Do You Need To Detox Cleanse With Dr Sara Celik

this is a regain wellness podcast with Jamie logi episode 27 detox and cleansing and interview with dr. Sarah Selleck what is up everybody welcome back to the podcast this is episode 27 today were talking about detox cleansing how to approach your health naturally all the benefits that come from detox and cleansing and my guest today is a detox and cleansing expert and so we just came out of the weekend right now recording this on a Monday all my Oscar pics were completely wrong but I thought Birdman was awesome I don't know if you saw that but I won't discuss the ending right here this is a no spoiler zone podcast I think I'll start a spoiler podcast so anything that's going on you can reference in one episode and that way you know it's coming whether it's like breaking bad or homeland or house of cards or any movie you can come to that get all your spoilers in one in one shot I think that would be a great service to the world so I run regained almost calm if you haven't been over there head on over please you can see everything I've got as far as all nutrition based articles things to get you up and running if you're new to health and wellness you can get the my free ebook called the health eating starter kit by going to regain wellness calm / guide so that signs you up for the email newsletter so you get kept up to date with everything but sends you off this ebook which breaks down a lot of the foods you want to be avoiding food you want to start including your diets got some free recipes get you up and running right away and it's free my favorite price of anything so the guests I'm having on today I actually went to high school with she was younger than me but I was friends with her older brother who was my age we played football together we worked out and trained together general shenanigans as well and her name is dr. Sarris Alec she lives in Toronto I am in London Ontario which is a couple hours south of Toronto which is halfway between detroit and toronto birthplace of Justin Bieber but don't hold that against me and recently reconnected with her and she's been doing some incredible stuff as far as her own personal business and approach to wellness and detox and cleansing she also runs a company called lucid tea which we'll talk a little bit more about in the episode so we'll get right at it today with my former fellow banting Bronco dr. Sarah Selleck so my guest today dr. Sarah Selleck who is a highly skilled naturopathic doctor and master homeopathic clinician and is a well-known expert in detoxification weight loss and anti-aging she's also the co-founder of lose at T a pioneering organic tea company that is committed to making detoxification effective and enjoyable so welcome dr. Sarah how are you great Jamie thank you for having me my pleasure so first a little bit on if you want to share your background into how you got into the life of wealth like wellness and health and fitness how did that come about for you okay well you know it actually started when I was very young so I remember coming home from school you know young age of nine years old and deciding that I wanted to be a vegetarian just learning about that in school so I think there was always something in me that was really drawn to you know natural and you know holistic living I was always you know not a fan of going to the doctor I didn't like medication I was always very interested in being active and exercise and so is starting as a vegetarian I later got into the fitness industry started teaching fitness and personal training I did my undergrad in Health Sciences and then from there I decided to pursue my education further in naturopathic medicine and homeopathic medicines so it's sort of i've been fortunate enough to touch upon many different areas of wellness and i'm constantly learning i'm just a sponge for information I think it's such a amazing feel than you know if you don't keep up with it you're really going to fall behind because every single day there's you know new research coming out and new information so I really try to stay on top of it it truly is my calling and you know everything and anything about wellness and improving a person's health and improving my own health and my family's is really a priority and I think it's important that it is a priority for all of us awesome is there a specific it's hard to answer is there a specific area you you really enjoy the most obviously your the detox specialist do you like focusing in on diet do you like new like do you like exercises or one thing that really stands out or is it just all wellness as a whole like all falling under the umbrella I guess well it pretty much all falls under the umbrella of detox so you know with that comes eating natural whole foods not you know foods that are in a box that are packed with chemicals you know using natural beauty products so I'm a fan of you know one hundred percent organic raw coconut oil so really trying to remove these toxins in our everyday life of course through exercise besides the benefits of releasing feel-good hormones and endorphins and you know enjoying participation and moving your body also sweating is another form of detoxification when you're excreting these toxins through your skin you know I'm a fan of vacation I'm a fan of yoga so I'd say that everything that I talk about everything that I discussed with my patients in a one-on-one visit all pretty much comes down to cleansing and detoxing so many different areas of their life cool what would you say so with all the people you interact with and you see and even just observe what would you say are some of the biggest mistakes people are making with their nutrition and diet right now I think a lot of people are just really confused and I really don't blame them i think that the internet is saturated and there's so much