Dog That Failed Service Training Makes 1000s With Artwork


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Dagger is where every artist hopes to be one day he encourages the children to reach out of themselves and how he paints it inspires children to be able to do it too you know if dagger can do it I can do it here in Hampton Bays we really focus on a lot of programming for children parents caregivers we like to do a lot of things that are outside of the scope of just the library itself we invited in daggered and they were all so excited I had a very long waiting list for today's program one thing to know about dagger is that he loves to paint we are so excited to be here at the Hampton Bays library artists wear Berets right dagger is known in the art world as dog Vinci the greatest thing about dagger is that dagger has donated over a hundred thousand dollars to various charities by selling his paintings and through these workshops that we have my dagger paint good job dagger dagger was born on October 6 2012 my husband and I and my family volunteer for canine companions for independence and as a gift to us they named a puppy after our last name which is dagger it just so happened that they sent dagger to the Northeast Regional headquarters and they asked us if we wanted to puppy raise dagger we said in the heartbeat yes we would and we puppy raised him for 18 months then he went off to be advanced trained by professional trainers where they're trained how to open and close doors and drawers and turn on and off light switches and pull wheelchairs and do all sorts of remarkable amazing things for people with disabilities daggered spent only four months in advanced training because he had been exhibiting some fear issues while he was being trained anyone here have any fears yeah dagger has fears daggers afraid of the dark daggers afraid of standing he was no longer going to be considered to be a highly trained assistance dog or service dog so they asked us if we wanted to adopt dagger and we said yes I took him home and we continued working on what he knew and then one day I was working in my studio and dagger came up to me and nudged me with a snout he went boom boom boom boom boom boom and I said dagger what do you want do you want to paint like mommy and his tail wagged and I took a tabletop easel at that instant and and started working with him teaching him how to paint utilizing the command words he had learned in advanced training so dagger paints an abstract pure true abstract art keep paint and dagger up here good job he started painting all these works of art and I said you know we've got to do something with this we've got to make this count dagger has a message dagger would like everyone to continue to learn to continue to create and to continue to be inspired by good people we had gone to visit a group of moms who have children with autism and there was a little boy there and he just kept watching and his mom his mom came over to me and told me he is not artistic he hates to paint he hates to do any of that stuff and and she said you know we're just gonna move away because he was acting up a little bit and so all of a sudden he came over to Dagger and he started talking to dagger and he said dagger do you think I could paint like you and I heard him and I said oh my goodness let's get this little boy a smock and get him get him started and his mother just looked over and she said oh my god he's never done this before he just kept talking to dagger and saying daggers see what I'm doing see what I'm doing and his mother started to cry and she got her husband on the phone and she was videotaping it because she said he would not believe me if I told him he painted a beautiful painting by the way I think the combination of hearing about dagger hearing his story painting in his style then having time to be with dagger it resonates with with every age there's a lot of him to love the kids were fascinated by the fact that we were going to have a dog that paints and after the program several people approached me saying how wonderful the program was how much they enjoyed it and that they can't wait to have dagger back again Ella dogs don't know how they never saw a dog painting nightlife it's kind of hard to get dogs to like said staying stuff like and it's really cool to see him paint and I can see that he enjoys painting a lot so it's good that he's doing what he likes yeah dagger come on over people have asked me when dagger is done and retires from doing this would you train another dog to do this it's not easy the dog has to want to do that good job and thick I have a lab Golden Cross at home well hello miss Yaya and she is a release dog from canine companions as well and she knows all of the commands at dagger does she's a very intelligent little girl but she does has no interest in painting whatsoever I know you are such a wonderful girl she'll sit by dagger side she's his muse but but she will not paint whatsoever good job dagger that's wonderful oh yeah you're still sitting by dagger side and I think that you can't get that combination of that temperament this great talent and that loving dog kind of Ness that's dagger that's him and I always say there's not going to be another dagger [Music] you