Do you remember the Montreal Screwjob


Chael Sonnen


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are you guys keeping up with uh with dark side of the rain do you guys know what that is dark side of the Ring is this show and it could be current I don't I just found it so I watched it on demand for all I know this got put out a couple of months ago and for all I know it got put out yesterday but if you guys like ESPN's 34:30 like the one they did on Ric Flair and HBO did one on Andre the Giant but if you like that then you'll like dark side of the Ring I'm quite sure that's exactly who they got their inspiration from they went out and made an electronic tanned put a different name on it narrated by Mick Foley by mankind and it just looks at a couple of stories of wrestling but one of the ones that did was the Montreal Screwjob Montreal Screwjob for any of the you guys that don't know okay real quick synopsis Bret Hart is doing a deal with WCW he is about to leave the WWE he does this aboveboard he tells Vince McMahon he gets approval and he goes and does a deal with Eric Bischoff that would send him to Atlanta okay Vince gives his blessing but there's one problem Bret Hart is Vince's sitting reigning champion so Vince needs to take the belt off of Bret there's no time to take the belt off of Bret they've got a big event coming up it's Bret versus Shawn Michaels that's gonna be on a Sunday Bret is to appear on WCW television on Monday Bret would like to just win the championship give it back to Vince kill his story hey let me create a new storyline for you Vince wishes that I relinquish the title and you can now figure out who's gonna get this vacant vacant title and I'll just go over to WCW Vince is like oh yeah I don't know about that yeah uh-huh when the reality is is Vince knows for what man I can't do that I can't send you to the competitor with that much wind behind your back I can't prove - I have to demote you before I send you to a rival promotion company and secondly I'm not gonna kill my whole division and leave us looking like fools with no champion that doesn't make any sense breath but instead of spelling this out for Brett Vince just kind of ho-hum dan said I don't like the idea well all of a sudden there's no time left they are at a time there in Montreal which is Brett's hometown which somehow was very relevant to the story Brett did not think he should have to lose to Shawn Michaels who was also his enemy behind the scenes his real life they didn't get along but he also did not think that he should have to drop the strap in Montreal for any reason in Vince's coma what do you timeout I just helped you get a huge lucrative contract huge with my rival I helped you do that I can have the belt back Brett's not well to play ball so the Montreal Screwjob was essentially there in Montreal Bret Hart's finishing hold is a submission technique known as a sharp shooter the final sequence of the match was to be Shawn Michaels putting Brent in the Sharpshooter his own move and then Brett reverses it putting Shawn in it Shawn taps out Bret wins Bret relinquishes the title packs his bag and goes to Atlanta the next day to appear on WCW that's how Bret thought this was gonna go Vince knows it can't go that way I can't get you to agree to anything else I got a sold-out sold-out arena I got this on pay-per-view and everybody's been promised this match I'm giving them the match by the way when Shawn puts you in the Sharpshooter I'm gonna make the referee call for the Bell that is going to appear to the viewing audience that you surrendered you verbally surrendered to the referee even though you didn't I'm gonna make it appear that you did ring the bell play Shawn Michaels music put the belt on him and you're gonna go away and I'm gonna get on with business and it never should have come to this point but this is the way we're gonna have to do it because I've promised the audience I promised our television audience we're moving forward with this belt I can't get you to play along I'm gonna make you play long absolutely without question it should not be a debate the right move by Vince it would be nice if he could have done it above board which he tried to do he tried to go to Bret and go look I gotta have the title you've only got one match left it happens to be with Shawn I don't give a damn about your guys's personal beef business-wise you pass the torch to Shawn by the way enjoy your three million dollar a year contract working for Ted over in Atlanta that's the way that should have gone but every time Vince brought up it didn't go that way Bret just was refusing to drop the belt he just simply wouldn't do it meanwhile he's got leverage over Vince because the arenas sold out in Benton Brett's hometown what's he supposed to do refund the tickets change the opponent and then Bret just refuses to do the job for that guy they're not the matches aren't real it's a show and I pick the winner sometimes I have to do what's called a screw job finish and Brett I'm going to screw you because in less than 24 hours you're no longer one of my guys but Shaun is so this is the way this business goes that's fine you guys should all understand it I only offer you that type of opinion while telling you the story because I do hear many people say how wrong that was offense it wasn't wrong events it's his show when it's nothing more than that but a show no producer in the history of the world has to tell the actors how the show ends maybe the milkman did it maybe the maid did it who knows film both conclusions ended up and put it out and make everybody buy a ticket to the theater in fact nobody has to know so there was nothing underhanded there that truly was not there truly was not it was a very tough situation it was a very creative fix done by Vance okay great but the story goes a little bit further because when this whole thing is done Brett absolutely loses his mind he wants everybody to know that he wasn't beat and he never surrendered in the Sharpshooter he actually on his own calls his home down paper and does an article in the paper about how he was screwed now you have to understand the diabolic nature I met Bret Hart he's a perfectly nice guy but the diabolic nature that a guy marking out for his own gimmick here to the highest degree what if he taps Shawn out in the Sharpshooter Shawn doesn't get a call the paper and go