information and misleading information and also you don't really know who to who to listen to i mean i'm in the health industry and i'm even confused sometimes yes you know I just like what is it is it paleo is it vegan is it high fat you know you're you're constantly you know being bombarded with information and again it can be very overwhelming so I think the the common mistakes that people make is they're not looking at good resources you really want to learn from the experts and those who you know have researched and have really studied the information that they're providing because I think it's very easy to just put general information out there without any sort of concrete evidence behind the claims and then I also think that people just do too much too fast or they're just you know not really looking at it from a lifestyle perspective and then they wonder why they don't feel good I mean it may not be the best program for you so I think it's really important to really you know listen to your body and know that what works for somebody may not be the best program for you exactly so talk a little about just the Roll diet plays overall in getting healthy yes I mean diet is number one diet is fundamental you know you can't out train a bad diet I mean some people would say that you can but you really have to be yeah so you can't out train a bad diet a bad diet obviously is going to lead to all sorts of health conditions from poor digestion to lack of energy not absorbing vitamins and minerals your immune system obviously is affected if you don't have the right nutrients so you know if diet isn't a focus for you you're gonna somehow notice it in your you know in your everyday life and in how you feel so it is number one I think also people are really focused on counting calories they're really focused on you know these very very low carb programs or you know avoiding you know certain foods but again they're not really looking at what works for them and I think as naturopathic doctors we really believe in taking a very individualized approach and you know when somebody walks into my office you know I'd love to just say eat this this this this but it really may not be right for them I mean I've had I've had patients who you know on a blood tests show that they really shouldn't be having chickpeas for example you know that they're not able to digest it and break it down so it's not that they need to avoid all legumes but chickpeas you know is it's not the best option for them so I think it's really important to just acknowledge that we're all individuals and diet is fundamental but it's important to choose the right diet for you exactly I've tried to out train a bad diet and that does not work doesn't hurt I mean I so hurt worked when I was like 18 years old but as soon as i hit my 20s and 30s it was like nope that's not going down so do you see a lot like within your practice do you see a lot of food allergies coming up at the moment it's tons i mean the common ones are of course people are often reacting to gluten they're reacting to sugar and dairy i see a lot of people with sensitivity to even eggs and soy and corn sort of the big key allergens but then like i said surprisingly sometimes you'll see chickpeas and sometimes you'll see you know foods that you really wouldn't expect so i think that one of the reasons it's still you know we're still not too sure about it it's still an area that's being researched but what are the reasons maybe over consumption of certain foods of course stress takes a toll on your digestive system so maybe that's why we're seeing more food allergies and food sensitivities but I also think that people are not varying the foods that they're eating enough so often they you know find something they like and then they just eat that but variety and your diet is actually very important you know you really don't want to be eating the same vegetables even on a daily basis really want to be getting a variety of different vegetables and of course you know ancient grains and different protein sources and good fats so I think it's really key to understand what your body responds well to you know and if you're gassy or you're bloated your body's trying to tell you something and it's important to really listen to your body those are those are signals of communication do you recommend or encourage like elimination diets just are mean eliminating certain things for appeared then gradually adding them back in to see if that works or do you think it's better to just take a deeper look through like blood tests and whatnot as far as if that's genuine food allergies mm-hmm so I think the eliminate elimination diet it provides really good information however I think the average person what they'll do is they'll do the elimination diet for say a three week period their symptoms will get better so if they've been bloated for years all of a sudden now they're on the elimination diet their bloating is gone but the problem is that when you're looking to identify food sensitivities by doing the elimination diet you really can't just introduce all the foods at once on day 22 it's actually a long process to test each food because you know you'd have to test let's say you know wheat and you'd have to eat wheat multiple times a day for three days before you can test the next food and so you think about how long it will actually take to go through so many different foods and most people just don't give themselves the you know the time span that they need so for that reason I think the blood test I mean it's accurate it's it doesn't really you know you're getting the information that you need it it's there's no questioning it whereas if you're just trying to test through reintroduction you know are you really really doing it properly we're really testing one food at a time because that's really the only way you're gonna