Diver Finds GoPro With Drowning Victim’s Last Moments

they incredible moment a diver finds a GoPro camera at the bottom of a lake incredibly the card inside the camera wasn't destroyed and he was able to recover several videos he soon learned the images were the final moments of a young man lost far too soon it's the moment a GoPro cameras discovered buried at the bottom of a murky lake the camera had been lost for two years it looks pretty banged up but by some miracle the memory card inside was in perfect condition and what was on the video was truly extraordinary the video shows 22 year-old Richard Ragland enjoying a day outdoors here he is flying through the air on a zipline and here he is splashing around with friends at a waterfall two hours outside Nashville he's having a great time not a care in the world life sadly the day was to end in tragedy Richard Raglan went underwater and drowned his camera was never found until now when it was discovered by YouTube personality rich Aloha during a dive for treasure and been given a tip by state park ranger that if I found it GoPro of an african-american male from 2017 that there is a chance that it would be the guy who drowned imagine his surprise when he actually found the camera I reviewed the footage and I was just like oh my god this is him Aloha reached out to Richard Raglan's family it was a bittersweet moment when they came together to watch the videos for the first time they were just stunned like they were just staring at the GoPro and disbelief you just feel like you returned something so important to them that the words can't describe how it feels for this treasure hunter this was the best find ever I don't think there's been a more impactful fine [Music] you [Music]