oh hey by the way I didn't actually submit that was agreed upon in the back it the whole thing's fake it's entertainment it's pro wrestling he's gonna call the paper and say I was screwed screwed away the writers told you before you walk through the curtain that it was going one way and then after you walked through the curtain they decided it was something else why do you think that referee is wearing an earpiece things get changed on the spot all the time you just didn't like the outcome that's the reality you just don't like the outcome Bret so you've behaved the way that you behaved but there was a little bit more to the story because when they went behind the scenes Brett then went into vince mcmahon's locker room where Shane McMahon was other people were present but Shane was included and Brett punched out Vince McMahon swelled his eye up him you could see the marks he punched him out it was a huge deal and everybody went along with that and many people were there and many people were in on this including the referee Earl Hebner who to this day have never changed their story and just said look this is exactly what happened and I realized where the entertainment business and you can believe what you want but this is just what happened over 20 years they've never changed their story so I think that we quite clearly have as I laid out for you exactly what happened which is Brent refused to drop the strap and Vince how to pull the screw job and he did it by putting Brett in his own hold and before he had the opportunity to reverse him the way the spot was gonna go in the referee call for the Bell the music played the strap went on Shawn and Brett left there a loser turned out a sore loser what Scott Hall Razor Ramon he came out of said not so fast I'm tight with Shawn I'm tight with all those guys I wasn't there that night but from what I saw is a guy that understands the business I'm not sure this whole thing wasn't to work I'm not sure that the screw job itself wasn't the job the show the work of the storyline everything as a way of serving Bret Hart letting him go over to WCW with a storyline and I'm well aware that ended up fizzling it bombed out and things weren't great for Bret over there but that's not the point some angles working some angles don't see they're an angular it's not Scott Hall brought up I think that was a work he said there's just no scenario where Vince you know in a closed-door setting is gonna get punched by Bret and not return it oh by the way his son who happens to be pretty damn good at this too was standing right there you want us to believe they went into a room shut the door Bret got one punch Vince took none as Shane let the whole thing happen I'm not buying it this is Scott halls take I will tell you fall aware I do think that Scott's wrong I think that it was very straightforward I don't think there's any conspiracy I think it was a straight double-cross not a double double-cross that's what I think but the stories have changed there is actual footage of Brett walking into that room with Vince that door shutting and then all three people Vince Bret and Shane at some point walking back through that door and I think there was others in there as well I can't totally remember but I know those three came out when dark side of the Ring told the story it was a different story it was that Brett was in the locker room naked with nothing more than a towel wrapped around him and Vince walked in to see him and Vince was gonna squash us hey look Brett Vince was just gonna explain it to him I did what I had to do you wouldn't come to the table your check looks the same I'm the boss here you weren't playing ball I had promised this to the fans I cannot let you go over to my my most fierce competitor with the belt I just can't I respect you I like you and let's get on with it instead Bret took his shower came back through some clothes on and knocked Vince out Bret said in dark side of the Ring he knocked him out and I quote with a Mike Tyson uppercut I saw Vince's face after Bret had punched him initially in the raw footage that was taken it is still out there for viewing pleasure it's Vince's eye uppercuts don't hit you either hitch in the chin a story just doesn't add up I also watched Brett go into the room I also watched sane and Vince walk out there was no locker room and Brett naked and just him and Vince in there alone there was none of those things does that mean that one of the shows just could have got it wrong yeah it means one of them did bet your ass they did I think it was dark side of the Ring because I saw the footage myself of the room that they went in there was no locker room there was no naked Bret behind it out there was none of those things and it also wasn't just a lone Bret and Vince so yes I think dark side of the Ring very likely just got it wrong however if you were a conspiracy theorist of which I'm really not but if you watch the piece and you listen to what Scott Hall said about questioning the Screwjob in its entirety and saying I'm not sure this isn't just one of the longest-standing works in wrestling history he's not without a leg to stand on I thought that Scott Hall gave his hand away a little bit that he was going into business for himself and he was just looking to get attention a little bit when he said you know what I wasn't there that night and I've never asked Shawn about it that was a little bit silly him and Shawn were pretty tight of course you would ass shot about it you would have asked him 20 times about it by now if I don't know Shawn Michaels guys if I as Shawn Michaels his number I would have called him by now and asked him about it I thought that was the one suckers moved by Scott if he was going into business and trying to bring some attention to himself and just take this in a different angle which I thought was fun I thought was a fun storyline it's a TV show why the hell not do it but the suckers play there was to go too far with the lie and the too far was to say I never talked to Shawn about it now you just cost yourself some credibility but a damn good piece in an interesting point by razor and I will tell you over time the stories are not adding up they are not told the same they're not that can happen with 20-year separation but if your conspiracy theorist you look for those little breaks and details and I look for and I successfully found it