Don’t bring God into this STEVE HARVEY

for last five years mr. wonderful might have been lying to me about his marriage marital status how long you been with him we've been together seven months seven months and and what do you mean married status when we first met it was under the pretenses that he was divorced however I've recently found out that he might still be married to his wife what happened I found a page linked to his wife in honor or pictures of the two of them where she stole references him as her husband you know just different texts and or postings yeah pictures scripture I could tell you Scripture but do you mean scripture that to me we said the same thing scriptures Wakeman what was the scripture he's a spiritual man yes so he prayed with you before he laid with you okay let me ask you something change before we going what are you thinking of doing with this information well there's the high road which would be me just walking away I mean block the phone number block the email block the business cell phone honey I do all that these marriage you just got threatened to tell his wife come on stay with me because I didn't TARDIS he's a lot sometimes he right would he alive I just so sweet cuz you seem like a really bright lady but you got yourself in a situation here and you're troubled by this this is like this is really a confusing step for you and you really want to know what to do I rode what's my options here high road break up low road tailed away high road high road break up I think that's the way to do it if you know just break up look almost urinated on myself huh what I'm gonna say low-road just to hear what that damn sound is I think you should take the high road because of your just you strike me as an elegant woman Thank You women who want to get even and go tell the wife let me explain something to you don't change nothing he gonna get here mm-hmm hey ain't no need are you getting into gutter - that's right see whenever you crime climb on the letter whenever you try to kick somebody else off the letter you stop yo climb you can't climb a ladder with one leg No so why are you kicking is that you just going to remove yourself from your situation so we take it we're taking the high road on this hey folks welcome ah thanks for checking out my youtube channel don't forget to click here to subscribe to my channel that way you won't miss a single hot new video some really good stuff and then I want you to click here to see more clips from the show right now