Dom and Lofty Part 15

this is best man and two plus ones chin chin Cheers left my plastic upstairs I'll get next one you just say the weekend was your dream yeah how did these oh yeah I'm totally nicking all the designer Smiley's good man mrs. Valentine how is your room not really to my taste yes looking suitably petrifying would you like a drink probably best not go to that anyway voicemail do I detect the blast of icy toes Tod you burnt joke he was saying we can defrost them in the VAT of scotch that we order before her dad Christ off he texted me as soon as she arrived but I haven't heard from her since what frame of mind has she been in you do realize she's uninvited virtually all of the guests know why she couldn't face a big party after your suspension she's not answering her calls no she's not fair are you tracking her after she was sectioned I've had this terrible gut feeling that she'll just disappear one day I can't let that happen can I have that please let me go no please give me a chance to put things right so does Braman yes what he was meant to be boycotting the wedding some kind of a low-key psycho isn't he oh yeah that's what you said to me in bed last night and you brought the date for was half-expecting hear the patter Valentinian feet i don't think all of us quite ready for the challenges of fatherhood I'm 34 you're gonna wear a hole in that rug it was like this at school tossing and turning in the dorm shut up and drink your gin oh great one your favorite waste of space is here lofty a lot lay away nice suit Thanks I was being sarcastic um did you did you not hear what Sascha cut the list gonna leave early I sent him in to be us here today what it's a long story don't ask she didn't cancel the Bowie tribute yeah everyone masseur George lean or just to turn around and go back home again um look just wait here don't move ugly hello you okay yes she's okay honey never better yeah okay cool well everyone's fine them come on okay lipstick what are you doing outside on you I don't know wait if my dad show up what shade this one will look beautiful oh I'm sorry about lofty by the way it's not your fault it would be really lovely if he could stay there of course thank you he'll be chuffed she think getting marrieds meant to feel like this like what chaotic cursed I only mean just dealing with my dad's crap missing out on Yael that doesn't mean you're cursed it starting to feel that way Hey look every bride hits the panic button at some point Ollie missing he loves you and he'll be happy just as long as he gets that ring on your finger you reckon do you think I can take it from here you look amazing Lexi oh thank you so much for doing this for us my pleasure social mentioned the downsizing operation sounds like you've had quite a week I think they might have ever died with these chairs you know who cares you couldn't get me a drink level wait what do you want what you can get your own drink sorry I missed so control waiter good one just leave him alone mom Nick this is Lexi a lady Baker all right lovely to meet you at least we're not short or somewhere to synced well you look absolutely beautiful Thanks they're definitely going ahead with it then you sound what disappointed it's not really why you came here today to try and stop me I came here to look you up the aisle sure when I saw your face out there in the woods I last week you refused to even show up yet hey you are forgiven which speaks volumes about your character afraid to stand by me if I ever decides to break out well of course I'd stand by you like any decent father would exactly should we go then what get away from you right now if that's what you want is that what you want it's not about me no but it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world he's not my concern the man who loves me I love you that abandoned him he'll sighs we well you'll be there for me always is this your version of trying to make amends I'm sorry trying to manipulate me into walking away who really look I just want what's best for you how many years are you going to keep saying that if you want a Manny and then just not in it I will fine do you seriously think this is how fathers just speak to his precious it'll go on her wedding day no I can't take any more of your poison dad not sure I'm gonna do this without you you don't mean that stay away from me just go the presence is not required go don't panic considered his stay of execution mom you're writing and I was a little girl all I ever wanted to do was get married really to an American diplomat to an Ivy League professor right what did I get pressed home counties bore that divorced me by fax yes it was a bit harsh at least he had the decency to stay away today the only jacket so I having your own valet hello right yeah tell her I'll be there in a second what's up what do you want me up the aisle I mean where's your dad dad ask let's go get him go engine something if you need last-second getaway [Music] Oh at last thank you leave the bottle please if the two best men would like to take a seat the bride and groom have written their own vows Sasha I promise to respect you as an equal to support you if when times get tough in our private and professional lives to love you as a wife and as a friend I give you this ring as a symbol of that love none of my lifetime commitment to our marriage so sure I haven't written anything that's right I think what's happened I feel free to act live I just the rings fine sorry I now pronounce you man and wife oddly kismet Oh kiss my good at this point [Applause] yeah I ask what happened to your dad listen listen what if it matters to you it matters to me I'd really rather not talk about division that's a fact break promises promises what was that mmm-hmm nothing like a blood or a slice of that wedding cake Wow the happy couple welcome what new hell is this hey it's great cake no you weren't brewer then no last-minute objections that's really I said get out I lost a spark a passion I made my speech yet oh please let them enjoy their day uh-huh we want a contribution from