know that that specific food needs to be avoided exactly do you see one food allergy more prevalent than others or is there kind of a balance between a few at the moment ah i would say wheat and dairy are definitely the top two that I see in my clinical practice ah those seem to be you know showing up quite a bit actually I mean and it's not to say that everybody is sensitive so I remember taking the test myself because I thought hey I'm sitting here and I'm recommending it to all my patients it's only right that I take it and I was curious as well and I had been seeing a lot of food sensitivities so I thought for sure something's going to show up because it seems that everybody does present with something and I think sometimes people question the test because they say everybody has a food sensitivity but you know I'm not bragging at all Jamie I don't want to try own horn Bible took my surprise is like I had nothing you know it was like green green bars all the way down and I was like wow that I mean clearly I'm doing the right things and you know I felt really good about it but it was also just nice to to say that it isn't that every single person is going to present with a food sensitivity that they are reversible and if they're appearing to be very common now it's probably because people really need a good cleanser I really need to you know clean up certain foods from their diet and rebalance their digestive system yeah green bars all the way down that's a good thing yeah you're like a full cell phone signal service when you see the red bars it's like a it's a red light you don't want to be eating that food run so so talk about than just the bent it's obviously this is a huge topic but the benefits of detox and cleansing I'm sure you could go on all day but like no I really go on all day well I think number one the benefit is so as I was saying rebalancing your digestive system you know seventy to eighty percent of our immune system is within our digestive tract so you know cleaning up your digestive system even though you'll initially feel great because you feel lighter you're not bloated you're not gassy at the end of the day you're improving your immune system and you're also improving your ability to better absorb vitamins and minerals because if you have a pretty toxic gut and even if you're spending hundreds of dollars on you know vitamins and supplements unless you treat the cause which is you know a gut that really needs to be cleaned out you're not going to really get the absorption of those vitamins and supplements and nutrients that you really want so it's it's going to improve your health in so many ways as I mentioned your immune system is going to be stronger it's going to help your digestive system it's going to help even your skin yours skin is a reflection of what's going on on the inside you know feeling fatigue headaches I mean the list really goes on and I think that people really need to understand that we especially if we've been consuming a diet rich in these processed foods we've we've really you know not done any favors to our digestive system so it needs a little bit of love and a little bit of extra care and that's really what detox does to the body nice it would what are some toxins that are bombarding us on a daily basis well I mean there's environmental toxins I think that you know ur besides pesticides and in food that's not organic you know you're looking at box foods and packaged foods which have additives colors you know EDTA and preservatives and then you look at the skin care products that we use or our bathroom products and you know they have valeted and they have you know triclosan and parabens and benzoyl peroxide you know it just the list of these chemicals goes on and on and people are really quite surprised when I send them home with an exercise and give them a list of toxins and they go through their bathroom and they start reading labels and it's actually quite scary yeah I mean you've got basically like a chemical factory on it is your second it's true I think it's something like upwards of 10,000 new chemicals are created every year and then added into the environment on top of what already exists out there it's unbelievable which I've only been around for you know 80 90 years give or take yeah it was incredible and Jamie even you know they're finding that newborn babies are presenting with these chemicals you know it's just it's unbelievable just how surrounded we are with them and I mean you're not going to go move to some Island or live in a bubble but I think where we can control our exposure to these chemicals where it's really really in our own hands is what matters so if I can buy you know organic coconut oil in stead of a you know $80 body cream from you know the bay of morphs you know I'm gonna I'm gonna opt for coconut oil which works just as well and I know that I'm not getting those chemicals and those ingredients that you know I don't want and I really don't need and they think that's what's important is for people to really look at where they can replace some of these products in home and if you can replace them the question I have is why not you know the investment in our health is is is a small price to pay right now and I see in clinical practice people come in when they're at that point where they're willing to pay anything because now they have a diagnosis yeah what prevention is really key and prevention is number one those $80 skin creams will get you is for anyone who's not in Canada the bay is one of our big retail stores what would that be like I don't know Macy's maybe and yes give it a little bit yeah you touched a little on so we're talking with like the toxins that bombard us how does stress impact us well stress effects are you know livers ability to eliminate these toxins so if you're stressed and your digestive system is stressed in