Don’t Flush Sodium Down The Toilet


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This is a solid chunk of sodium metal this stuff is number Eleven on the periodic table of elements and it is extremely reactive if it comes in contact with water So a few months ago one of you left a comment asking me to flush a piece of sodium down a toilet Which seems like a ridiculous request, but I have got cody from cody's lab to come out here with his infamous Mercury flushing toilet So we can put that experiment to the test. This is the same toilet. I use for my flushing mercury experiment I've cleaned out all the mercury and now I've got a spare toilet So there's a pretty good use now if you take a quick look at sodium It's a very Bendy very flexible metal I kind of think it's about the hardness of Beeswax Sodium Metal is incredibly reactive it only has one electron in its outer shell And so it's actually higher in the activity series and hydrogen now most people will store sodium in a container of oil because it prevents An oxide layer from forming I just cut mine kind of in a jar So you can see it's got that crusty coating But if we take a knife, we can cut this open and for a brief second you can see that shiny metal but within seconds you can see it's]oxidizing and forms that white scaly exterior coating a Sodium metal does not like to be confined this piece is only the size a little bit bigger than a Marvel But if we throw this into the toilet, and then drop a block of wood on top it creates enough pressure enough Heat quickly the wood will get blasted back out 10 to 20 feet in the air. No problem. I Think it like bounced around and it finally landed on top of it It's like a good 30 30 feet from the flush zone if you feel this block would it's actually really slippery really slimy So check this out we rigged up this contraption It's just a long piece of PVC pipe so we can flush the toilet from about ten feet away he's going to drop this into the toilet Bowl We're going to let it fizz around for a bit, and then we're going to flush it and see what happens there you go i Can hear it crackling fizzing all right flush it okay Here we go That's what you call explosive experience on the toilets This is the biggest chunk of sodium I've ever thrown into water so a little bit nervous about this one. We're definitely Flushing this from a distance, and I think we would actually have Cody throw a heading this time go for the smoosh That reaction actually was pretty cool This time we're gonna do the same thing we're going to flush it and see if we can make it go off during the flushing Process, I'm wondering if we should go a little bit bigger just to take it to the next level This is the grand finale. we've got a whole handful of sodium here like six chunks I'm going to throw them in and at that exact moment Cody is Gonna flush, and hopefully we'll get some kind of epic reaction ready for this My goodness that's amazing check that out. It's still smoking. We got fired a little bit Right in my face dang it that was epic. Oh my gosh guys. This is insane Oh, we finally destroy the toilet that used to be a toilet now. It's a big mess that we need to clean up I Honestly have to say I wasn't expecting that to go off like when you flushed it and nothing happened I just sitting there thinking okay another fail, and then boom crazy So we broke a toilet I guess that's what happens when you flush a substantial amount of sodium down it this is not something you want [to] try at home this is for demonstrational and Educational purposes only you can see this is pretty dangerous stuff, and it is reacting with our skin right now It's probably turning my forehead into a bar of soap, but we did this for you guys Thanks for the request this is a ton of fun I've never seen a toilet explode before anyway huge thanks to my friend cody for coming down here and making this possible for Sacrificing this toilet on our behalf luckily. He's got a backup and we're going to do a video on his channel Flushing liquid nitrogen down a toilet can the ceramic Withstand liquid nitrogen? We're not sure so we're going to test that out go over to cody's channel and check them out give him a subscribe He's got some epic content. Thanks for joining us for this experiment. We'll see you the next one. Talk to you then all right let's clean up this mess i got this toilet. It's got a lifetime warranty wonder if people. Take it back