Dobranocka 3 Skarb PLENGITPRRU

BEDTIME STORY EPISODE 3: TREASURE Good evening! I'm very glad that we can meet once again. I'd like to tell you another story, another, let's call it a fairy tale. This one has Jewish origins. I hope that you'll like it and it will lead you to the truth. Years ago, in Cracow district Kazimierz, there lived rabbi Ayzik. Ayzik had a wife and three children, and he was a very pious but poor Jew. They somehow managed to make ends meet but not without anxiousness so rabbi Ayzik thought he didn't have God's blessing because if he had, there would be more money, he would be able to send his children to the best rabbinical schools, have some better things and do more good to others. One night rabbi Ayzik had a dream and he thought it came from God. In this dream, Ayzik learned that under the great bridge in Prague there was a buried treasure. It was hidden under the third span and no one knew about it so Ayzik could go and take it. At first, the rabbi ignored his dream thinking it was silly. But he dreamt the same dream again, and again, and again... It kept repeating for a few nights so he thought: "Maybe there's more to it, maybe it's God talking to me. Maybe it's a sign." Ayzik packed up, kissed his wife goodbye, blessed his children and left his home. After many days, he arrived in Prague. There he found the great bridge, well known to everyone. To his surprise, the bridge was constantly guarded by a squad of soldiers. Every day he came to the bridge, and looked around and searched but he didn't dare dig in fear that the soldiers would notice and take the treasure from him or that they were in fact guarding it. After days of this careful observation, Ayzik was approached by one of the soldiers, who asked him: "What are you doing here all the time?" Maybe because the soldier had good eyes or maybe for some other reason rabbi Ayzik decided to trust him and told him about the treasure, about the repeating dreams that showed him this place and that it must have come from God. The soldier laughed at that. He said: "You old fool. I'm younger than you but way wiser. If I believed in dreams, I would be in Cracow already because I dreamt that there, there lives some rabbi Ayzik and that in the wall of his home, by the oven, there's a buried treasure. I had this dream a dozen times already but I am wise so I didn't go to Cracow because I am sure there must be some two million rabbis Ayziks there and there's no treasure at all." Rabbi Ayzik thanked him with a smile, bid the soldier farewell, gathered his belongings and started back to Cracow. Are you absolutely certain that in your own home in that wall by the oven there's no treasure? That where you live, in your place in this world, there's nothing of value? Sometimes to find it, you need to go to Prague, to take a pointless journey to some far away places, just to turn back and find what was always nearby. Did you take that journey? Got disappointed already? Maybe it's time to return. Look for it. GOOD NIGHT SUBSCRIBE