your liver part of your digestive system is stressed you're not going to be eliminating these toxins as well so then they really start to build up in an ideal world our liver is doing its job you know our liver is very very good at you know filtering toxins out of the body but when the liver is stressed and overburdened that's when these toxins really start to build up and then you know over time we start to see symptoms so if we can get give our liver a little bit of love and pay a little bit more attention to the health of our liver we're going to be doing a much better job at excreting these toxins from the different routes of elimination such as you know urine and sweat and you know through our bowels yeah I it's I always think on how like our bodies were designed and thinking like of our liver specifically and you know its function is you know detoxifying us and everything and like but acha meet you know a thousand years ago to even 9000 years ago like what it was faced and compared to what it would it faces today and it's just baffling what day warframe is Ewing what is it yeah and it's very different today Jamie then like you said you know ten thousand nine thousand years ago there's no comparison and I just I'm amazed at the state of ourselves and what these organs have had to adapt to handle which was nothing to do with what they're designed to originally handle and it's yeah horrifying when you think about it so um what would you say for with detox and cleansing what are some of your best food choices that's a great question so definitely dark green leafy vegetables are a big part of a cleansing diet healthy fats so I think people will do cleanses and they they're just starving you know or they're doing liquid only cleanses which can be fine definitely for some people but for some people you know they really need to be able to get through their day they're still working a job they can't sit at their desk and fall asleep so that's where the nutrients really come in and you know having those good fats those healthy fats you know avocado nuts and seeds coconut oil olive oil sesame oil you know trying to have more of these in your diet on a cleanse are actually going to help your body eliminate beets are our favorite liver friendly food onions garlic different spices that you can cook with turmeric cayenne pepper you know lots of different herbs the the list of cleansing foods it's quite simple actually if it's you know from mother nature and it's a natural whole food you can pretty much bet that it's going to help your body cleanse anything that's man-made synthetic you know filled with ingredients that you can barely pronounce those definitely are going to be very difficult and they're going to slow down the detoxification process yeah I would say if a pood has a commercial for it it's probably not a good idea to go for it like I don't I don't shoot a Kardashian selling the cucumbers anything like that is um how does what like water intake apply to the cleansing and detoxifying process like how much should we be aiming for a day would you say yeah so for water you're drinking about half your body weight in ounces I think that people don't drink enough water on the cleanse don't flush toxins out as well as they should be especially if you're adding in herbs if you're adding in you know ingredients to push toxins out you still need the assistance of water to help with elimination so if people feel like though they have pounding headache you know their their skin may be reacting you know toxins coming out through the skin there may be really bloated and they feel like I'm on a cleanse why am I bloated the first thing I'll actually talk to them about is their water intake because sometimes they're waking up these toxins but they're actually not eliminating them simply because they're not getting enough water so again half your body weight you want to take half your body weight and pretty much drink that in ounces awesome what do you think about our exposure to just like our modern water systems and tap water do you recommend going like filtration systems are like tap like faucet filtration things or you know should read our tap water what do you think about that yeah I think that um there's a lot of research out there and definitely tap water I would say if you're evaluating alkaline water compared to tap water or even filtered water compared to tap water it's probably best not to drink tap water I don't recommend it but you know you don't have to go out and spend six thousand dollars on a water filtration system I know that's definitely not a reasonable expense for a lot of people so I think if you're having you know filtered water and even if you're filtering at home then that would be fine again we're not a fan of plastic water bottles so I would say say to stay away from those if you can yeah um so you touched on it a bit like what other when we're talking about exercise being key in in detox and cleansing and getting your body on track what are some more the effects of exercise plays and what are what are the best types of exercise we should be looking to do mm-hmm so I think exercise I mean it's different for everybody so if somebody's never worked out a day in their life and they decide that they want to do a cleanse this spring for example or you know any other time of year it's not the time to just start going to the gym you know for two hours a day but you know I think number one exercise is different for everybody you want it you don't want to injure yourself and you know if it means starting with walking three times a week for 30 minutes and that's your form of exercise then that's fantastic for other people if they they are working out the best types of workouts I'm definitely a big fan of strength training I am a fan especially for women lifting heavy and not a huge fan of two pound weights which