the God Squad sanity obviously runs in the family just give it a rest bum been working on it all week keep away from me you secret little creep thank you you know the marriage of his daughter should be the proudest day of any father's life but today is even more special for me because my little girl is doing what I never could stepping out of the malign shadow of a parent who deserves either love nor respect only week ago I said to Sasha but her mother would be ashamed of her what kind of a man would say that to his child truth is your mother would be ashamed of me OS all behind you now did you have Oliver not so much a groom has an escape tunnel to understand it don't take this so you can do a lie don't do it the Sun kicking yes dad you have and now it's my turn I just wish my mom was here today and that you were the dead parent but she was consumed by a cruel disease and I know what that feels like because I have my own cancer eating away at me I'm looking at it right now it's a malignant tumor of a man drunk and bloated with self-pity it's time to cut you out once and for all yeah awesome astounding let's uh get all this cleared up there you go hope to missing Oh will you be all right well it's probably best to sleep it off yeah drink I don't need any money Oh who just want to say mr. Sun please no thank you [Applause] I'd like the food man I think some creature gave its life for this travesty I don't another gin is oh I forgot I bought you these shouldn't happen what I love you you too thank you for dealing with my father idea that's no problem my era well you two coconut definitely one for Harry Hill telling that now maybe you should check on your dad later I don't think say something would you mind if we looked in on dad later are you sure that's a good idea I don't want to leave it like this he's burned his bridges it's my wedding day which he's done his level best to destroy things I said Olli sounds suspiciously like the truth of Sascha I don't want to start our new life like this let's go down Oh Nicholas yes Mississippi Oh where were you when I was 25 mid twinkle in my joyous father's eyes kingdom for a time machine what the video oh god no doesn't mean sin how into the world where it belongs are you joking don't give millions of hits that's my best mate you know this is the weirdest wedding I've ever been to why are you being so obnoxious today from start to finish you've got Downton Abbey Pisan bouquet psycho walkie doesn't what bring the Penguins here oh boy they have lofty alone Oh Oh got a little sauce Bobby he's done nothing to you maybe a Hartsville one more word and what nothing he promised me this big amazeballs passage while I'm very sorry to disappoint you I'll entertain myself all day if you don't like it you can go maybe I will by then all right Nick any idea if there's a good bar near here butter floats I do let's go that's me folks have a nice life for you to branch it's been emotional lofty just keep being you I think I might join you boys your carriage awaits missus I I think for your comeback no chance sorry don't be it's just another car crash to enter the collection probably shoulda never talked jeans again bet with him me too you need your time on your own opera Isaac you think definitely rebound job no Harker the professor of love over here maybe you're trying to prove something to yourself you know I love to give the agony on crap arrest yeah I never should have stayed Hey man come in I feel scooting out of that suit you certainly have a lot of stuff just make myself at home I don't can see that Alright coffee please one night man which bit all of it nope please lofty I'm sorry for having a go to you earlier so good huh Freddie have been winding me up there's nothing to explain you've been brilliant today know what yeah wit guy there's no bother so she have to Friday I've been so mean to you didn't notice then we are a right pair of Saturdays are we I think we're great all right you are do you mean that yeah thanks right I guess we better get back downstairs okay he says one word out of turn we're walking away dad excuse me um just be concerned about my father he's not answering could you open the door for me please leave this to me okay thank you oh my god oh my god can you hear me he's breathing yeah here Sasha hello yes ambulance please [Applause] so [Applause] what if we got chest trauma suspected ruptured spleen possible overdose what are you not telling me it's gossip get it cleared by trauma any idea where he took antidepressants but we don't know for sure that he overdosed here I'm sure the whole thing was a complete accident do you want a coffee or something a coffee any news they've just kicked off have you got no idea how many pills you took no I just found him lying there that's the glass out okay we've got fractured ribs pleural effusion spleens definitely ruptured and the heart's tamponade it's been ectomy won't wait let's work in tandem Scarlett please what's what please [Music] could you check how they're doing horse that's the spleen out I can see the tamponade I have the side of the bleed good for a prolene please damn it what dislodged your clot [Music] Jackie's NBT Jack no shock him to ten please [Music] shocking charge to 10 again [Music] shocking let's get her out of here please [Music] let's charge to 20 [Music] shocking charge 20 again [Music] shocking [Music] [Applause] holy do you want mine ya know Sasha she's in the faithful man they think she'd be over yeah I'm going come on I could kill that man for what he's done to her no I've done the job for ya you're such a bad thing you okay they made it in my works you might have despair [Applause] how long before he regains consciousness he might be until morning is there any lasting damage I doubt he saw his liver and famous foot popping that light did you actually make up the aisle before yes congratulations I'll be around for an hour or two if you need me thank you we'll get him to help he needs and we'll get through this dosh together promise sorry [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]