Does God Has three shapes by Dr Zakir Naik


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about brahma vishnu maha shiva same zip to name my son Shiva see but more popular Narasimha way the creator that destroy the sustainer Rama Vishnu Shiva and you ask me that does God have these three forms no God other three forms that we have any people yes he has many angels he alone God is sufficient he does not require any one self but if he wants he can do it through an angel if you want if he does not want no problem he just wills and it is couldn't fire : B and it is as far as the Hindus what they believe they believe in somewhat similar Trinity what the Christian believe even the Endo's believe that Almighty God one God is got to create Brahma one God is got to destroy Shiva one God has got to sustain Vishnu so separate God for creation separate God for sustaining separate God for destroying the Quran says in surah mb a-- chapter 21 verse number 22 if they were gods more than one god surely they would have fought among themselves and quran says in surah me noon chap number 23 verse number 91 that if there were many gods they'd have piled up on one another and that's fortifying the hindu mythology one wall fighting with other God one God differing the other god third God helping the second god how can God's fight so best is only one God super power is only one and that is what the way it says if you ask a common Hindu how many gods does he believe in some will say three some will say hundred some ways a thousand some will say thirty crows three hundred thirty million but if you ask to learn in Hindu that how many gods should a Hindu believed in he will tell you Hindu should believe only in one God but the common didn't do he believed in a philosophy known as pantheism what he says that everything is God that is God the Son of God the Moon is God the human being is God and the snake is God what we muslims say everything is gods geode be with an apostrophe s everything belongs to God the tree belongs to God the Sun belongs to God the moon belongs to God the moon be enough to God has been let this thing belongs to God but the major difference between the Hindus and the Muslims is then to say everything is God we Muslims say everything is God's D or D veted apostrophe s the major difference is apostrophe s if we can solve this difference of apostrophe s then do then the Muslims will be United how do we do it Allah says in the Quran in surah al-e-imran chapter number 3 verse number 64 Ta'ala will actually meet in Sabah in banana Benny come come to common terms a spoon as I knew which is the first term I'll learn up the ill Allah that we worship none but Allah well unless chickabee he say know that we associate a partner with him well I attack he's about Doudna bad and our bourbon vanilla that we erect not among ourselves Lourdes and Peter's other than Allah feint of Allah if then they turn back Sakuni shadow venomously moon say we bear witness that we are Muslims vulnerable to las manos Allah the best way to analyze any religion is not to try and understand what the followers are doing but they have analyzed the scriptures now if we unless the Hindu scriptures if we read Upanishads which way to punish at the highest it's mentioned in doggie opposition chapter number 6 section number 2 was number one I come every day theum gold is only one without a second it is a sanskrit quotation it come if the team Gordon only one without a second it's mentioned in Shweta Zotero punished odd chap number six verse number nine not just take a seat Jenny Tanisha Deepa of him there is no Lord he has got no parents Almighty God have got no superior he has got no mother he has got no father it's mentioned the swetha cetera punish odd chap number 4 verse number 19 not a sympathy Musti of that God there is no pratima pratima means image pratima means photograph idol sculpture painting Almighty God has got no photograph have got no sculptures have got no statue I have got no painting he has got no images and amongst the Hindu scriptures the most sacred are the it's mentioned you'd wait Shabnam will tell you to Westham a tree notice uppity Musti of that Almighty God there is no pratima there is no images there is no photograph there is no sculpture there's no statue it's mentioned UHF number 40 verse number 8 Almighty God is pure it's mentioned that you were chapter 40 verse number 9 and that move efficiently yes am Ultimo pasty they're entering darkness those who worshipped as some booty as some booty are the natural things like fire water air etc and the verse continues they are entering more in darkness those who worship the Sun booty some booty are the created things like table chair Idol etc who says that yeah dude wait chapter 40 verse number 9 and the brahma sutra of hinduism is a comprar Dilton estate Nana na staking Chan Bhagwan iki dues runner here nahi rehna years arriving here there is only one God not a second one not at all not at all not in the least bit