Do You Know More Sports Terms Than These People


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it'll ride horses in water polo right now would they would drown drown me with drown if there wasn't a spaceship in it I didn't want to watch it when I was a kid I just hear what other people's here I had straight A's and then I had an F and PE I don't know about sports but we do know about linguistics I think that we can put it together that's a trip sack that sounds dirty sounds like hockey cuz they get real kinky sometimes I just keep picturing a man taking off his boxers is that like a particular kind of injury you can get as it went a book that sent me pulls up some scrotum so they wear a strip sack underneath like their cup it's a special little penis pouch like funny to see to try to explain it because it doesn't make sense to me what triple-double so that's six I was like a confusing hamburger that's in tennis I know because I played Wii Sports wait what what do you got I skated a triple double six I'll never remember that here's the thing is that I grew up in New York and the Knicks of sucks since like 1996 so I've had no basketball in my life yeah and I grew up in Chicago in the 90s so I just hear British people say love and of love and of a hair in English 40-love like in Wimbledon doubled oh yeah love one two or four love I don't know what actual love means because it's a complicated that is hard to explain to anyone but in tennis it means when you have zero points why even count that yeah that's there's no love the three things you don't watch on TV golf tennis snuff films it's what Denny serves at breakfast yes that's all I was gonna say Denny's it's a plate that you could add is a Grand Slam is a delicious breakfast at Denny's two eggs two bacon and you can choose your own Grand Slam and there's a Grand Slam which the price can you beat it you can't it sounds like it's like man that dude's got tight-end cute but I just sounds like a sexual term the past it's football one who's someone who's on the end tight end so someone who plays at the end but is trying to stop the goal from happening so it's the opposite of what we thought it was that's the thing you put Sam if you want to find treasures like they say like what's leaking through it like a seal I like to cook and I know what it is for you okay it's something you put flour in I'll do that and it comes out with beautiful for making cakes it sounds like a Harry Potter character yeah I assume as if it's like a goalie who's just he's let them fly on by those those balls are flying past them like I see it baby yeah no I don't think that's what it is but I like it I used context clues good it helps if you imagine an announcer saying he is a sails today [Music]