Does anyone care to see Ben Askren rematch Robbie Lawler


Chael Sonnen


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Lawler vs. Askren part two is a little bit of an interesting one in many ways that fight was made at the press conference after part what happened in many ways right you had the promoter that says he wants it you know that Lawler wants it all the fans are going hey this one stop premature May had all the signs of we have to see this one again except for neither of the fighters were calling for it like Wyler didn't really like how it ended and asked her didn't really like the people were questioning how it ended but neither guy was saying hey I want to fight him again there was just nothing personal on it even from a competitive standpoint there was just nothing really personal it's kind of yeah weird thing happened but both guys kind of seemed ready to move on the other side pointed in the direction that you are going to see rematches what does do you do with them what do you have a better idea for Robbie Lawler you have a better idea right now for Ben Askren so Ben came out with an idea and said yeah I do have a better idea I'm looking to move on you guys all gave me way too late let's start over here in this company and I want to spread it around a little bit I'm going to go and fight there until to the point that I'm going to talk about there until I'm gonna go to London I'm gonna sit ringside I'm gonna antagonize Darren till ok great Darren till got beat what do you do brings you back to that same spot I don't know the answer to this somebody's going to steer this though I imagine aspirins way ahead of us and he's already planning somebody else I know he's mentioned Moz but all but I don't know that there's a huge draw and I just I don't know which does then lead you back to maybe they do the the Laura what Laura what went in Robbie Lawler won again as I look at that though I will just tell you guys I don't care any walk of life from the playground to the professional ring if two guys don't want to fight each other and by that I mean if one of the two guys you know I'm really that interested is I don't want to see it I don't want to see if it's on the playground I want somebody to break it up it's got any time I'm seeing two guys go at I have to know they both want to be there there's some moving parts I think there's a lot of evidence that would tell us let's match those guys some up somewhere else the only thing steered us to a part two as I see it as a fan is what's the answer what is a better answer I would love to hear that from you guys