Do Broken Bones in Jeffrey Epsteins Neck Suggest Foul Play

the autopsy on Jeffrey Epstein has uncovered injuries usually found in homicide cases The Washington Post reports there were broken bones in Epstein's neck deepening the question surrounding his death in jail the injuries are more commonly associated with homicidal strangulation than suicidal hanging the Post reported I am now more suspicious than ever that this could be a homicide forensic scientist dr. Lawrence ko belinskiy says Epstein's age 66 makes it more likely bones in his neck would break during a suicide by strangulation I think this was a suicide and I believe the autopsy is consistent with a suicide and we're hearing the voice of Jeffrey Epstein in just released audio tapes he was interviewed by a Wall Street Journal reporter in 2003 on his notorious private island in the Caribbean which was raided by the FBI and NYPD this week the interview was conducted in Liz gazebo when he was asked why he didn't want to talk in the main house he said too many girls [Music] you [Music]