Does God Exist By Sh Mokhtar Maghraoui




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in the name of Allah the most beneficent the most merciful salam alayka wa barakato miss Levine allah azza wa alhamdulillah wa salatu was-salam ala rasulillah mmm well early he was so happy human wada her busy naina voila - Silvana bada in her Daytona table Nami ladunka Rama in the current Aloha hab I was informed of the topic I am to share a few thoughts with you about it namely does God exist I have never talked about something like that it never occurred to my mind the question does God exist and above all I am to share with you thoughts about that in 15 to 20 minutes let me see what I can do in sha Allah Allah within these few minutes of which I shall perhaps speak of different aspects of the way I feel about the question does God exist for me brings the question to me experientially does life exist we see the consequences of life life as a concept is not something you see with your eyes or hear with your ears there are consequences of life there are manifestations of life for our indications of life does life exist does love exist does love exist I can't see love I can't touch laws I can't hear laws does love exist and note that those life and love are creations of the divine the divine God a la spada Wattana is the source of life is the source of love does God exist raises the question in me experientially does will exist does arada exist does will exist these as you know are questions almost spontaneously answered in your Vitara by your Vitara by your innate quality as a creature as a human being you know innately spontaneously naturally the answer though you have not seen love you have not touched life you have not heard will and they do exist and we know they exist in a sense that is more sure than perhaps I know that the Virgin Islands exists have never been there those of us have never been there been to the Virgin Islands no the Virgin Islands exist and you've never been there I know love is and life is and will is without having ever seen or touched but have experienced them and have seen and heard the consequences the indicators of those the concept of al-fatah in a human being as you know that innate quality is what spontaneously most instantly answers the question does God exist therefore there are those by the way there are those who reached a spiritual status of certitude and of knowledge general wisdom for whom the question is whether God exists or not their question is do I exist their question is do I exist of course in a form that is different than the question of do I exist in a physical sense do I have an independent existence after they in their hearts and souls and minds and spirits God is definitive they are less sure of their existence in space and time than the existence of the divine the ayat the signs of the divine in his creation the external evidence the evidence that is there for us to mount a proof of God's existence when you look at the heavens at the earth at space when you conceive of time when you look at a smile of a child that a petal of a rose at a flow of a stream of water the chirping of birds had the wrestling of of leaves of a tree those for you for us are definitive indicators of exists of the existence of a designer when you see in this universe in this creation design everywhere perfection in design everywhere all the leaners complexity in orderliness all of those and each one of those concepts is to be observed in every bit of creation and the number of creation is not a million or a billion there are trillions upon trillions upon trillions of living things each one of them each one of them carries in it to you signs at these plausibility argument signs of a designer of a maker it is just impossible to think otherwise as you all know if you find a watch in a desert there's got to be a watchmaker and not a blind watchmaker if you know what I mean those of you who read the work it's not a blind watchmaker a blind person cannot make a complex watch a functional complex watch it's impossible the signs inside of me and you about who you are what you are the science inside of you and me are abundant about the impossibility that I have come into this world without a maker without a designer without a creator without an intelligent cause and source it's simply impossible just like it is impossible to observe at Boeing 747-400 and you would say that this simply came out of the compilation the random compilation of iron and steel and wires and leave them by themselves for a billion years and they will make a Boeing said they become Boeing 747-400 in its complexity and in its function and its operations it's impossible everything in the creation is like that simply a proof that it is impossible for the non-existence of a maker it is simply impossible the puzzle of perfection the puzzle of perfection in creation is impossible to answer except by the existence of a make of it is I know my dear brothers and sisters the probabilities when you look at the probabilities in terms of mathematics and in terms of science that I live in organism nay not to live in organism a very simple component of a living organism could have come by random chance is impossible mathematically is impossible logically so do the mathematicians and so do the statisticians in molecular biology say for example to have simple functional protein a very small single functional protein to come and to form by chance even even in the existence of the so called you know biological soup that existed you know billions of years ago even with that the probabilities for a functional protein to form amino acids to connect and to combine in the way they ought to be to make a repeat a functional protein not just a protein or protein need a protein or ever the probability is staggeringly small some have computed that probability to be something like 10 to the power minus 950 you know 10 to the power minus 950 1 divided by 10 to the power 950 you know he can't you can't imagine what that is of a number if only you know that the number of particles of all particles in the universe you know is how much how much Maddie knows just to compare 10950 all the particles in the universe in space-time that we know of the visible universe are no more than something like of the order of 10 to the power 78 a living cell is not simply a protein a living cell is an integrated activity complex ordered adaptive controlled purposeful activities of hundreds of thousands of enzymes and proteins together every movement every motion lessness is programmed is information Hoyle you know professor Hoyle and another great physicist and mathematician computed an approximation the the approximate probability of having a cell with integrated enzymes only 2,000 enzymes to come together randomly the probability of that they computed is 10 to the power minus 40000 that simply it's an impossibility even if you leave all the soup the biological soup there for 10 times longer than the age of the universe then we know it is just doesn't make sense that orderliness that beauty that perfection does not come simply by itself the second law of thermodynamics the second law of thermodynamics refuses that living cells that live in organisms came by chance without a creator it's impossible you know why I remind you of some basic things you learned in thermodynamics in your physics you know sometimes we learn physics but we learn the equations and we don't know what they mean actually and that's terrible sometimes you have scientists we have doctors in physics and in