don't know which don't do a whole lot so I'm definitely i encourage you know both men and women to do strength based training exercises I love interval training I think that cardio a little bit overrated again it's personal opinion I don't know if i'll get some comments for saying that so i mean if people have limited time in what they can do with physical activity i think that it's important to combine strength training with a little bit of cardio where is what we see more of is a lot of cardio and very little strength training so i think it's it's more important to don't be afraid of weights to lift lift weights obviously learning proper form and you know knowing your limits and not injuring yourself but if everybody sort of looks at where they are in their fitness you know and their physical activity they should be able to find something that works for them and that they enjoy i think with exercise and mentioned it before I'll say it again your your sweat is is an excellent way to release toxins I think you feel better you're you know they've even done studies Jamie so interest that people who work out are nicer to their families you know we should all be exercising right like it it's such a stress release and I think people are we're in such a fast-paced society so people really need that outlet and I think whether it's yoga whether it's you know working out at the gym whether it's going for a walk we really do need that physical activity and that movement yeah I've started doing some hot yoga which I've never done before and I've played every sport my whole life train hard and that kicked the crap out of me I like it was brutal it's amazing but man that is yeah don't diss you'll get anybody seriously right yeah and I'm the I'm the lease flexible person in the world so is humiliating but um so so with the lucid tea how did that come about how did that get started yeah so I've been doing detox for you know over a decade and focusing on that in my clinical practice just you know I saw such incredible improvements in my patients that that's really where I thought let me specialized and put all my energy into this so I was doing that in clinical practice and I was sending people to the health food store with different you know herbs or different products that they were using and a lot of people came back and often found that the programs were very difficult to follow you know you're keeping up with different textures with lots of pills sometimes they were drinking shakes and I think just being a natural path I was open to many different brands especially early on in my career so I would try many different programs and I think that what I learned through years of practicing and prescribing detox programs was that people really need things to be simplified so you know I put together as a grocery grocery list that's very easy to follow gave them some healthy recipes that I created you know put some videos together and I really tried to make the detox process easy and fun because I found that people often weren't even finishing their program and what's the benefit in that when you can't even finish a program so part of the reason why I also went into T herbs are very effective they're very effective at cleansing and enhancing the body's natural ability to detoxify and people enjoy drinking tea it's actually the second most consumed beverage in the world next to water so it was very it just it it felt right to put some blends together that enhance liver detox and digestive detox and put it together with a program healthy recipes a grocery list cooking videos I even offer them fitness videos to just try to make yeah try to make the cleansing process enjoyable so it doesn't feel like I'm counting down the days and this is the hardest thing that I've ever done in my whole life because I mean the reality is that cleansing isn't always easy and people love food so you've got to make it taste good and you've got to make it work for them so that's really how is it take him to be and you know I try to educate as much as possible on the blog and videos and of course podcast like this and you know the community building a community so people feel supported on their cleanse that was really the purpose of building and creating the company how does the specific like lose a tee program work like how long is it what can you expect things like that yeah so I think that everybody you know should cleanse for a different period of time if somebody is living a fairly active lifestyle they're eating pretty clean maybe you know like you they're going to hot yoga they're very aware of the foods and the things that they're putting into their body they might be okay with our 14-day program which is a kickstarter cleanse for some people especially people who are looking to lose you know more than 10 pounds it's the 28-day program so it's it's it's a little bit longer and they really do learn a lot over those 28 days so i think for the 14 days I mean it's still enough of a time period where you learned a lot about your body and a lot about eating well but really if you stay on a program for pretty much a month you're more likely to continue with some of those habits that you've picked up during the cleanse yeah that's my goal here with like regain wellness in the podcast and the blog is just to like give as much information which is just as important to like kind of arm you in future situations when you're like at a I don't know a house party and you have to decide what to eat or a Bombay or you know just or shopping just so you have more that information ready to go and I could see the benefits definitely of a 14 day program for all those reasons yeah and I'm you know a lot of people like the 14-day because even 14 days you know I've got to be honest it's still a commitment it's not a three day fast so it still you know that's two weekends