that I would have gone the first time so I would pick steep bay in the second finally mm-hmm I mean Cormier is obviously a world-class I mean throughout wrestling and everything I mean he can't ever count him out but steep is so big you know good like stature wise compared to him that I know I just feel like steep is gonna be too much for him you know the only thing that is making me interested in seeing that rematch you know it wasn't ultra competitive to and a half minutes comes to mind I'm somewhere close inside that first round is steep a steep a felt him who's deep in Luther and said give me to get that I'll never happen again and he has been dead set on that and he's winning me over where I'm going okay it's not what I saw but you felt it and I have to take you at your word on some level and it was true what you said as short as that fight was those moments were steep as Melies steep it was boxes t remember when Stephen took his back on their feet but he took his back it was going steep BAE's wait and tell I shot the little break you will down yeah yeah hit him right on the jaw it's a compelling management but you're leaning towards deeper I am yeah I'll be curious who the favorite is going it's gonna be tight yeah I think so too I mean if if you're knowledgeable within the sport and it's hard and not be super close so you said you don't watch a lot of fighting nah do you watch TV do you got a Netflix account have ya billions did you watch boys I mean I haven't watched Game of Thrones I mean you can't not watch screaming Thrones I've been told to watch billions I mean to watch it but man I've been I've been busy with businesses and life and a 17 month old gig right Thank You Man I'm sorry to take a little boy little girl little boy okay don't worry about it man it's uh to bring us a car know we celebrated with one but it was um I mean that's been enough work on its own you know and then I've got a cold-pressed juice company I'm starting I got my spiced company running or finding a new gym for the training labs so staying busy with stuff like that about the spice company it's literally spices yes bye says it's a flavor republic it is a low sugar low sodium or no sugar and no sodium spices I've been on a coach cows got me on a new diet to where you know no grains no sugars I wouldn't you I guess the closest diet we're kind of to is ketogenic when we go in and out of it you know we're never just keto because they can't do that without hard I work out and so once we started doing that was meal prepping all the time food gets bland it gets boring and so me and a couple buddies decided to team up and make a spice company and it's been doing really well especially because everyone's on this health kick you know we want to eat paleo want to eat keto I'm in our spices fall within that category so it's been doing good while listening to you tell me about spice that you just ruined a dream of mine with that you made a sentence you said I am doing keto and I'm going in and out of it yeah that is my million dollar plan yeah sell a book and teach people about doing it but come out of it yeah back into cute come back out of it I didn't know anybody had ever even thought of that and now you come on that part I should have I should have written this down hey it's funny you say so cuz that's what I do too and I think that you have to like there's a level of carbs that you have to have this so how long will you go into it I'm gonna hold it for three days that'd be a long time good no I don't know the exact time I mean it for the most part Sam's got me when I'm in fight camp even his daughters are making all my meals Wow but we will make herself super like that's why when I made we had 25 s is able to get 149 pounds because I was insulin resistant I was ready to absorb as much insulin as possible and then you know potatoes and things like that to insulin get my blood sugar up I be a node to fry uh yeah you fry um what oily coconut yeah coconut or of akkad oil how is that mikado oil it's good how's it smell I don't remember like my example cochineal just smells like say like okay yeah avocados it you don't member bad smell no stepping on the banjo at all no okay you use it for like salad dressings and things to highlight fully agree I think you have to go in and I even done like the act which does worry the purely no car you're talking about the bacon in the sauce Oh golly when you're training yeah uh TJ I've got headache I've been dripping in sweat before with you know that sugar reduction and going through those withdrawals yeah but in addition to that you know if you were to hold a keto for three days now even about six workouts yes possible but even so the reason why we're not also keto to is that I'll keep myself in ketosis because I'm working out so much but I'll still eat like simple carbs you know the sweet potatoes certain vegetables cuz if you're on a keto diet you're not eating right any of that stuff but I'd say the closest diet we are to is to it it is kiddo but I'm because I'm I'm eating close to meeting simple cards but I workout so hard my body will go in to eat OSIS because of it I've been a little bit of intermittent fasting and things like that - okay