biochemistry and biology who don't know the equations really mean at the and the reality in life at the level of reality in life the second law of thermodynamics says simply this in nature in a closed system that can never be older born out of disorder from within the system work has to be done from outside of the system to do order in other words if you leave something order less and you leave it even all trillions of years you want it will never be orderly it will only increase in this order and that's the second law of thermodynamics the law of the universe the most important law that governs the universe that means life which is organized and ordered cannot come out of something not ordered ie something inorganic coming bringing forth something living when it had a degree of less order and less complexity it cannot increase in orderliness and in complexity left alone by chance it's impossible therefore life cannot come out of lifelessness it's impossible now earth is a system open to the the galaxies but the galaxies and they form the universe and the entire universe and all the universes are a closed system in themselves life in the universe could not have arisen from within the universe without an external life introducing order life into the universe that's a simple interpretation of the second law of thermodynamics it's impossible science as Einstein said can never refute the existence of God science can never refute the existence of God I tell you why because by the definition of science a science is defined and perhaps we need to redefine what science means an ought to be science defined some something is scientific if it explains phenomenon in the physical realm in nature and number two if it also explains things yet unknown seeing it explains them within the laws of nature thirdly it is a scientific theory is falsifiable meaning what that if something is claimed to be scientific we ought to do an experiment that is repeated about the same thing and shows the same thing if it does not then it is false in other words we have the chance to falsify a theory to prove that it is false only if it is repeatable if it is not repeatable it is outside the realm of science now the origin of life is it repeatable the answer is now it's an event that took place whenever it took place and it does not repeat itself so it is not subject to science science is operational it deals with operations in the universe it does not deal with origin do you understand because origin cannot be repeated to be proven false or true so it is not scientific so scientists mingling with origin and seeing the can be no creator because we are unable to include creator within the laws of physics that we know them is I think unintelligent to do and same life as one of them said never arises except from life so far as actual evidence goes this is still the only possible conclusion but since it is a conclusion that seems to land back to some supernatural creative act it is a conclusion that scientific man find very difficult of acceptance said JM JW and Sullivan considered to be one of the four or five most brilliant interpreters of physics to the world of the of the other common man because scientists are unable to integrate the concept of a creator outside of the realm of creation within the scientific definition they don't accept it they don't accept it meaning as part of science as defined not necessarily as not existing when we cannot prove the existence of something that is not proof of its non-existence is that simple molecular biologist Michael Denton said to grass with the reality of life as it has been revealed by molecular biology we must magnify a cell a thousand million times until it becomes like a giant space no spaceship with a diameter of 20 kilometers as big as London or New York and then you could see what a living cell is he said what we would then see would be an object of unparalleled complexity and adaptive design on the surface of the cell we would see millions of openings like the portholes of a vast spaceship opening and closing to allow a continual stream of material to flow in and out if we were to enter one of these openings we would find ourselves in a world of supreme technology and the wildering complexity would wonder at the level of control implicit in the movement of so many objects down to seemingly endless conduits flowing down to seemingly endless conduits all in perfect unison a living cell is not just a conglomerate of proteins and enzymes and and particles it is orderly it is controlled it is adaptive it is functional it is purposeful every motion is programmed beforehand my dear brothers and sisters Darwin himself Darwin himself after writing on the Origin of Species few years later wrote privately to one of his friends in the United States and he said he admits privately of doubts over the capacity of natural selection to generate very complicated adaptations or quote organs of extreme perfection he says somewhere else the I to this day gives me a cold shudder in other words he's saying my concept of natural selection it fails when it looks at something so perfect and so functional as the eye it gives me a cold shudder it is too perfect too beautiful to be the invention of natural selection for random processes my dear sisters and brothers the Quran comes and God reveals himself to the world and God spoke to the world and God spoke to the prophets and to the messengers of God and God made himself manifest through the eyes of the hearts of some man prophets and messengers of God than some olia and some saints he made himself manifest through his attributes and names to the extent that they were the eyes of their hearts saw the divine and the miracles that the prophets came with to be evidence for them of the truth of the message from the divine and the Quran is replete with texts the challenged humanity about the existence of God that God exists that God spoke to the world and the evidence the plausible evidence the compilation of so many parts and parcels of evidence in the Quran are there to make the person reach the level of no doubt that he exists and I close with this one of the Bedouin Zin the time of early Arabia in a Bedouin simple Bedouin he said about the existence of God and the existence of a creator he said and barato the new allenbury when a thorough I will Adamo a dual machine heard on that of Judge Osama inverter abroad and a dual an animal Kadir he said al bara discharge of an animal bar is evidence that the sheep or the goat or the camel passed by here Adamo the footprint is evidence that someone walked here a human or an he says an earth filled with springs and a sky filled with lanterns don't those lead to the fact of the existence of a Halim and all-knowing and all-powerful those are messages he said that fourteen centuries ago I think nowadays we can say the following an intelligible communication via radio signal from some distant galaxies would be widely hailed as evidence of an intelligent source isn't it that's what they're waiting for shouldn't we say doesn't the message that's a message doesn't the message sequence on the DNA molecule also constitute therefore evidence for a Le Monde career if a message from outer galaxies constitute evidence of an intelligent source the message embedded in you and me in every living cell in the DNA information its information is not simply a collection of molecules its information its messages upon messages and trillions of messages dozen there indicate evidence of an all-knowing and all-powerful assalamu alikum warahmatu light a lover a cat