and people don't like to socialize on weekends so i often get emails asking questions about you know I'm what can I have on my cleanse can I have an alcoholic drink this weekend I put gin in the tea I mean it's hard for people it's really hard for people to commit to these programs that are more than three days so again trying to make it easy and supporting them is is really my goal awesome so we'll start winded down here what um again a very broad question but for people just starting getting healthy getting well what with some good advice you would give them right off to that you know good advice would be instead of overwhelming yourself with just spending hours and hours on the internet going from you know one blog to the next to the next and I like find someone like that it resonates with you you know so for your blog i would say you're consistent you provide you know information that's reliable and i think it's important that people sort of have their go-to communities and their go to sources of information i also think that support is important so I think you know having that community if it's online fantastic I think that having that community to really support you while you're making these healthy changes is key and also just you know recognize that it's a journey and you know you'll make me be one change this week which is changing your you know table salt to Himalayan you know pink sea salt or something you know and and really rewarding yourself for those small baby steps because it's those baby steps that are long-lasting and that will make the biggest difference in the long term I think that we're pretty much past the you know quick fix I'm on this quick diet is it's all about you know understanding your body your knowledge and education and you know what foods agree with you you know exercise programs that work for you and I think that you know the information that you could get on a reliable website like yours that is consistent in its message and really based on you know people who know what they're talking about or the latest research I think that's really important yeah I stress that idea of like the progress and not perfection through the whole night because it's not going to be perfect and it's going to be slip-ups but if you're if you're making those little changes over time it adds up to like a great overhaul in the long run so exactly and I think just getting right back sorry Jamie just getting right back on track if you do have like you said a slip-up right it doesn't mean I ate the whole tray of brownies instead of just one so you know I'm just going to keep doing that for the next few you know just get back back on the next day or the next meal exactly so what where can people follow you see what you're doing everything like that well I'm on lying quite a bit so at lose it t whether it's Twitter Facebook Instagram it's all at lose it plos itt EA and i'm pretty active i like to respond to questions i like to engage so I you know I would love to hear from your listeners if they have any questions perfect i'll put links to all your stuff on the show notes and i'll send that out to you and it's ready so i'll just have all your information there so just to finish up I wanted to hit you some rapid-fire questions which are done before so few fakes few favorites nothing intense messing intent so so nice and me call favorite favorite movie ah favorite movie I really like dirty dancing it's my all-time favorite so nice favorite TV show uh I'm gonna have to say sharks tank very nice okay favorite music and or group or bad super former music in org or band performer I'll say mary j blige classic there we go how them favorite book favored it look um wow you're really putting those hard questions out there the real deal hmm loving the time of the calera nice and last one what if you can only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be or polka net okay that was my cuz i considered a food well i'm thinking you know i can drink the water i can I didn't eat the meat I can make some oil so it is very pretty good yeah perfect okay I never thought a coconut okay all right okay well that's everything thanks so much for your time today really appreciate it and for all that great information you were sharing anything you just want to leave with today well I'd like to say thank you so much for having me and and again I think it's just important that people really do enjoy the journey because it's not about today it's it's about you know step 1 sep Tuesday for years you know down the road it's it's about really enjoying everything that you learn and just take it in be a sponge perfect thanks so much Thank You Jamie okay that was awesome i want to thank dr. sarah selkie again for taking the time to share a lot of that great information and everything we talked about in links to her and everything i'll put on the show notes today which will be regain / 20 27 so to be able to check in with her and everything going on so that'll be it for me thanks for listening i want to finish now with kind of nutrition tips of the day when your listing so today's tip of the day is that one cup when we're talking about tease one cup of green tea and contain as much or more vitamin C than an orange so a good reason to get on top of tea drinking so i can set head by regan once calm so everything going on there if you like to show if you find it helps if you feel free to share it with other people and if you do like it it'd be really sweet if you can leave a rating and review over at itunes so it's just under regain wellness calm that helps get the show spread more people get to see it and that's good and my mom will be more proud of me so everybody wins so thanks for listening today remember it we talked about in the show in the whole process of your health it's about progress and not perfection see you next time [Music] you